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Cbd oil for contact dermatitis

4 skin problems that you can solve with CBD (and select herbs)

CBD oil is a natural active ingredient derived from the Cannabis sativa industrial cannabis species. CBD cannabinoid has so many positive effects on the human body, we often joke that every person has at least one ailment CBD oil could help with. CBD is used to relieve insomnia and chronic pain, and to help relieve autoimmune diseases, anxiety and depression. It is also popular as a natural remedy against insomnia and as an additional boost for the immune system. Lately, the use of CBD oil for the skin has also been gaining a lot of attention. Because the skin has its own endocannabinoid system to which the CBD cannabinoid binds, it is effective in a wide range of skin problems. What skin problems does CBD work on best?

CBD and psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease where skin cells grow and divide at an accelerated rate. Eczema start appearing on the skin as a result of this division and they are usually red with a silver outline but can also be pink or brown in colour. Psoriasis is a disease that doesn’t have a cure yet, but various therapies do exist to mitigate its symptoms. A lot can be done to alleviate the symptoms by adjusting your lifestyle, maintaining a balanced diet and with moderate exposure to the sun. CBD cannabinoid is also becoming an increasingly popular natural remedy for psoriasis outbreaks and several studies have shown the effect it has on decelerating skin cell division. CBD cannabinoid also has anti-inflammatory properties which additionally soothe psoriasis conditions. You can read more about CBD cannabinoid use in psoriasis treatments in one of our previous posts: Does CBD oil help with psoriasis?

Something that actually helps .
“At last, I’ve found something that actually helps .
Great texture, lovely smell, absorbs easily and really helps the irritated and flaky atopic skin on my arms hands and face.
Can not recommend it enough.” – Cherly

Acne and skin impurities – CBD’s double effect

Acne and skin impurities are not exclusive to teenagers, they often occur in adulthood as well. Most commonly the causes of adult acne are hormonal imbalances, stress, an unhealthy diet and improper skin care. Their formation is caused by an increased secretion of sebum (tallow) and the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria. Sebum normally plays an important role in skin protection, but when the skin produces too much of it, it can also cause unwanted acne. Our fight against acne can take place on multiple levels – with a healthy diet, regular cleansing of dead skin cells, avoiding stress and regular physical activity. Of course, proper skin care that balances the skin and brings it to a healthy and radiant state is crucial. And CBD cannabinoid is undoubtedly an active ingredient which, when it comes to acne skin care, is very promising. Why is CBD a great ally in the fight against acne?

1. CBD reduces the formation of sebum in sebaceous tissues
Clinical studies have shown that the CBD molecule reduces the formation of sebum in the sebaceous glands, which is highly desired in acne-prone skin care, as the formation of sebum is the most common culprit of acne.

2. CBD has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
CBD carries out complex anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions demonstrated also in many other experimental studies on diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Red acne (not blackheads) are the result of inflammatory skin changes that CBD cannabinoid can successfully calm down.

Best cream against acne!
This is the first time that I find a cream that can balance my combination skin, 35 and finally no more spots!!” – Luisa T.

New favorite product in my skin care routine!
I’ve used several other brands and skin care lines with hemp and CBD based products and found the Balancing Face Cream to be the most helpful in moisturizing and preventing acne. This moisturizer is light, non greasy and balances my skin.” – Sarah V.

A healthy, clean and refreshed complexion is something that we all long for! This set includes: Balancing Face Cream 50ml, which restores balance and normality, and moisturizes combination an oily skin. Purifying Face Cleanser 100 ml, which gently and effectively cleanses skin

CBD cannabinoid and atopic dermatitis

Dermatitis is an inflammatory skin disease that most commonly occurs in children. About 10% of children under the age of 6 are affected. Dermatitis is more common in cold months and is characterized by red, itchy rashes. If you visit your doctor with a case of dermatitis, they will almost always prescribe treatment with corticosteroid creams. Such creams are effective in relieving the symptoms, but unfortunately, they also have a lot of negative side effects on the skin and body. Often, when the treatment with corticosteroids is completed, the original problem returns.
CBD cannabinoid has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and body. Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory disease, so CBD has a positive effect on it.

CBD is all the more effective because our skin has its own endocannabinoid system onto which CBD can bind itself directly when it’s in the form of an ointment. This way it has a quick and targeted effect on the problem, calming the skin and restoring its balance. CBD also soothes itchiness and redness, two of the more prominent problems of atopic dermatitis. Read how Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm was the answer for a desperate mommy looking for the solution to her son’s skin problem in this interview. Interview: Finally we have got rid of topical steroid creams.

