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Green Mill Supercritical providing uniquely precise and automated CO2 supercritical fluid extraction SFE systems. Co2 extraction machine is cost-effective and delivers maximum control over pressure, temperature, and flow rate. Visit today CAREDDI is a leading manufacturer and supplier of CBD oil extraction machines. It has extensive production experience and cooperates with many experts and scholars, and customers all over the world. Extracting the popular cannabinoid CBD from cannabis or hemp can be performed with ethanol or CO2. Learn more about how to extract CBD…

Produce Finished Oil in Record Time. For Real.

Here is some of what’s possible with this new technology:

Winterization without ethanol refines extract during the primary extraction while maintaining efficiency and fast speeds

Hundreds of thousands of dollars saved in startup costs over ethanol winterization

No loss of targeted compounds during winterization, saving potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars per year

An extraction lab free of expensive post-processing

A new category of high-grade extract untouched by contaminants of any kind and faithful to the originating plant

Increased profit margins on premium extract for a wider consumer base

Liberation from ethanol-based winterization

Maximum precision & control

Simple enough for almost any operator

If you are mechanically-curious, then you can quickly learn to produce consistent, high-quality extracts on any of our systems, for wholesale or end product development that will thrill customers while satisfying regulators.

Deep enough for master technicians

For extraction operators looking to develop methodologies only possible with a true instrumentation-grade extractor, we offer features like density feedback and control, triple inline fractionation, and software scripting and sequencing.

The Proof is in the data

Here’s data log proof of the level of control Green Mill systems provide during an extraction run, which translates into control for you over the product you manufacture:

These plot lines are taken directly from the data log file generated during an extraction using a default recipe.
Notice how system conditions quickly reach recipe settings and maintain stability for the duration of the extraction.


For Green Mill, precision and stability mean our CO₂ extraction systems sense the conditions they operate under and make second-by-second adjustments. Our engineers understand that when key conditions fluctuate, the operating business’ profit margins will be lower.

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If your extraction machine doesn’t achieve stability when running a batch, then it is simply impossible to…

over 30 years!

Careddi Supercritical is specializing in study and producing of sci-tech equipment and instruments, is a leading manufacturer and provider for supercritical CO2 extraction machine , supplying the clients worldwide with high reputation supercritical CO2 extraction machine of latest technology as well as competitive price for many kinds of material oils extraction, specially for the hemp CBD oil extraction .

Careddi Advantage

Focusing in this field over 30 years, we have technical support from the famoust univeristy and institue in China.

R&D team are composed of the experienced technicians working at the factory over 30 years and also from the famous institute.

The only manufacturer of supercritial co2 extraction manufacturer in China having a lab for test running for all kinds of raw materials.

The only manufacturer of supercritial co2 extraction manufacturer in China having a team specially for the installation, commission for the buyers in Ameria and Europe.

hemp oil extraction machine Case Studies

Global Market

Till now, we have sold the machine mainly to USA, Canada, Spain, Hungary, Netherland, Slovenia, Albania, Malaysia, Argentina, Swiss, Sweden, Italy,Serbia, Bulagaria, South Africa, India, Macedonia, Algeria, Uganda, Congo, etc.

Lastest News

Careddi Large Scale Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machines are ready for shipment

Large Scale CO2 Extraction Machines are ready for shipment.

How to operate cbd oil extraction machine?

The reason why CBD oil is popular is that it has the functions of protecting nerves, improving skin inflammation, anti-oxidation, treating eczema and improving skin self-repair. Cbd oil extraction machine can extract oil from hemp seeds, leaves and stems with high efficiency and simple operation. This article mainly introduces how to operate on the cbd oil extraction machine.

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How to clean and maintain co2 extraction machine?

Correct operation, proper cleaning and maintenance can ensure the efficiency of co2 extraction machine and extend its service life. However, many people do not know how to clean and maintain co2 extraction machine. This article will introduce how to clean and maintain co2 extraction machine.

What are matters needing attention when using supercritical co2 extraction machine?

The correct operation of a supercritical co2 extraction machine is critical, and there are many considerations during the operation of a supercritical co2 extraction machine. This article mainly introduces what are matters needing attention when using supercritical co2 extraction machine.

How to Extract CBD: CO2 vs. Ethanol Extraction

Extracting CBD: CO2 vs. Ethanol Extraction

CBD is a cannabinoid that is a chemical compound typically found in hemp and cannabis. Extracting this cannabinoid can be done in several different ways. Using CO2 to extract CBD oil is one of the most popular mechanisms used. Supercritical and subcritical are the two types of CO2 extraction.

Our fully automated extraction systems use carbon dioxide (CO2) as a solvent to extract oil from botanical plant material because it yields safer, cleaner, and purer oil. The CO2 removes the oil as it passes through the plant, leaving it intact.

Another common method for the extraction of CBD from hemp fiber is using ethanol extraction. The two types of ethanol processing of cannabis extraction are cold temperature extraction and room temperature extraction. These processes lead to the distillation of CBD and it turns into a heavily refined liquid form that has a honey-like consistency.

CO2 and ethanol extraction processes are similar because they both require the input of the plant material into an extraction machine. Also, the end-products of both processes require testing from independent labs to guarantee that THC levels comply with industry guidelines and regulations. It’s important to note that regularly maintaining CO2 and ethanol extraction systems is essential to ensure the cleanliness of the extraction and overall preservation of the extraction machine.

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CBD Extraction Machine Cost

Costs for CO2 and ethanol extraction processes vary depending on the type of automation and how large the scale of operation is. Each CBD extraction method requires a different amount of space to house the extraction equipment. Proper disposal of the byproduct is an extra cost that varies depending on the extraction process you choose.

Both CO2 and ethanol extractions from cannabis create changes throughout different phases that use temperature and pressure. The cost of making distillate varies depending on how much equipment you have and how much CBD you are distilling.

The 20Lx20LDU Duplex® CO2 system

Efficient Cannabis Processing Equipment

At Prospiant, we developed The Fleet® platform, which allows customers to expand as the market demands it. The Fleet® uses a single outdoor chiller that services three systems inside the facility. The systems can be Duplex’s®, Force® systems, or a combination of both.

The Fleet® can start with one system but the infrastructure is in place for expansion up to three systems. This efficient and intelligent method allows companies to customize their facility, in preparation for growth at a later stage. Each unit of the machine can be serviced individually which makes it easier to replace and prevents downtime.

We were the first to CO2 extraction systems designed for cannabis and continue to lead the industry through the advancement of cutting-edge technologies. We offer no-hassle, fully automated, self-managing extraction and processing equipment that allows businesses to expand into the future.

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