CBD Oil For Vaginal Dryness


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These seven CBD oil products will help improve your sexual wellness, intensify sexual pleasure, increase intimacy, and enhance arousal. Everyone seems to be using CBD these days, for everything from allergies to anxiety to arthritis. Is it safe? Is it effective? And just how do we harness the power of CBD for use in women’s health? If you’re approaching menopause and you’ve lost touch with your sexual desire, it can be tricky to relight the fire without a little extra help. Which is where cannabinoids could help. Many peri- and post-menopausal women report that cannabinoids have revolutionized their sex lives — with or without a partner.

CBD Oil For Vaginal Dryness

It seems like there’s CBD in nearly everything these days. CBD skin care? Tried it. A drop in your coffee or a drag from a CBD vape? Many of us do it daily. But CBD oil is popular and trendy for good reason; it has amazing health benefits, calms anxiety, and can reduce pain.

Because of its pain relief qualities, CBD is also used in many sexual wellness products, like lube and massage oil. Introducing one or two into your personal pleasure routine will leave your vulva feeling fantastic.

Get ready for pain-free, relaxed pleasure and intimacy—we’re breaking down the top 7 CBD oil sexual wellness products your vagina will thank you for!

    Ready to try a natural sex enhancement and get bigger, stronger orgasms? With 500mg per 50ml, we offer the highest concentration of broad-spectrum CBD lube available. Our thoughtful formula is safe for your body and products, and it will enhance your pleasure by relaxing your muscles and reducing discomforts associated with anxiety and inflammation. Looking for an intimate, erotic massage for you or a partner? Apothecanna’s massage oil includes 50mg. CBD for pain relief, coconut oil for lubrication, and a sultry jasmine scent. As a side note, any lube that’s not water-based isn’t recommended with Lora DiCarlo toys, and this product shouldn’t be used with latex condoms, either. Get your pleasure on safely! Wink is a CBD company by women, creating products for people with vulvas. THC has many benefits, but not everybody enjoys the psychotropic effects. A CBD vape pen has similar anti-anxiety effects without the high, preparing you for pleasure sessions solo or with a partner. Looking for a warm, relaxing bath as the weather begins to cool? Enter Life Elements Bath Bomb. You can choose the amount and potency of the CBD, making for a soak to soothe both pain and stress away. Use it to start some steamy foreplay with yourself or a playmate. Forget giving your lover chocolate; try gifting a sweet, prickly pear CBD chew instead. With 20mg. CBD oil inside, you can enjoy a sweet treat during foreplay that calms the mind and body. It’s not your typical edible, either; there’s no THC or psychotropic effects. Wink also makes powerful CBD oil tinctures designed to take every morning, ramping up your dosage over time. CBD oil is most known for its stress relieving benefits and anti-anxiety properties. If you suffer with performance anxiety or pain during sex, it’s often due to stress, trauma, or anxiety. Treating the root cause of sexual discomfort may bring long-term symptom relief a massage oil can’t.

What we love about CBD oil products is that they can target very specific sexual health and wellness concerns, like vaginal pain, uncomfortable sex, or lack of natural lubrication. But sexual wellness starts with your mental health, so products that more broadly tackle anxiety and stress can bring multiple benefits that include better sex.

We encourage you to choose a product (or two!) to add into your pleasure routine right away. Your body and brain will thank you!

THC (The Honest Conversation) About CBD

Everyone seems to be using CBD these days, for everything from allergies to anxiety to arthritis.

But because it’s so new to the world of health and wellness, there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding it.

Is it safe? Is it effective? And just how do we harness the power of CBD for use in women’s health?

Today we’ll dive into these questions with an honest conversation where we separate fact from fiction and break down some misconceptions surrounding CBD, THC, and their uses.

What is CBD?

Because it’s been everywhere lately, you’ve likely heard of CBD or CBD oil. But what is it, exactly? And how is it used?

CBD – short for cannabidiol – is the second most common ingredient from the cannabis plant, with the other being THC. It’s often extracted from the plant and mixed with other oils – such as coconut – to make CBD oil.

There are many ways to take CBD: orally – via pills, dissolving capsules, edibles, or sprays; or topically – through creams, lotions, gels.

