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Cbd oil for sale w bay drive largo fl

MÜV Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Where Florida medical marijuana patients shop for the best cannabis products.


Want Rewards points, exclusive cannabis savings, and early access to dispensary sales at your fingertips?

Shop By Cannabis Product Type

From smokable marijuana flower to topicals, concentrates to tinctures, MÜV Medical Cannabis Products were formulated to suit your unique needs.

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MÜV offers an extensive line of quality cannabis strains and products. Take a look at the top selections of MÜV marijuana, chosen by patients like you.

5-Pack Pre-rolls Cannabis Flower

Exclusive cultivars phenohunted in Florida, handled exclusively by hand. Verano Reserve Flower is the best of the best in Florida.

Plus Vapes Premium Extract

Consistent, flavorful, and convenient. Experience your favorite MÜV cannabis strains in vape form with Plus.

Marijuana Kief The Original Concentrate

Macrodose without the dab rig. Strain-specific and 25mg per piece, kief packs flavor and potency with each dose.

Cannabis Chocolates In a Host of Flavors

Belgian chocolatier inspired, creamy, and delicious. Indulge in Milk and Dark Chocolates cannabis edibles.

Cannabis Dispensary Delivery and Express Pickup

With 43 dispensaries across the state of Florida, in-store consultations, cannabis delivery and express pickup options, buying cannabis at MÜV is easy. Shop your way.

Florida Medical Cannabis Resources

Whether you’re new to cannabis or a dedicated cannassieur, there is always something to discover about the plant. From product releases, new technologies, and new or updated research, consider MÜV your dedicated cannabis resource for Florida medical marijuana.

Strain Guide

Terpenes 101




Become a Medical Marijuana Patient

Find helpful details about becoming a Florida medical marijuana patient, including state requirements and recommending physicians near you.

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From the MÜV Cannabis Blog

From cannabutter recipes to the history of 4/20, the Cannabis Blog is your key to cannabis culture, education, and all things new at MÜV!

Best Cbd Oil in Largo, FL

What are people saying about cannabis dispensaries in Largo, FL?

This is a review for cannabis dispensaries in Largo, FL:

“My husband and I finally made it to this local CBD store. I had read many reviews on line which were all very positive. We and have used CBD oil in the past and have had some relief from fibromyalgia for me and back pain and peripheral neuropathy for my husband. What we were looking for was a knowledgeable and reputable place to purchase the product. I think we have found what we we were looking for. Chris was very helpful in explaining the various products they sell and how they work. We are looking forward to seeing how the product works for us.”