Concentrated CBD treatment balm tackles the toughest symptoms of atopic skin, alleviates skin reactions and soothes eczema flare-ups. Reach for it when skin needs fast-acting help for inflamed, reddened and itchy conditions. It provides intense relief and unique nourishing care. Ingredients: High concentration of CBD extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties. Hemp seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids omega 3 & 6, Vitamin E and minerals – the building blocks of healthy skin. Calendula, shea and mango butter soothe and nurture.

CBD oil is also effective with seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is a fairly common chronic inflammatory skin disease that most often affects the face and scalp area. It appears in the form of red, scaly skin on the scalp and around the hairline, often manifesting itself behind the ears and in the skin folds (elbows, knees, under the breasts). The main cause is the increased production of sebum in the sebaceous glands. CBD is a great ally in the care of seborrheic dermatitis. Why?

1. CBD slows the secretion of sebum

The most common cause of seborrheic dermatitis is the excessive secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands. Because CBD has been proven to reduce sebum secretion, it is effective in the fight against seborrheic dermatitis. Because of this, it is also effective in treating acne and impure skin.

2. CBD slows down cell proliferation on the skin

The rapid reproduction of skin cells caused by the Malassezia fungus is another important factor in the onset of seborrheic dermatitis. Clinical studies have proven that the CBD molecule reduces sebum secretion from the sebaceous glands and inhibits the rapid reproduction of sebocytes, the cells that make up sebaceous glands and affect the onset of seborrheic dermatitis.
Why is CBD cannabinoid so effective when dealing with skin conditions?

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CBD cannabinoid binds to the endocannabinoid system in our body. It contains phytocannabinoids, which are cannabinoid molecules very similar to the endocannabinoids our body contains naturally. Endocannabinoids coordinate the functions of our whole organism, helping the body when it is sick or under stress. It could be said that the endocannabinoid system is the conductor of our body, ensuring that our bodies stay in tune and work harmoniously. CBD cannabinoid is so effective in fighting skin problems because our skin has its own endocannabinoid system. This system ensures that our skin is healthy and balanced. Ointments containing CBD cannabinoid bind directly to the endocannabinoid system in the skin, helping the skin find its balance quickly and effectively.

Our Choice for Most Effective Psoriasis treatment:

Award Winning

Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm

Relieves, protects and revitalises acutely irritated skin.

Keeps psoriasis spots under control. . I’m fighting with my psoriasis for about 40 years now. It was CBD oil and skin balm that helped me keep it under control. Many thanks. ” – Robert W.

It really helps the irritated and flaky atopic skin on my arms, hands and face.” – Cheryl

22 Best CBD Creams for Eczema

This article contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

CBD oil is quickly becoming a popular treatment for all sorts of medical conditions, including eczema. CBD oil is derived from cannabis, but it doesn’t make you high like marijuana does. Instead, CBD oil helps to soothe inflammation and itching, and it has been shown to be very effective in treating eczema.

Here are the 22 best CBD creams for eczema that you can buy online.

4. Lord Jones CBD Body Oil

6. Vertly Lotion

7. Harmonious CBD

8. CBDistillery Oils

9. Zatural CBD Hot Cream

10. Pure Hemp Isolate Cream

11. BioTech CBD Oil Roll On

12. NuLeaf Naturals CBD Salve

13. Pure Hemp CBD Freeze Cream

14. Aspen Green CBD Cream

15. Level Select 2 CBD Sports Cream

16. Medterra Pain Relief Cream

18. R+R Medicinals

19. Leaf Remedys Cooling Gel

20. Colorado Botanicals

21. FOCL Relief Cream

What is eczema?

Eczema, also called atopic dermatitis, is a very common skin condition that causes the skin to become itchy, red, dry, and cracked. There are three main types of eczema:

· Contact dermatitis – caused by an allergy to something that touches the skin

· Exfoliative dermatitis – caused by an allergy to something inside the body (such as food or pollen) that gets on the skin

· Nummular dermatitis – also known as discoid eczema, it’s a type of chronic eczema that usually only affects one part of the body, like the arms or legs

All of these types of eczema cause the skin to become itchy and inflamed, which can lead to more serious problems if not treated.

What is the main cause of eczema?

The exact cause of eczema is unknown, but there are several things that seem to trigger flare-ups in many people. These include:

· Low levels of certain vitamins in the skin

· Allergies or sensitive skin to soaps, lotions, or perfumes

· Emotional stress or anxiety

The most common triggers for eczema are stress and allergies, which is why CBD oil has become so popular. People who use CBD oil to treat their conditions see dramatic results without the side effects of traditional medications.

