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Canna pet cbd oil for cats

Canna-Pet CBD Oil Review

Canna Pet is a company that specializes in CBD oil for pets – to both treat their medical ailments and help improve their nutrition. A lot of their product information is centered around the idea of providing nutrition for dogs, along with being generally helpful for their physical and mental wellbeing.

Canna Pet doesn’t make direct claims about the medical benefits of its products. But they do have testimonials from customers claiming that the Canna Pet products has helped their pets with various ailemnts, including digestive issues and nausea, joint problems and mobility, pain and inflammation, skin conditions and allergies, aging and overall wellness, and more.

*All the data provided is for oil products only

Cannabis and cannabis products have recently become all the rage, with more and more varieties, brand choices, and unique products becoming available. Perhaps the most popular type, aside from regular cannabis where it is legal, is CBD oil .

CBD oil has been demonstrated to have numerous medicinal properties, potentially able to treat a myriad of different conditions from inflammation to neuropathic pain.

However, whenever humankind gets access to a new form of medicine, it isn’t long before they start asking the all important question: Can I give this to my dog? is just one website that specializes in animal CBD products, and they state that, yes, you can.

Let’s take a look at Canna Pet CBD and see whether or not it works and is the real deal.

Canna Pet CBD – What Are They All About?

Canna Pet is a website all about selling you CBD oil to give your pets, to both treat their medical ailments and help improve their nutrition. A lot of their product information is centered around the idea of providing nutrition for dogs, along with being generally helpful for their physical and mental wellbeing.

They advertise very heavily that they provide a 50% discount to shelters, as well as other animal rescue charities, demonstrating their commitment to good pet health.

Even better, their website is absolutely filled with pictures of adorable-looking cats and dogs staring wistfully into the distance with Canna Pet products at their feet – if that’s not great marketing, I don’t know what is.

Canna Pet additionally pride themselves on offering full-spectrum CBD oil products, meaning that they contain dozens of terpenes and other cannabinoid compounds besides regular CBD, along with having no psychoactive effect on your furry friends whatsoever.

This typically means that their products all contain less than 0.2% THC, making them legal to sell in the USA and other countries.

Hang on, though; can you actually give cannabis to your pets?

Can You Really Give CBD to Your Pets?

They key takeaway from Canna Pet is that, yes, you can give cannabis products to your pets; it’s actually a really good idea.

Whether you buy Canna Pet for anxiety, pain, or for whatever reason, CBD has just as many effects on dogs and cats as it does on other animals.

This is because cannabis works by affecting the endocannabinoid system , a health system in the body that we share with all mammals. This is because cannabinoid compounds were evolved by the cannabis plant in part for the purpose of fending off mammals from eating them – it just turns out that there are also a myriad of beneficial medical effects that you can get from taking cannabinoids.

Dogs and cats are much smaller in size than humans, so a smaller amount of cannabis material will affect them more.

With pets like cats and dogs, cannabis works exactly the same as it does on humans, except to a greater degree of effect. This is mostly because dogs and cats are much smaller in size than humans, so a smaller amount of cannabis material will affect them more. Also, they lack the mental acuity to understand that they have been drugged.

This latter point isn’t a problem if they are taking entirely non-psychoactive cannabinoids, like CBD, however.

Canna Pet CBD Products

Canna Pet offers a whole range of different CBD oil products. Their products aren’t just limited to the regular cats and dogs, either; you can get Canna Pet products for horses and even smaller animals.

They differentiate their products based on whether you want to give them to your pet as a medicine in pill or oil form, or if you want them as an edible to give to your pet as a treat.

Their capsules are for pets weighing less than 20lbs, to be taken two times a day. Each capsule contains an unknown amount of CBD, unfortunately, due to Canna Pet’s refusal to actually state how much CBD is in each product; but we will get to that later.

Canna Pet’s typical Advanced Capsules cost $57.99 for 60 capsules, which is less than $1 a day per pill. This is pretty cheap for CBD oil, meaning that it is not entirely impossible that you could use Canna Pet for human consumption; that is, if we could actually know exactly how much CBD is in each capsule.

Canna Pet’s Treats are pretty similar, containing about 40 biscuits, but they only cost $16.99. This means that they either have massively less CBD per treat, or that this is just incredible value.

A word of warning to anyone who has pets with allergies though, as all their treats are made with peanut flour.

