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Cbd oil for ankle sprain

How to Treat Tennis Injuries With CBD and THC

Throughout high school and college I loved to play tennis. I had a local park near my house that had overhead lights so that you could stay on the court well into the evening. After school, I would walk to the courts of Kittridge Park and play for hours. After several hours and numerous matches, my knees, wrists, back, and feet would begin to ache from the exertion. If you are like me, and love to play tennis then you have probably had a similar experience. While tennis is a great sport for amateurs and pros alike to play, it can come with some injuries that are common to all who play. Injuries like ankle sprains, painful knees, shoulder and back pain, and of course the most common injury— tennis elbow.

Many people turn to traditional painkillers likeTylenol or Ibuprofen
to fight pain, but cannabis has become a popular natural alternative. Both THC and CBD, the two primary cannabinoids of cannabis, have strong healing potential and can mitigate exercise induced pain and inflammation.

How THC & CBD Work in the Body

Both CBD and THC act on the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) within our bodies. When using a cannabis topical, cannabinoids interact with the two primary receptors (CB1 & CB2) in the ECS. By stimulating the ECS, CBD and THC promote homeostasis, reduce acute pain sensations, and decrease inflammation. Tennis players who are dealing with injuries can benefit from CBD, because of its strong anti-inflammatory properties. THC also has amazing pain fighting properties because it serves as a strong strongest analgesic.

Benefits of CBD for Tennis Injuries

  1. Non-intoxicating: unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating and will not make you feel ‘high’.
  2. Target pain and inflammation: Taking a cannabis topical like Papa & Barkley’s Releaf balm, Releaf Soak, or Releaf Body Oil can help target the inflammation and painful muscles.
  3. Natural stress relief: CBD is a natural stress reliever and can help with concentration. It can help you regulate stress.
  4. Promote healthy sleep: CBD can helps aid in healthy sleep, which allows your body to recover naturally instead of with the use of other sleep aids.
  5. Full spectrum cannabinoids: Papa & Barkley CBD is full spectrum, which means you get the full spectrum of cannabinoids to help target elbow pain while providing you with relief from tennis elbow pain and inflammation.

Benefits of THC for Tennis Injuries

  • Acute pain relief: THC is a natural analgesic and can mitigate sensations of pain throughout the body.
  • Stress relief: THC acts on the same receptors and CBD, promotes calm in the body, and reduces stress naturally.
    • Helps regulate appetite: THC has the ability to help regulate appetite and reduces nausea.
    • Promote healthier sleep: along with reducing stress THC calms the body and helps aid in more natural, healthy sleep.

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    Which Cannabis Products Are Right For Me?

    When dealing with common tennis injuries it is best to start with cannabis topicals. The benefit of using a topical is that they provide relief by letting cannabinoids penetrate the skin and interact with our endocannabinoid receptors to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. Results can be felt within minutes, and relief can last anywhere from two to four hours. Most importantly, the cannabinoids do not reach the bloodstream, so pain relief is localized where applied, with no intoxication.

    For Ankle Sprains

    Ankle sprains are a common issue for tennis players. The perfect product to use for ankle sprains is Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Balm. Apply liberally to the ankle several times per day and find relief from pain and inflammation.

    For Jumper’s Knee

    Jumper’s knee can cause aches and pains in a tennis players knee. I would recommend using a topical like Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Soak after your match to maximize your recovery. Drop it into a batch and soak for 30 minutes for a soothing and inflammation reducing recovery session. Pro tip: if you don’t have access to a tub, use the Releaf Soak as a body scrub and then hop in the shower, it works great both ways.

    For Shoulder Pain

    Rotator cuff injuries are a common occurrence for tennis players. Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Patches are a great way to help reduce inflammation and pain in your shoulders. Apply them to your shoulder for whole body relief all day.

    For Back or Spinal Pain

    Because tennis requires a lot of physical exertion and impact on the spine, the back muscles of tennis players can become sore or painful. Papa & Barkley’s Body Oil is a perfect remedy to help soothe sore back muscles and reduce natural inflammation.

    For Tennis Elbow

    You should know about the amazing benefits of using Papa & Barkley CBD balm for relief. If you haven’t, tennis elbow develops over time due to the repetitive nature of tennis swings. I recommend using Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Balm as a means to reduce inflammation and get relief from pain on and off the court.

    Which CBD Product is Right for Me?

    Using a CBD topical such as Papa & Barkley’s CBD balm, you can get relief from pain while going to the root of the problem; tendon inflammation brought on by tennis swings. Using CBD balm is easy and effective for pain management. When applied, the balm will penetrate the skin and interact with our endocannabinoid receptors to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. Results can be felt within minutes, and relief can last anywhere from two to four hours. Most importantly, the cannabinoids do not reach the bloodstream, so pain relief is localized where applied, with no intoxication.

    Another way to receive the benefits of CBD is by ingesting in the form of a tincture, like Papa & Barkley’s CBD Hemp Drops. By taking a tincture, tennis players can promote whole body wellness and receive it’s anti-inflammatory properties by dropping a dose under the tongue. When taking a tincture, CBD is metabolized in the stomach like a food or beverage. CBD enters the bloodstream directly and immediately travel to the brain, where they bind to cannabinoid receptor cells. Effects are usually felt within 15 to 45 minutes and last two to three hours.

    By taking CBD to help you recover, you can focus on enjoying the thrill of catching that backhand at full sprint the next time you are on the court.