What are the symptoms of eczema?

Some of the most common symptoms are uncontrollable itching, dry or flaky skin, redness that may look like a rash, bumps on the skin, and fluid-filled blisters. Some people also get swollen glands in their armpits or groin area.

How is eczema diagnosed?

Your doctor may be able to diagnose skin conditions just by looking at the skin, but it’s hard to tell what type of eczema someone has from just a glance. Your doctor will probably ask some detailed questions about your medical history and your family’s medical history as well.

They may also sample the fluid inside the blisters to see if there are any pathogens, such as yeast or fungi.

Does eczema get worse if you scratch it?

Yes, people who have eczema often scratch their itchy skin, which can make the condition worse. Scratching also increases your chance of getting a secondary infection that could be dangerous.

If you have eczema, the best thing to do is avoid scratching. This can be very difficult, so many people who suffer from eczema use CBD oil to help relieve some of their symptoms.

How is eczema treated?

There is no cure for eczema, but there are treatments that can help control the symptoms and prevent flare-ups so you feel better and have less pain. These include:

· Topical creams – applied directly to the skin to ease inflammation, reduce itching, and clear up your skin

· Topical corticosteroids – used to reduce swelling, redness, and itching

· Antibiotics – sometimes used to treat secondary infections that develop because of eczema

· Moisturizers – applied daily to help keep the moisture in your skin

· Oral corticosteroids – used in rare cases when other treatments can’t control your skin condition

· Light therapy – you are exposed to different types of light for short periods of time to help clear up your skin

All these options have side effects, but CBD oil has become a popular choice because it has none. Many people who suffer from eczema use CBD oil because it makes their skin feel better and helps clear up flare-ups.

CBD has long been known as a natural treatment for chronic pain, but more recent research has shown that it can benefit sufferers of other chronic conditions like eczema. Many people who suffer from eczema or develop it during their pregnancy use CBD creams for eczema to relieve some of their symptoms and reduce flare-ups.

What is CBD oil cream?

CBD oil cream is a topical cream that contains CBD oil. This type of treatment has been found to be very effective in treating eczema because it helps reduce inflammation and itching, which are often the most bothersome symptoms of eczema.

CBD oil creams also contain other ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, vitamin E, and chamomile that help keep your skin hydrated. This is important because dry skin can irritate the skin even more.

How does CBD cream work?

CBD oil creams work by reducing inflammation and itching, which are often the most bothersome symptoms of eczema. CBD oil creams also contain other ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, vitamin E, and chamomile that help keep your skin hydrated. This is important because dry skin can irritate the skin even more.

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Can CBD oil cream be used for eczema during pregnancy?

Research has shown that pregnant women are more likely to have allergies and autoimmune diseases, both of which can trigger or cause eczema. If you’re expecting during the next few months, using CBD oil creams could improve your symptoms without any side effects.

Although more research needs to be done, early studies have found that CBD oil creams reduced inflammation and itching in people with eczema. In addition, many patients who used a CBD cream for eczema reported a decrease in their symptoms after using the product for a few days.

Can CBD oil cream be used on children?

It’s always important to discuss the use of any product with your pediatrician before applying it to children. Since there aren’t studies done on the use of CBD oil cream for eczema in infants or young children, talk to your doctor first to ensure that your child won’t have an adverse reaction.

How do you apply CBD cream?

Applying CBD oil to your skin is very easy; just use a small amount of cream and massage it into the affected area. Do this about three times a day, which will help reduce itching and redness, and help your skin heal faster.

CBD creams can also be used on any other areas of the body where you have rashes or dry skin. Make sure to use enough cream to cover the area so that you get the best results.

What are some benefits of using CBD oil cream?

CBD creams for eczema are very effective because they can be used in addition to other treatments, instead of replacing them. For example, if you use topical steroids for your eczema, applying CBD cream afterward can help make the steroids more effective.

This is why many people like using CBD creams – it helps increase the effectiveness of other treatments without the dangerous side effects.

What are some side effects of using CBD oil cream?

There are no known side effects to using topical CBD oil creams, so you don’t have to worry about any dangerous chemicals or medications that could cause health problems.

Many people who suffer from eczema also use other products on their skin that contain harmful chemicals or preservatives, but CBD cream is different because it doesn’t interfere with any other treatments.

In addition, CBD creams for eczema are also safe for pregnant women and children because it works by making other treatments more effective without causing any side effects.

What factors should I consider when purchasing CBD creams for eczema?