Every single order of Canna Pet products can be ordered as a single batch, or you can schedule a repeat order monthly, fortnightly or once every four weeks. It is rather strange that they have the option to get an order of Canna Pet products every 28 days, with another one to get one every 30 days but… maybe there’s a call for that? Who knows?

The testimonials for Canna Pet are generally pretty positive, claiming that their pets’ lives have been massively changed as soon as they started using their products.

Testimonials aside, Canna Pet have a few significant problems that make them seem pretty confusing and, to a certain extent, pretty sinister.

What Is the Problem With Canna Pet?

There are two major issues with Canna Pet – firstly, they have come into serious trouble with the FDA over their insistence that their products provide tested medicinal benefits for pets, and secondly, because they refuse to say “CBD”.

It is likely that the first problem is the cause for the second, but both require some explanation.

The FDA, or the Food and Drug Administration, is responsible for ensuring that all sources of medicine and foodstuffs are monitored, overseen, and responsibly governed. They are the guys that ensure the ingredient information on the back of Twinkies says exactly what is inside them.

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Alongside food, they take a special interest in anyone’s claims that their products have medicinal value. This isn’t just limited to whether or not they actually have a medicinal effect, however; they need to be tested. Tested rigorously.

There are three truths in the United States when it comes to governmental organizations: You don’t mess with the postal service, you don’t lie to the taxman, and you absolutely do not claim that what you’re saying is medicine without about 5 million drug trials.

Every single FDA violation that has been registered with a company is, in fact, freely available thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.

In February 2015, the FDA sent a warning letter to Canna Pet, warning them that they were advertising their products as drugs without the proper testing, essentially breaking the law. As the website has of course changed by now, it is difficult to know exactly how they broke the law, but it is certainly worrying for their reputation.

It is very likely that this warning scared the creators of Canna Pet, as they seem to have had the reaction of scrubbing every single mention of the term “CBD” from their website.

None of their products says anything about CBD; instead, all of their products contain “hemp” extract. This is not only rather dubious but also confusing – as a consumer, it is important to know exactly what we are getting in our (hopefully) CBD oils.

What makes this strange is that Canna Pet is fine with listing additional terpenes and other cannabinoids, but simply refuses to even mention CBD.

Each ingredient section says the product contains hemp but doesn’t say the actual percentage of CBD.

This is compounded by the fact that they simply refuse to list the actual contents and ingredients on their labels; each ingredient section says the product contains hemp but doesn’t say the actual percentage of CBD each capsule contains. Their treats do come with some information, stating that they contain “80 mg of Canna Pet Advanced Small Formula”, but… what is that? Is that 80mg of CBD? 80mg of CBD oil, of which a smaller amount of that is pure CBD?

This lack of information is the key problem with Canna Pet. When buying products intended for medicinal use, even if the retailer is too worried about the FDA to actually come out and say it, consumers need to know what is actually in them.

It isn’t good enough to simply say it contains “hemp” – we want to know exactly how much CBD oil is in each pill or treat. Just because the website says it is the right amount for my pet, how do we actually know this is the case?

The rather hidden ingredient section on their about us page does make mention of the “Guaranteed Analysis” of what’s in their Canna Pet Advanced Formula, but it doesn’t make any mention of the actual hemp contents! It simply lists the amount of crude protein, fat, and fiber, with a brief mention that it contains “100% hemp”. What does that actually mean?

Additionally, the lab results that many websites usually publish alongside their products are notoriously missing from Canna Pet’s websites.

Final Thoughts: Is Canna Pet Legit?

Ultimately, it is pretty hard to work out whether or not Canna Pet is legitimate. They seem to have an absolutely huge number of positive testimonials and reviews, both on their website and on third party websites.

However, the fact remains that they have run afoul of the law due to loose terminology and bad marketing. Additionally, they are not consumer friendly in the way that they market their products, providing next to no actual information as to the proper contents of their CBD products . Or perhaps we should say “hemp” products.

If you manage to get your hands on a Canna Pet coupon, or maybe run into a cheap Canna Pet Amazon deal, consider giving them a try and see if they help improve your pets’ condition. It will either work… or it won’t.

Let us know how your personal experience went with Canna Pet, and whether or not you think they are legit – huge numbers of people seem to swear by them, so they must be doing something right.

Canna-Pet Reviews in 2022 — Should You Buy or Avoid?

