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Cbd oil and puppies for teething pain

Can you give puppies CBD?

If you just rescued your own little furball, you may be wondering what supplements you can start your pet on. Although, it’s important to get your vet’s opinion every step of the way before adding anything new to your puppy’s daily regimen. Once you get your vet’s seal of approval, we’re diving into if and how you can potentially use Edibites for dogs for your newly adopted pet companion.

CBD Uses

Many pet parents administer CBD to their pets during stressful situations to promote calmness, to help support joint mobility, a healthy digestive tract, and everyday wellness.

As many puppies are usually generally healthy, it’s important to maintain their health by administering for daily maintenance. At Pet Releaf, our number one goal is to keep healthy pups healthy, which is why CBD doesn’t have to be only for dogs who are old or may be experiencing signs of aging. CBD can be a great addition for dogs throughout every stage of the lifecycle.

Can I give CBD to puppies? (if so, what age?)

While it’s not advised to administer CBD to a puppy who was just born yesterday, you can certainly administer CBD when they’re at least 4 months old. Again, it’s extremely important to consult with your veterinarian and let them know that you’ll be adding CBD to your dog’s daily regimen. This way, your vet will have a full health profile of your puppy for future visits.

We recommend supplementing our CBD-infused Edibites for puppies. In fact, our Immunity Chews For Dogs may be their best option. Our Immunity Boost Edibites were formulated for generally healthy pups in mind as they can help give continuous support to your pet’s immune system and support optimal body function.

CBD to help with chewing

Just like human babies, puppies love to teethe on just about anything they can get their paws on until their teeth are fully grown in. Puppy teeth begin to fall out to make room for their 42 adult teeth by 3-to-4 months old. It’s not until they are 6-months when their adult teeth start growing in. This can be quite the struggle and it is advised to keep a close eye on your puppy to make sure they don’t chew on anything of importance. Having lots of dog chew toys around is key to helping your puppy’s teething stage goes somewhat seamlessly.

Teething can unfortunately cause pain and inflammation for your pup. Fortunately, CBD may support a normal inflammatory response and occasional discomfort. To help your puppy relax from this experience, try administering CBD for dogs for a less stressful experience. Does your puppy love their Kong toy? We’ve got 4 CBD Kong recipes that may help your pup feel calmer during the stressful teething experience and keep them busy.

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CBD to help with training

Training your puppy can be rewarding for both you and your pup! It’s great for stimulating their brain and a great way for them to learn to listen to you. With a puppy’s high-energy, sometimes it can be difficult to calm your hyperactive dog enough to pay attention to their training session. As CBD can help your pup cope with external stressors, administering CBD about an hour before a training session can be helpful during the training process.

It’s also important to eliminate any distractions as puppies can get distracted easily. Go to a quiet space in the house or alone in your backyard to ensure your dog is comfortable and can focus.

Remember, shorter training sessions are better than nothing and far superior to sessions that are too long! Puppies only have so much of an attention span, so a couple five-minute sessions throughout the day can make for a less stressful puppy training.

CBD to help with sleeping

Does your puppy have trouble sleeping through the night? CBD can promote calmness and relaxation, which may be your solution to helping your dog sleep through the night. As many humans use chamomile tea or essential oils to help them relax at night, you may want to consider trying our Calming Chews For Dogs as they incorporate chamomile along with baobab to further promote calming effects for your puppy. Try administering our Edibites about an hour before you plan on heading to bed, so by the time you put them in their crate for the night, they’re nice and tuckered out from the day.

Not sure which product would be the best option for your puppy? Check out our Product Finder! Our Product Finder offers custom recommendations based on your puppy’s age, weight, and health concern. Still need assistance? Feel free to contact our customer support team at [email protected]

Teething Secrets for Dogs Including CBD Oil

In most cases, when a brand-new puppy arrives at the forever home, all baby teeth have come in. These little guys generally finish with their first bout of teething around the eight-week mark, but it’s dependent on the dog and the breed. It is an excruciating process, one that they will go through again when it’s time for their adult teeth to push past the small ones. All pet parents want to save their furry companions from discomfort going to great lengths to not only alleviate the pain but to find things for them to chew on aside from personal belongings or household furnishings.