    CBD is a Serve Away

    For those not in California Papa & Barkley offers CBD derived from Hemp using the same all natural whole plant methods available nationwide.

    Here is a quick guide to treating the most common tennis injuries with THC & CBD products:

    Cbd oil for ankle sprain

    We’ve all done it. Whether you’ve fallen down the stairs or tripped over an electrical cord at the office; the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic reports that sprains and strains rank as the most common workplace injury.

    A sprain can result in weeks or even months of pain, upending your quality of life and the ability to easily perform daily tasks.

    As it happens, cannabis can help ease the pain and inflammation associated with sprains and strains. In fact, a growing number of folks are turning to the plant to help them recover from these common injuries.

    More Athletes Are Using Marijuana to Help With Pain & Injuries

    A quiet but decidedly growing movement is bringing cannabis out of the shadows, as more and more athletes feel comfortable about discussing their cannabis consumption. Many athletes say marijuana before workouts and after the big game helps with mental focus and most importantly, helps reduce painful post-workout inflammation and pain for faster recovery.

    Steve Kerr, legendary athlete and coach of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors notes, “I don’t think there’s any question that pot is better for your body than Vicodin.”

    Martellus Bennet, retired NFL tight-end recently revealed that he estimates about 89% of NFL players consume cannabis, saying, “There are times of the year where your body just hurts so bad. You don’t want to be popping pills all the time.”

    Martellus adds that anti-inflammatory drugs can “start to eat at your liver, kidneys and things like that.”

    A 2018 study by the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine looked at cannabis use by elite athletes, and noted that though more study is needed, there’s promising evidence that supports the use of cannabis by athletes requiring pain management.

    If it’s good enough for top-level athletes, then marijuana products would appear to be an effective option for the regular Jack or Jill who wants to ease their muscular strains.

    Using Cannabis to Help Ease Sprains & Strains

    Like all medical conditions for which the use of medical cannabis may be helpful, receiving a diagnosis of your injury is essential. Without the information from an X-Ray or MRI, the seriousness of a strain or sprain can be hard to gauge, particularly in the minutes and hours following an injury. Many people tough out what appears to be a simple strain, only to discover they’ve been hobbling on an ankle hiding a torn ligament or even a broken bone.

    If you have a garden variety sprain, follow your doctor’s orders, which will undoubtedly include the “RICE” treatment:

    Along with your doctor’s orders, think about including a few items curated from the cannabis garden. Marijuana-infused products can help:

    • Relax tight muscles
    • Promote restful, relaxed sleep
    • Reduce inflammation

    Keeping a sustained level of helpful cannabinoids and terpenes in your system can help your body mend itself. And the right cannabis product or set of products will help your body do what it does best: restore, heal and recover.

    1. Knock Out the Aches & Pains With Beboe’s Mini Indica Vaporizer

    Cannabis is a natural anti-inflammatory. Like Martellus Bennet, folks with chronic pain will confirm that smoking cannabis is one of the best ways to ride the waves of pain following an acute injury like a sprain, without the unpleasant side effects associated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications like Naprosyn or Advil.

    The Mini Indica Vaporizer by Beboe contains a mixture of oils derived from the marijuana strains OG Kush and Grape Ape, both lauded for their relaxing qualities.

    Vaping cannabis means the cannabinoids and terpenes take effect nearly immediately, so it really is the fastest way to get some relief after a sprain or strain. It can also help melt away tension anywhere else you feel yourself tightening up.

    2. Slap On a Papa & Barkley’s 3:1 Releaf Patch When You Need Pain Relief on the Go

    If you have to take yourself and your strained shoulder out and about, consider applying a Papa & Barkley 3:1 Releaf Patch to the affected area.

    The patch provides 12 hours of microdosed cannabis medication, and this ratio of three-parts CBD to one-part THC is especially helpful for mild strains and sprains.

    For most people, this formulation won’t result in psychoactive effects. That said, transdermal patches are designed for the medicine to reach the bloodstream. So, if you’re especially sensitive to THC, you may feel some psychoactive effects when using this transdermal patch.

    3. For a Discreet & Immediate Remedy Without a Head High, Take a Relieve Tablingual by Level

    For those who need cannabis medication at the office or on the bleachers at their kid’s basketball game, Relieve Tablinguals by Level offer a unique delivery system that targets inflammation.

    These small tablinguals look like mints, but you don’t chew them. Instead, you let them dissolve under the tongue. Their active ingredient, the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), doesn’t produce a head high like its relative, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) does. But THCA is showing great promise as an anti-inflammatory, which is just what you need after twisting your ankle or spraining your knee.

    4. Get In a Good Night’s Sleep With Humboldt Apothecary’s Rest Tincture

    Our bodies initiate the majority of healing and repair activities during our sleep cycle. This is why a good night’s sleep is imperative for those recovering from a sprain or strain.

    Humboldt Apothecary’s Rest Tincture is indica-based to promote relaxation. It also contains a chill-inducing blend of other essential oils to ensure that you sleep deep and wake up refreshed, including:

    • Lavender
    • Roman chamomile
    • Sweet marjoram

    Photo credits: WAYHOME studio/ (main image), Beboe (Beboe image), Papa & Barkley (Papa & Barkley image), Level (Level image), Humboldt Apothecary (Humboldt Apothecary image)

    If you’re new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 index of articles. And if you have questions about cannabis, ask them and our community will answer.

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