Canna-Pet reviews highlight the company’s efficiency and accessibility. But is that what makes Canna-Pet so unique? And how does the brand justify its high prices?

If you’re not familiar with Canna-Pet, it’s a company that offers CBD pet products. But not just any products — their organic, GMO-free, natural ingredients, combined with the full-spectrum CBD extracts, make for excellent holistic supplements. They’re suitable for all pups and cats suffering from anxiety, pain, or arthritis.

Let’s find out here.

All About Canna-Pet

The hundreds of five-star Canna-Pet customer reviews on Facebook and the brand’s website speak volumes about the company and its focus on the highest quality CBD products for dogs, cats, and horses.

But what is Canna-Pet?

Canna-Pet is an organic, cruelty- and GMO-free plant-based company situated in Seattle, Washington. It’s been on the market since 2013. Also, it was the first company registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office as Cannabinoid Nutrition” for animals.

All of Canna-Pet’s products come from a specialized custom-designed phytochemical laboratory in the US. These labs perform plant extractions and produce hemp cannabinoid and terpene products for animals.

Canna-Pet CBD products aim to make the lives of our fluffy friends more enjoyable, healthier, and calmer. Their motto is “The longer we can enrich our pets’ lives, the longer they will enrich ours,” and we cannot agree more. And what better holistic way to take care of our pets than a few drops of CBD oil for dogs.

But what makes this company unique is its devotion to the best ingredients and CO2 extraction methods. Canna-Pet’s high-quality hemp comes from hemp farms in several states, including Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky. What’s more, the brand pays special attention to its CBD extraction method, with a whole article written about it on-site.

Canna-Pet also tests its products repeatedly before, during, and after extraction to ensure a lack of contaminants and preserved quality. Plus, it checks CBD, CBC, CBG, and THC concentrations for consistency. As THC can be toxic to animals, the company aims to keep its concentrations minimal.

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But none of these lab test results are displayed on-site.

Canna-Pet ingredients come from reputable US organic farms for various pet products — from CBD pills to CBD liquids and treats for dogs, cats, horses, and other livestock.

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Many discounts and saving opportunities
  • Excellent range of products
  • No organic certifications
  • No certificate of analysis
  • Slow or non-existent support

Canna-Pet Advanced Formula CBD Capsules For Dogs and Cats

These vegetarian capsules contain a broad spectrum of 100% organic hemp extract. It’s rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids — the compounds responsible for the plant’s aroma, flavor, and therapeutic effects. The ingredients are in fine powder, which you can pour over your pet’s food or sneak into snacks.

What’s more, after reading thousands of Canna-pet capsule reviews, it seems that they’re every customer’s dream CBD product — high concentration, incredible results, and calmer and happier pets.

    under 20 lbs: These include 4mg of CBD per capsule and are suitable for smaller pets or CBD beginners. For the correct CBD dosage for dogs, it’s best to start slow and increase with time. These come in two sizes — 30 or 60 capsules per bottle.: These have 8.5 mg of CBD each. Canna-Pet recommends starting with one capsule a day and increasing up to three if needed. These also come in two bottle sizes.
  • CBD Advanced MAX formula: These pills contain the highest CBD concentration — 30.2 mg. They’re suitable for all pets with severe problems. Customers report that these Canna-Pet CBD capsules alleviated their puppies’ pain and improved their arthritis.

One of the facts on CBD for pets is that 45% of pet owners stop their pet’s prescription meds after trying CBD. So it’s worth giving it a try, especially if your furry pal is suffering.

Canna-Pet Advanced Max CBD Liquid For Dogs

This incredible product contains 680 mg of Canna-Pet’s 100% organic full-spectrum hemp extract. For its production, the company uses the whole hemp plant to extract as many healthy cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids as possible.

This liquid extract doesn’t contain additives — no other oils, alcohols, artificial flavors, or colors. On the one hand, that’s fantastic, but on the other, it lacks the flavor options you get with other brands. For example, in their paw cbd reviews, customers share that different oil flavors make it easier for pets to enjoy the hemp benefits.

Apart from this, Canna-Pet CBD oil reviews are more than 90% five-star. Pet owners share that the extract relieves pain, makes life with arthritis easier, and contributes to our fluffy friends’ well-being.