The main factor that you need to consider when selecting a CBD cream is the concentration of CBD in the product. Make sure that you select one that has enough CBD oil to effectively reduce inflammation and itching. This is especially important if you have severe eczema that requires you to use a steroid cream, as the added CBD can make steroids more effective.

Another important factor to consider is the other ingredients in the cream, such as aloe vera and vitamin E. You should look for creams that have ingredients that can help moisturize your skin without irritating it more than necessary. These will help soothe redness and itching, which makes managing eczema much easier.

Is CBD cream safe to use?

Yes, it is very safe to use. In fact, studies have shown that applying CBD oil to your skin can actually help reduce inflammation and redness in infants with atopic dermatitis.

Since CBD oil contains little to no THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol (the psychoactive compound that gets you high), it has almost none of the dangerous side effects of traditional pain medications.

Will I get high from using CBD cream?

No, you will not get high from using CBD cream because it does not contain THC and you’re using it as a topical ointment to alleviate eczema. CBD does not have any psychoactive effects because it comes from the hemp plant, which has very low amounts of THC.

How long does it take to see results when using CBD cream?

You should begin to see results between three and five days of using CBD creams for eczema, although some people may start seeing results in as little as one day.

However, if you suffer from chronic conditions like eczema, it may take longer for you to see results because it can take some time for your skin to heal.

If you’re using CBD cream for an extended period of time AND if you have a compromised immune system, it is best not to use the same topical cream for more than 2-3 consecutive weeks.

It’s important to rotate your use of CBD oils and creams every few applications so that your skin doesn’t become too tolerant or reliant on one particular product.

What are the best types of CBD cream for eczema?

The best types of CBD cream are those that are made from all-natural ingredients. They should have very few side effects, which is why it’s important to look for creams made with organic or natural ingredients.

Some good examples of CBD oils that are effective in treating eczema include Lotioncrafter Pure Hemp Oil, Bluebird Botanicals CBD Lotion, Elixinol CBD Cream, Lord Jones High Potency Body Lotion, and Endoca Hemp Oil.

However, if you’re not sure where to start looking for CBD oil cream, you can read more about the brands we featured here today. These are the 22 best CBD creams for eczema and an excellent place to start your search.

What are some CBD oil creams on the market?

There are many CBD cream brands on the market, but not all of them use the same ingredients. This is important to keep in mind because some may contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin even more.

If you’re looking for a CBD cream that helps improve your eczema symptoms without irritating your skin, we recommend:

1. Penguin CBD Cream

Image courtesy Penguin CBD

The Penguin CBD oil is a top-quality product that promises to give you all the benefits of cannabis. Made from Oregon-grown hemp, it can be trusted for its high quality and safety.

2. Everest CBD Full-Spectrum

Image courtesy Everest

The Everest CBD is a full-spectrum hemp oil. It uses all natural ingredients and promises to be free of any harmful chemicals.

3. Verma Farms CBD Cream

Image courtesy Verma Farms

The Verma Farms CBD cream is a vegan and organic product that promises to be free of GMOs, parabens, and gluten. This skin moisturizer uses coconut oil and Vitamin E for maximum healing power.

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4. Lord Jones CBD Body Oil

Image courtesy Lord Jones

The Lord Jones CBD body oil is a top-quality body oil that promises to help give you relief from dry, itchy skin instead of just masking the symptoms.

5. R+R Medicinals

R+R Medicinals spent over a year developing this 1000mg CBD Cream . . With over 1000mg of Full-Spectrum CBD in each tube, this cream is of incredible value for only $39.99, while bringing CBG, CBC, CBDv, CBN, CBL, and CBDa to the mix. Simple and effective, this fragrance and dye-free cream gets the job done with consistent and daily use. With hundreds of 5-star ratings on Google, you can be sure you’ll have a great experience with this product and brand.

6. Vertly Lotion

Image courtesy Vertly

Vertly lotion is a topical treatment cream that comes in either cocoa or lavender scents and promises to help your skin heal without leaving behind any unpleasant smells.

7. Harmonious CBD

Image courtesy Harmonious

The Harmonious CBD cream is a topical pain relief product that uses all-natural ingredients to help you treat your ailments, including the annoying symptoms of eczema. It offers the same benefits as cannabis minus the THC.

8. CBDistillery Oils

Image courtesy CBDistillery

The CBDistillery oils are all-natural salves that use only lab-tested products to give you the benefits of cannabis without getting too high.

9. Zatural CBD Hot Cream

Image courtesy Zatural

Zatural CBD cream uses all-natural ingredients to soothe your skin, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. It offers amazing benefits for your eczema, so you can stop itching so frequently.