If you’ve heard people praising the benefits of CBD, it’s for good reason: CBD is used to manage a variety of symptoms and conditions, such as:

  • Chronic pain related to various illnesses (including women’s health conditions)
  • Nausea and vomiting

How is CBD different from THC?*

CBD and THC, the main ingredient in marijuana, both come from the same genus of plant (cannabis). Though both compounds affect neurotransmitters in your brain that give them similar therapeutic effects, only THC causes you to feel “high.”

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“It’s mainly the THC molecule that is the intoxicating cannabinoid in the plant,” says Dr. Monica Vialpando, CEO of Via Innovations, a scientific research team dedicated to the advancement of cannabis products.

What if I apply a product with THC to my skin? Will that make me high?

Both CBD and THC topicals are designed to relieve localized muscle pain only, and only to permeate the skin in small and localized amounts. They are not designed to enter your bloodstream, though small amounts do.

“Cannabinoids are very hard to get through the skin,” says Dr. Vialpando. “The upper layer of skin, the stratum corneum, essentially acts as an armor to protect us – it’s very hard to get anything through it.”

However, that’s not the case in mucosal regions – where the blood supply is greater, the absorption will be higher. This leads us to our next question…

How are CBD products currently used in women’s health?

In the US alone, CBD sales rake in over $600 million – expected to hit $2 billion in a few years – with much of this being marketed to women.

There’s much potential for these products in sexual health and wellness – a market that’s currently exploding. One of these products is CBD-containing lubricant.

Caution: neither CBD nor THC lubricants have been cleared or approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Claims that they can help reduce inflammation of vaginal tissues, or reduce pain during sexual intercourse, are unsubstantiated and therefore are being made impermissibly. There are no well-controlled clinical studies to support the use of CBD-containing products to the vagina or vulvar tissues. This brings us to safety concerns…

Vaginal and vulvar skin is made up of mucosal tissue and therefore has a higher bioavailability – the amount of a drug that enters circulation – so it’s important to do your homework and choose products that are formulated for use in the pelvic area specifically, with these skin tissues in mind. CBD-containing products applied to the vulva and vagina have not been scientifically tested to demonstrate that they are safe.

CBD-containing products have not been tested to demonstrate that they are compatible with condoms. Because CBD is usually oil-based it can break down latex, so it’s not a good idea to use it with a latex condom when trying to prevent pregnancy or STIs.

What should I look for when using CBD or THC products?

Federal and state regulations vary on CBD- and THC-based products and the market is ever-evolving. Because of this, the product quality can differ significantly from one manufacturer to another. Here’s what to consider when browsing the market:

Review the company’s website.

Check out their mission statement and the About Us page – how transparent are they in their processes, standards, and practices? What education do they provide around their products? Do they list potential side effects or unintended results? Do they make unsubstantiated treatment claims?

Was the product made in a GMP facility?

Products developed using Good Manufacturing Practices must adhere to certain standards required by the US FDA.

Is the product clearly labeled? Product ingredients and byproducts can vary and may not be consistent from batch to batch. Look for clear ingredient labels.

Does the company focus on one type of CBD/THC product, or many? If they’re selling sexual wellness products side-by-side with vape pens, gummies, and other products that vary in their use and effectiveness, BEWARE. Nutritional supplements are held to different FDA standards than products applied to the intimate tissues of the vulva and vagina.

We hope this information has helped you learn more about the use of CBD and THC products so you can make a thoughtful decision about how to use them to meet your needs. (Note: Be sure to check your local state laws for the legal use of CBD and THC.)

For a non-CBD lubricant that helps with vaginal irritation, check out Mia Vita, our FDA-cleared product that helps with vaginal dryness and irritation.

**This article was based on an episode from Love Mia Vita, FemmePharma’s podcast. To listen to the full episode, click here.**

Menopause: Cannabinoids & Sexual Health

“Use it or lose it.” This piece of time-worn wisdom is said about everything from your brain to your muscles. But did you know that it also applies to your most intimate of body parts?

It’s true! Although many people don’t think of their genitals in terms of exercise & fitness, research shows that regular sexual activity helps to keep the vagina healthy, flexible, and strong. And — just like exercise — it becomes even more important to “use it” as we get older.

If you’re approaching menopause, you might be hearing this sort of thing from a variety of sources — friends, social media, TV doctors, or your own doctor. And since sexual pleasure for its own sake is so often shamed in our culture, the “use it or lose it” folks often explain that an active sex life has important health benefits: cardiovascular health, stress relief, boosted immunity, better sleep, pain reduction, pelvic floor strength and reduced incontinence.