The high bioavailability of Canna-Pet’s advanced max CBD also allows the liquid to be absorbed quicker. In contrast to the capsules, your pet will digest the CBD oil faster. So it will work sooner, making it perfect for use before stressful events like going to the vet or traveling.

Did you know that some Canna-Pet reviews mention that CBD oils have helped their pets in moderating allergies? That’s one more benefit to trying CBD for pets. But if you don’t know whether your pup has an allergy, you could try a dog allergy testing kit.

Canna-Pet CBD Treats For Dogs

Canna-Pet’s yummy doggy treats come in three flavors to compensate for the lack of variety in the oils and capsules. They’re enriched with 2.4 mg of CBD and contain zero THC.

As Canna-Pet biscuit reviews show, these treats are a favorite to many pups in the US and worldwide. Dog owners share that the yummy bone-shaped delights help with anxiety, digestive issues, pain, and inflammation.

  • Peanut, banana, and apple: Made from organic ingredients, sourced in the US. Bear in mind that nut allergies are among the most common dog allergies — always start with a low dose to avoid incidents.
  • Turkey: These have only the best organic, non-GMO, quality ingredients and are made with farm-raised turkey, cranberries, and carrots.
  • Maple Bacon: The biscuits are available in a standard and max (8.4 mg CBD) strength and contain cured bacon, maple powder, and cinnamon.

One negative is that the treats can get a bit expensive with a big dog — one pack has around 40 pieces, and a large dog should take 3–4 daily. Also, there are no CBD treats for cats available on the website. Canna-Pet reviews seem to find this a loss for our beloved kitties.

Canna-Pet Hemp CBD For Horses

Canna-Pet max CBD formula for horses has an incredible concentration of 8,160 mg CBD (68mg/ml). It’s a 100% pure whole-plant hemp CBD oil. The 120 ml bottle is sufficient for around 80 days of regular usage (30 drops/day).

This product’s purpose is to reduce arthritic pain and inflammation. Reviewers share that their horses have become more lively and comfortable after using Canna-Pet’s CBD oil.

What’s great about this CBD extract is that you can also give it to other pets. Depending on their weight, you can start with 2–3 drops three times a day for cats and dogs under 20 lbs. As for horses, you should administer 10 drops three times a day directly into the mouth.

The only inconvenience might be the number of drops. You’ll have to count them every time you give your horse the Canna-Pet Advanced max CBD oil. Also, the price is worth considering as similar items by other providers are much cheaper.

Canna-Pet Pricing, Discounts, and Options

Compared to other CBD brands for dogs, Canna-Pet is quite expensive. But it’s still an amazing company not only for its hemp and ingredients quality but also because of the products’ efficacy.

You can find many Canna-Pet CBD discount options on the official website — codes, bundles, and other offers. So even though it’s a bit pricey compared to other CBD companies, you can still grab a good deal almost all of the time.

Saving Opportunities

Canna-Pet is an organic CBD brand for CBD oils, pills, and treats for pets. Considering that a full-spectrum extract is more beneficial than a pure one, we can see why its prices are slightly higher.

  • Share your Canna-Pet testimonials and get 25% off
  • Join the newsletter and take a one-off 30% discount
  • Enjoy the Canna-Pet’s bundles
  • 50% off for shelters, fosters, and other animal rescue charities
  • Subscribe monthly or bi-weekly and get more discounts
  • You can often find Canna-Pet coupons online
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Warranty, Shipping & Return Policies

Canna-Pet claims that its products will help your dog or cat with digestive and mobility issues, pain, inflammation, and even epilepsy. The brand is so confident in its CBD products that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But there is a catch — it’s only valid for your first purchase. So imagine you bought the capsules first, and your pet responded well to them. But then you decide to give the CBD oil a try, and you see no improvement — you can’t get your money back.

What’s more, the refund is only up to $100. You’ll also have to pay for the shipping and the return of all used or unused bottles. It’s a bit unfair if you ask us. In contrast, Canna-Pet testimonials look flawless. It seems that few people are unhappy or want to return their purchases.

This CBD pet company ships throughout the US and globally. The only exceptions include Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, and Singapore. Also, the online shop accepts payment with Visa and Mastercard, which seem to be the only options.

Canna-Pet Customer Service Quality

You can send an email or support ticket if you’re unsure about the products, shipping, or refunds. Also, the website has a FAQ section where you can find information on how to order and use the products.