10. Pure Hemp Isolate Cream

Image courtesy Pure Hemp

The Pure Hemp Isolate Cream is a non-greasy cream that gives you the benefits of CBD oil with added moisturizing effects. It uses only hemp extracts and gives you all-natural results for your health issues.

11. BioTech CBD Oil Roll On

Image courtesy BioTech

The BioTech CBD Oil Roll On is a topical oil that offers all the benefits of CBD oil without the risk of getting high. It also comes with an easy-to-use rolling applicator, allowing for more precise control over your dosage.

12. NuLeaf Naturals CBD Salve

Image courtesy NuLeaf Naturals

The NuLeaf Naturals CBD Salve is a hemp-based salve cream that promises to give you the same benefits of cannabis only without THC so it’s completely legal in all the states. This product uses only non-GMO ingredients, making it safe for your skin but still effective for your eczema problems.

13. Pure Hemp CBD Freeze Cream

Image courtesy Pure Hemp

Pure Hemp CBD freeze cream blends topical analgesic with 1000 mg of raw CBD to promote relief from eczema symptoms. Their formula contains menthol and uses cold therapy (cryotherapy) which helps penetrate quickly, offers non-additive targeted relief for you.

14. Aspen Green CBD Cream

Image courtesy Aspen Green

The best way to feel better every day is with this full-body soothing balm. The unique blend of therapeutic botanicals and essential cannabinoids delivers strong hemp plant strength plus emollients from organic seeds that will keep you going strong all week long.

15. Level Select 2 CBD Sports Cream

Image courtesy Level Select 2

Level Select 2 is a topical cream that promises to give you the same benefits of cannabis minus THC, giving you full-spectrum hemp oil. It uses all-natural ingredients and comes in a spearmint scent with menthol.

16. Medterra Pain Relief Cream

Image courtesy Medterra

When it comes to pain relief, you can’t beat Medterra’s CBD creams for eczema. This product was named Product of Year in 2021 for its ability to help fight arthritis and joint discomfort without containing any plasticizers or artificial preservatives. It’s a nice option to have on this list for anyone looking for a more budget-friendly CBD cream for eczema.

17. Batch CBD

Image courtesy Batch CBD

Batch CBD cream is a high-quality topical cream that promises to give you the benefits of itching relief using CBD. It uses only organic ingredients so it’s safe for your skin, but still effective for your health.

18. R+R Medicinals

Image courtesy R+R Medicinals

When you need a little eczema relief, R+R Medicinals CBD cream is a great choice. It uses 100% pure crystalline isolate and all-natural ingredients to give your skin the same benefits cannabis oil without THC so it’s completely legal in all the states.

19. Leaf Remedys Cooling Gel

Image courtesy Leaf Remedys

Leaf Remedys CBD cooling gel is a fast-acting treatment to help you get rid of your eczema symptoms. It also promises to reduce itching and maintain hydration in the skin, making it a good option for sufferers who need something quick and easy.

20. Colorado Botanicals

Image courtesy Colorado Botanicals

Colorado Botanicals CBD oil is a great option for treating your itching and inflammation with CBD cream. It uses all-natural ingredients to give you the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects.

21. FOCL Relief Cream

Image courtesy FOCL

Relieve itching fast with FOCL Relief Cream. This product uses 100% pure CBD isolate to give you all-natural results for your health problems without any risks of getting too high or experiencing side effects.

22. cbdMD Cream

Image courtesy cbdMD

cbdMD Topical Salve uses full-spectrum hemp oil that’s loaded with antioxidant-rich CBD to fight pain and inflammation. It promises fast relief so you can get back to your day without any eczema concerns weighing you down.

How to Choose the Best CBD Creams for Eczema

With so many CBD products out there, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your eczema. Here are some tips on how you can choose the best cream for your needs:

Check the ingredients

It’s important to make sure that the CBD cream you’re looking at uses full-spectrum hemp oil and not just CBD isolate. Other ingredients are important, too, to give your skin the comfort it needs while making sure you’re not putting yourself at risk for irritation.

Check the price

If you have eczema, it’s likely that your medical bills are piling up–a high-quality product might be pricier than the one you get at a grocery store, but it will be more effective. However, if you’re struggling to pay your bills, you might want to choose the cheaper option that works just as well.

Avoid certain types of ingredients

Some common topical skin treatment agents can be particularly irritating for people with eczema, from fragrance oils to alcohol stearate. You might want to check the label on your CBD products for these ingredients and make a judgment call on whether they will be irritating or not.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an all-natural way to fight your eczema symptoms, CBD cream is a great option. These products are legal in all the states because they contain little or no THC so it’s safe for your skin but still effective for your health problems.