CBD Oil And Nightmares


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In my experience, CBD affects my dreams, but CBD dreams are a welcome effect. I love them! In recent CBD news, researchers investigate CBD sleep. Studies reveal a potential link between the cannabis compound and CBD nightmares.

Can we Talk About CBD Dreams?

I take CBD each evening before bed. Sometimes in my herbal tea, or sometimes straight from the pipette. In the morning I wake up, not only feeling well rested, but able to recall the strangest of dreams.

I was talking to someone who also takes CBD at night and she said, ‘Oh the dreams!’ Which is when I realised I wasn’t alone in these lucid, surreal and vivid dreams. I started asking others if they experienced this too, and guess what, they did!

What are dreams?

Dreams are often illogical, surreal and sometimes just downright weird. But what are they? Why do they happen?

Dreams are said to be hallucinations that occur during different stages of the sleep cycle. Researchers have struggled to understand the role of dreams in sleep, but there are lots of theories.

There are theories that dreams help you process thoughts and feelings. They can be a way to confront fears and aid memory by creating a sort of filing system.

Ever woke up from a dream and thought what does that mean? I went through a phase of dreaming about drowning. After having a few dreams like this I went to Google and dream dictionaries for answers.

Turns out drowning in dreams can be a sign that you are feeling overwhelmed with work or home life. With the feeling that you can’t catch your breath.

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In my case this seemed to be spot on. It was time to take a break and something in my subconcious knew that.

What can influence our dreams?

I still worry about eating cheese before bed because my mum used to say I’d dream about monkeys jumping out the wardrobe. There’s no proof that cheese can cause nightmares, though eating it late could impact digestion and give you a pretty restless night.

You will be more likely to have intense dreams that you can remember if you are sleep deprived. Being pregnant can also give you some pretty crazy dreams due to the hormone changes and shifts.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression then you might notice that you suffer from negative dreams and nightmares. Taking meds to help with these conditions may also have a side effect of bad dreams.

In my experience, CBD affects my dreams, but CBD dreams are a welcome effect. I love them!

CBD Seems to Be Giving People Bizarre Nightmares

CBD is all over the place — and so is the research on it.

Rough Night

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, gave Yasmin Tayag terrible nightmares. Or maybe it didn’t.

The cannabis compound that doesn’t get you high is seemingly everywhere right now, so when Tayag received some CBD oil as a gift, she didn’t see the harm in smearing it on her forehead before bed, according to a story she penned for Inverse.

When the hellish nightmares started, the CBD was the only thing she could think to blame — but her subsequent investigation revealed that, despite its growing ubiquity, no one seems to really know what CBD does.

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Conflicting Reports

The logic behind Tayag’s suspicion that the CBD oil caused her nightmares is sound — after all, the dreams started when she started using the oil, and stopped when she stopped.

She even found others online who shared her experience. But then she also found people who said the compound prevented them from having dreams, and others who claimed it gave them vivid dreams that weren’t scary.

And the science on CBD’s effect on sleep was about as contradictory as the anecdotal evidence, as Tayag would learn from the published research and her conversations with both cannabis and sleep experts.

Jury’s Out

Ultimately, Tayag was left with little choice but to accept that her suspicion about a link between the oil and her nightmares would remain unconfirmed — another indication that our best understanding of CBD remains thin.

“And considering the gray legal area in which CBD currently exists,” she wrote, “it may be some time before its effects on sleep, dreams, and everything else it’s purported to touch can be distilled into a science.”

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