But when we tried to contact the support for more information, there was no response. So we can’t say we’re amazed by Canna Pet’s customer service. And we’re not the only ones — the most common Canna-Pet complaints are about the brand’s non-existent support.

Canna-Pet Ratings — Reputation, Reviews, and Testimonials

Canna-Pet’s customer satisfaction is excellent. The company has thousands of positive reviews on its website and more than a hundred on its Facebook page. Its rating ranges between 4.5 and 4.9/5, making Canna-Pet one of the best-reviewed CBD pet companies.

The brand’s reputation is outstanding both in the US and worldwide. You can find a world map of all of the Canna-Pet result reviews on the company’s website. While most are from US customers, many are from the UK, France, and Israel.

Customers share Canna-Pet testimonials saying that their pets’ arthritis got better, and the pain disappeared. Some senior dogs even started running and playing again after a few doses of the Canna-Pet CBD pills. People also love its products for their ease of use and extensive details shared in blog posts.

Apart from the lack of support, what seems to be bothering people is the products’ price compared to similar alternatives. Also, some customers express concerns about the lack of lab test results on-site.

Canna-Pet Alternatives

Canna-Pet user reviews paint the company as a haven for anxious, depressed, and arthritic pets. But there are many great CBD pet brands on the market, so you might be wondering which one is the best for your doggy or kitty.

Canna-Pet vs. King Kanine

Price-wise, King Kanine’s CBD oils for pets are a bit more expensive than those of Canna-Pet. But they have greater product variety and even sell grooming tools like combs and brushes. King Kanine also offers CBD topical and shopping by breed.

In contrast, Canna-Pet has products suitable not only for dogs and cats but also horses and other livestock. Also, its ingredients are all organic, and the broad spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids makes the products even healthier.

Canna-Pet complaints mention its non-existing customer support. Meanwhile, King Kanine’s customers dislike the price and lack of information on the potency of some products.

Overall, these two CBD pet brands are amazing and beneficial. Both have their hardcore fans and come highly recommended.

Canna-Pet vs. Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf is a pet CBD company that focuses on healthy and pain-relieving alternatives to conventional medication.

Compared to Canna-Pet, it has a broader range of products at lower prices. It even has trial sizes of some CBD oils.

Interestingly, both Pet Releaf and Canna-Pet for cats reviews wish these brands had more feline-specialized products. None of them have cat treats or CBD-infused catnip, unlike other brands like Holistapet.

Still, Pet Releaf offers more flavor options for puppy CBD edibles. But it doesn’t have many reviews, so it’s challenging to find out what customers think about the products.

In contrast, Canna-Pet is loved by thousands of people and pets globally. Its products fit the needs of all animals and include a broad range of CBD phytochemicals.

Also, Canna-Pet might be helpful for dog seizures. Puppy owners report less frequent pet seizures after a couple of weeks on its products.

Canna-Pet vs. Hempworx

Hempworx is a CBD company that mainly focuses on human-grade CBD oils, edibles, and topicals. But it also offers two CBD pet products — an oil and dog treat.

Even though Hempworx lacks the variety of Canna-Pet, its oils and treats are just as reliable and with high-quality ingredients. But compared to Canna-Pet, the company is also short on in-depth information and usage instructions.

A huge bonus is that you can find Canna-Pet in local US retailers in 29 states. Also, the numerous five-star user Canna-Pet CBD oil for dogs reviews suggest that its products are among the best on the market.

Wrap Up — Is Canna-Pet Worth It?

The Canna-Pet CBD company focuses on providing holistic treatment of common pet ailments. It’s also GMO-free, veterinarian recommended, and full spectrum. The brand believes that its products improve mobility, decrease anxiety and depression, and reduce pain and inflammation.

What’s more, Canna-Pet is a favorite among CBD pet users. Its reviews range from 4.5 to 4.9/5, with customers sharing testimonials on the website and Facebook.

Still, some reviewers share that the brand’s support is incredibly slow and ineffective. What’s more, Canna-Pet lacks proof of the organic origin of its ingredients. Lastly, it doesn’t disclose the products’ lab results. Overall, the company is worth trying. Its CBD oils and edibles have the highest quality and efficacy, with thousands of Canna-Pet reviews to prove that. We highly recommend trying them if your pet is feeling down (with the sickness) due to anxiety or joint pain.

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