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But if you’ve lost touch with your sexual desire — whether due to lack of a partner, life stress, sexual pain or other challenges — it can be tricky to relight the fire without a little extra help.

Which is where cannabinoids could help. Many peri- and post-menopausal women report that cannabinoids have revolutionized their sex lives — with or without a partner.

Menopause & Estrogen

Remember your old frenemy, the menstrual cycle? During our reproductive years, our ovaries pump out estrogen every menstrual cycle right before they ovulate. As women’s periods become less frequent, so do these estrogen boosts.

What was estrogen doing?

  • Keeping up the blood flow.Estrogen dilates your blood vessels , and increased blood flow to your vagina helps it stay healthy and lubricated.
  • Raising your libido. Many reproductive-age women have an increased interest in sex right around the time they ovulate — when their estrogen levels are highest.
  • Keeping the pH low. Estrogen tells your vagina to secrete glycogen, which feeds beneficial bacteria. These lactobacillus bacteria make lactic acid, which keeps the pH low and protects the vagina from malicious microbes . (Note: These aren’t the same lactobacillus you find in yogurt, but they are very closely related.)
  • Protecting the urinary tract. Estrogen receptors are spread throughout the vagina, bladder, urethra and pelvic floor. Up to 70% of women with urinary incontinence experience its onset at menopause . Estrogen also helps protect women from urinary tract infections .

How Menopause Affects Your Sex Life

Unfortunately, without regular bursts of estrogen, your sex life can become a little bit more complicated.

Peri- and postmenopausal women often discover that their libidos take a nose-dive. Sex might not feel as good when the skin lining your vagina gets thinner and produces less lubrication. Also, with fewer acid-producing lactobacilli , postmenopausal women are more susceptible to infections. To make matters worse, without estrogen, vaginas become densely innervated with pain-perceiving nerves and other nerves that further cut off the blood flow.

Sexual pleasure is just one of many things a woman can lose when her vagina atrophies. Genitourinary syndrome of menopause — a condition where the vaginal tissue becomes thinner, drier and more inflamed — affects more than half of postmenopausal women . As it gets worse, it can become painful to sit, walk, or urinate. It also ups your risk for incontinence.

How to Address this Problem

Menopause is not a disease or disorder — it’s a natural condition. When estrogen exits stage left, the transition period will be easier if you can bring in new supporting characters, stage right.

For your vagina, that means finding new ways to keep your blood flowing and your skin healthy. That’s why the first thing a doctor will typically suggest is to stock up on moisturizers and lubricants. Most women find that moisturizers applied three times a week will help their vaginal skin stay moist, while lubricants help keep up regular sexual activity.

Why is regular sexual activity so important? It triggers your vulva and vaginal tissues to swell with blood — delivering oxygen and carrying away toxins. Sex keeps vaginal skin healthy and improves its elasticity and natural lubrication, and can even boost levels of androgens and other hormones.

The evidence agrees: Women who are sexually active experience less vaginal atrophy — and those benefits come whether or not a partner is involved.

So… once you purchase a good moisturizer and lubricant (like our Sex Oil with CBD), where do you go from there? Moisturizers and lubricants might make it more possible for you to have sex, but what if you’re having trouble getting turned on? What if sex is starting to feel less pleasurable. or even painful? What extra tools are available?

Get your Blood Pumping: Cannabinoids & Other Methods

Best-case scenario: Even if you have a well-lubricated sex life nearly as active your pre-menopausal years, your vagina probably receives less oxygenated blood than it used to. Without estrogen, you should find new ways to get the blood pumping through your pelvis.

Menstruation, sex, and menopause are the top three reasons that women use cannabis for self-care. In addition to treating other symptoms of menopause, more and more postmenopausal women are loving the juice cannabis adds to their sex lives.

Why is cannabis so effective at spicing things up in the bedroom? The natural compounds in cannabis, cannabinoids, are potent vasodilators — they relax blood vessels, increasing blood flow.

When plant-derived cannabinoids are applied directly to your vulva, they encourage blood to flow into the tissues.

This increased blood flow can do amazing things in the bedroom. Many women who use cannabinoids on their vulvas report stronger, more pleasurable orgasms, while others experience an overall boost in their sexual sensations. If you want to hear more about the personal experiences of women who have tried topical cannabinoids, start here .