Teething Secrets for Puppies

Fortunately, on the market today, we have many options for relieving pain associated with teething, including safe, natural alternatives such as cannabidiol or CBD oil. The compound is growing in popularity for benefits it boasts as having for treatment of specific conditions for pets, especially dogs, and humans. Among the potential benefits that stand out among the rest is its ability to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain. That is genuinely what pet parents want to hear when it comes to a painful period in their pet’s development where they need to endure teething. Click here to learn more information on Cannabidiol:

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In this stage of a puppy’s life, he is going to need help the most as the discomfort is going to be great. The baby teeth coming in will be a source of irritation for a pup from the time they begin to pop through to beyond with him acclimating to the soreness by nipping and biting his way throughout. When you think you may have a handle on it around approximately 16 weeks, the whole process starts over in preparation for the adult teeth to push through. There are going to be 42 to complete the adult mouth by the time your dog reaches the age of about eight months.

The second round is going to be visible because you’ll start to see a lost tooth lying around here and there or stuck in something he’s been chewing on. It’s normal as the little ones are being pushed out by the grown ones. In relation, the animal’s gums are going to be extremely sore, uncomfortable, and irritated for which he is going to need help with soothing.

Giving Puppy Relief of Pain

The pain that pup is experiencing can be particularly upsetting and stressful for him and you. The dog doesn’t fully understand why he’s experiencing this discomfort or how to make it stop. And alleviating this for him is both your responsibility and your mission. In many instances, the vet will prescribe pharmaceutical pain medications that tend to lead to harmful side effects. Rather than add to the problems that the canine is already enduring, a safe, organic alternative would be to treat with CBD oil.

In visiting with your pet’s veterinarian, it’s vital to divulge your intention to use this substance as opposed to the pharmaceutical options. Doing so will allow the vet the opportunity to provide dosage recommendations and instruct regarding administration. Vets also are an excellent resource for locating quality brands for purchase. You want to ensure that you receive a product that has gone through third party lab testing and is a full spectrum compound.

The claim is that cannabidiol is ideal for pups from the age of approximately 12 weeks up. And with the potential benefits associated with chronic pain relief, it’s suitable for this specific stage in their life where discomfort is predominant. CBD oil will also be a substance that can follow a dog throughout his life, boasting many advantages for every milestone as they age.

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The oil can be applied by dropper to his tongue, added to his food, or take some flavored oils and apply it to one of the chew toys. The toys should be placed in the freezer for extra soothing power. Puppy will need loads of these to nibble on because if he doesn’t have these readily available, nothing is safe. He will chew on anything he can grab hold of because the biting helps to bring relief to the soreness he is feeling. And you don’t want him getting hurt by chomping down on something hazardous.

Introduce Puppy to Healthy Food

During the point where the dog needs to bite and nibble, it’s the perfect time to introduce him to frozen vegetables like carrots that you’ve frozen. In the process of chewing on these, it progresses the loss of the baby teeth that much faster. Once he develops a taste for healthy food, the carrots can be used as treats. Typically, one regular size carrot would be sufficient or a few baby carrots to avoid a stomach ache. Run this idea past your vet, though. Some puppies may not be able to handle a full carrot or have teeth that will be able to chew them.

Don’t give a puppy any type of food or items to chew on that you don’t want them to make a habit of having in the future. It’s not ideal for letting a puppy chew on bones or give them bones even when they’re not in this phase, so you should avoid teaching them this bad habit. These have the potential to be dangerous for dogs. Using things like the carrots, as mentioned earlier, or even toys that you can place their own treats or dog food inside are ultimately the best for them.


Helping our fur babies through this rough period in their development is genuinely heart wrenching and stressful for us pet parents. But the claims are that CBD oil is a compelling alternative to the pharmaceutical medications proving useful as an analgesic that relieves the soreness and irritation for which puppy struggles. This is also one of the reasons why there is a broad range of these products now available on the market; see this post , for example.

Having this safe, natural treatment combined with chew toys, loads of cuddles, and hopefully, it won’t feel like the long-drawn-out process that it seems.