What else increases blood flow to your vagina? It turns out that clitoral stimulation and sexual fantasy can increase blood flow to the vagina in ways that pelvic floor contractions and exercise cannot.

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If you haven’t already, experiment with sensual materials that can wake up your fantasies — vibrators, romance novels, or whatever form of pornography inspires your imagination. If you have a partner, explain to them that this is for your future health, and see if they want to get involved.

Partnered or not, experiment with extending your foreplay into full-body sensual massage and gentle oral and manual stimulation. If you want some hard evidence that these activities are pumping restorative blood through your vagina, feel around — your clitoris will get perky and your inner labia may expand, especially with extended lubricated massage and suction.

Extra Perks Cannabinoids Bring to the Bedroom

Cannabinoids like CBD and THC do much more for your vagina than just increase the blood flow and your ability to feel pleasure. They can soothe inflammation and feelings of pain — both of which might increase as estrogen decreases. Cannabinoids also encourage your muscles to relax, which can further alleviate penetration-related pain. How?

  • Fights inflammation: Both CBD and THC have proven anti-inflammatory properties — and inflammation levels increase for women with genitourinary syndrome. CBD acts on the same target as NSAIDs , decreasing your body’s production of inflammatory prostaglandins. Meanwhile, THC helps prevent your immune system from releasing the inflammatory proteins called cytokines.
  • Reduces pain: Some of the increased pain postmenopausal women experience during penetration comes from an increased density of pain-perceiving nerves. Cannabinoids fight back by desensitizing these nerves. Both CBD and THC target nerve receptors that help decrease the sensation of pain (TRPV1 and CB1, respectively).
  • Relaxes muscles: Another source of pain in the bedroom could come from overly-tight pelvic muscles. Cannabinoids help relax muscles in two ways. First, when they desensitize pain receptors, they prevent nerves from triggering muscle contractions. Second, CBD and THC have been shown to reduce maximum level of contraction in muscles .

Similar to localized estrogen creams and suppositories, localized application of cannabinoids delivers the compounds exactly where they are needed, while keeping their bloodstream levels low.

Rebooting your Sexuality

Sexual activity is most effective against genitourinary syndrome before the symptoms of vaginal atrophy get severe. However, it’s never too late to start showering your lady parts with personal attention and increased blood flow.

If you’re waking up your vagina after a period of hibernation, start slow. Don’t jump into penetration if you’re experiencing pain or inflammation. Instead, try to increase blood flow to your sensual zone — with vibration, fantasy and/or topical cannabinoids — and just focus on the pleasant sensations you might experience.

This exercise doesn’t need to lead anywhere — you can get the benefits of increased oxygenation to your vagina without intercourse, orgasm, or a partner. However, you might find that allowing some extra time to become sexually aroused can make masturbation and intercourse more enjoyable.

For further support, consult with a doctor, physical therapist, or sexological bodyworker to develop a pelvic rehabilitation plan. They can suggest pelvic floor exercises and vaginal dilator techniques after they determine which muscles need to be strengthened or relaxed.

Many women find that the benefits of reviving their sexual organs extend beyond the pleasure zone: Incontinence and other urinary issues might improve with proper rehabilitation.

Estrogen Therapy

Although regular use of moisturizers and sexual lubricants are often just as effective , many doctors will prescribe hormonal therapy for women with moderate or severe symptoms of genitourinary syndrome.

Topical estrogen is most frequently prescribed, since it helps keep the overall levels of this hormone low in your body. Hormone replacement therapy can be very effective for treating the symptoms of genitourinary syndrome, but they are generally only prescribed for short-term use — and many women cannot take them for medical reasons.

Whether or not you are on hormone therapy, we encourage you to talk with your doctor about incorporating cannabinoids into your sexual health routine. (Feel free to share this article with your doctor, as well as our other articles on cannabinoids and sexual health .)

Quality Counts

We want to be clear about one last thing… What your body needs most right now is for you to have the patience and freedom to feel AS GOOD AS POSSIBLE.

Don’t just grab that bottle of lube and rush through your sexercises. Numerous studies show that it’s the quality of the sex that confers many of sex’s health benefits . Now is the time for you to experiment and learn how to maximize pleasure.

You might find that the blood-pumping, pleasure-promoting and pain-relieving properties of CBD and other cannabinoid products are perfect for improving the quality of your sexual life. Or you might discover other ways to increase your stimulation before and during sex. Either way, you won’t know until you try.

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