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Cbd oil for voice problems

Edible Marijuana – Does it Affect the Voice?

Artists often ask about the effect of marijuana on the voice and we have focused on what happens when it is smoked. However, what happens to the voice when marijuana is eaten instead?

Smoking anything is risky to the vocal cords, as it induces laryngitis which increase the risk of vocal bruising and permanent injury. Lung irritation and chronic bronchitis are common in smokers of anything, including marijuana. I often suggest a work-around due to my concern about this, which is ingestion (eating or drinking) of marijuana. This does appear to come with a lower risk to vocal health. A theory has been circulated that marijuana use in any form causes dilation of blood vessels, resulting in the same risk of vocal bruising as smoking. This theory assumes the following:

Orally ingested marijuana results in dilation of blood vessels

Dilation of blood vessels increases the risk of vocal bruising

If these two points are true, then it would change how I counsel my singers and professional voice user patients away from even edible marijuana. So I took on the task of reconsidering my conclusion that edibles are safer. Perhaps this new theory was correct?

I did an extensive literature search and found a recent article which reviewed the existing studies on the subject. Though published in an open source journal, the publications that were referenced were credible. The following was found:

There is no clear conclusion about the effects of marijuana/THC on vasculature. This article reviewed 112 articles that had been published in peer- reviewed journals and still does not conclude that THC causes blood vessel effects.

There is significant “evidence for vasoconstrictive effects of cannabinoid administration.” This means there is evidence that blood vessels get smaller. This contradicts the theory that edibles dilate blood vessels in the vocal cords. One must assume that the above theory was not based upon any research.

The review article also states “Early experimental results in the rat have hinted to a vasoconstrictive activity of THC comparable to that of norepinephrine (Adams et al., 1976). The fact that a simple vasodilation does not account for all of the substances’ complex influences on cardiovascular tone was strengthened by the description of the “triphasic” or “triple” effect (Siqueira et al., 1979; Varga et al., 1996; Malinowska et al., 2012).”
Again, the effects of marijuana are complex and may be dilation or constriction of blood vessels, but evidence points to constriction.

There is also no proof that blood vessel dilation increases the risk of hemorrhage. For example, Viagra, a drug that works because it dilates blood vessels, is listed as having no effect on the voice by The National Center for Voice and Speech

Both of the premises were therefore incorrect. There is no evidence that ingestion of marijuana increased the risk of vocal hemorrhage.

These types of casual conclusions, based on no real reasearch, are dangerous to a community that is already struggling to overcome myths about health. Misinformation often spreads when one person’s opinion is portrayed as fact without substantiating research. While intuition is important, these days more than ever, we must differentiate fact from opinion. Those in the practice of giving advice need to be transparent about whether or not our advice is research and fact-based, we must revisit our opinions, review existing literature, and keep discourse active. Based on this process, the evidence clearly supports that ingested marijuana poses no risk of vocal hemorrhage and is far safer than inhaled.

Richter JS, Quenardelle V, Wolff, V et al A Systematic Review of the Complex Effects of Cannabinoids on Cerebral and Peripheral Circulation in Animal Models. Front Physiol. 2018; 9: 622.

Cbd oil for voice problems

Dr. Reena Gupta is the Director of the Division of Voice and Laryngology at OHNI. Dr. Gupta has devoted her practice to the care of patients with voice problems. She is board certified in otolaryngology and laryngology and fellowship trained in laryngology, specializing in the care of the professional voice.

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Singer Justin Bieber was recently caught with a joint in his hand. The press and his fan base made this front page news, with most expressing outrage and shock that someone who is in the public eye, with young fans, would set such an example. However, though we might like to try to pretend otherwise, marijuana is ubiquitous. The music world is no exception and Justin Bieber was simply caught.

States such as Colorado are passing legalization laws and this simply reflects the growing acceptance of marijuana as a recreational drug.

It is important as health care providers that we accept this increasing shift and realistically evaluate the potential risks of marijuana smoking. As a laryngologist (doctor of professional voice users), it is not uncommon for me to have a patient who admits to smoking marijuana. Often they are concerned that they may be damaging their voices.

There is no doubt that smoking has a negative effect on the vocal cords, whether it is tobacco or marijuana. One question, though, is whether the vocal cord damage actually impacts the voice.

What damage can smoking marijuana do to the voice?

  • Vocal cord scarring (with decreased range)
  • Laryngitis
  • Traumatic injuries (polyps, nodules, etc)
  • Pre-cancerous changes
  • Lung disease

Vocal cord scarring

While vocal cord damage does result in raspiness, this is often something singers desire. However, the rasp is due to vocal cord scarring and that this is irreversible. The scarring is also progressive so that the mild rasp of the 20 year old becomes a significantly more dysfunctional voice in the 30 and 40 year old. Years of frequent smoking will result in accumulated damage, and a singing voice that is no longer capable of producing musical range.


Inhaling any kind of smoke causes laryngitis. The below videos and pictures are of a patient before and after a photo shoot where she inhaled smoke from a fog machine for only one hour.

Before exposure to the fog machine, this patients vocal cords are a pearly white, and vibrate well with a beautiful clear sound (see video above) After inhaling fog machine smoke for just 1 hour, the vocal cords appear pink, watery and swollen. The sound they produce is very hoarse and vibration is decreased (see video above)

Traumatic injuries

Laryngitis is inflammation of the vocal cords and occurs due to smoking. Swollen cords do not vibrate the way they need to for singing. Smokers’ cords are swollen but singers often “muscle through” performances despite this swelling. This overly forceful technique can result in acute injuries. The video and picture below is of a patient who smoked marijuana one time and sang afterwards. He noted hoarseness after his performance and came for an evaluation. He had a polyp that had formed from singing on cords that were swollen due to smoking.

Even if polyps don’t occur, other injuries (such as hemorrhage, nodules, and cysts) may occur when singing on swollen vocal cords.

Pre-cancerous changes

Finally, while it has not been definitively proven, there is a suggested link between smoking marijuana and cancer. Patients who smoke marijuana show vocal cord pre-cancerous changes that recur while smoking is continued and halt when smoking is stopped.

It is not practical to insist that every singer should stop smoking marijuana. There are culture and social issues that have to be factored in. It is equally unrealistic to instruct singers to not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes or eat late at night, although all these things are known to cause vocal injury.

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It is important, however, to educate the singer about ways to minimize the risk to their voice and their health. A study was done to evaluate the smoked (joint) versus vaporized forms of marijuana. The study showed significantly less toxic substance inhalation (with equal blood levels of THC) when the substance was vaporized. Though consumption (eating) the marijuana is the safest for the vocal cords, there are concerns about the awareness of the amount of marijuana eaten. Over-eating can lead to the toxic side effects of high marijuana levels.

As someone who cares for the professional voice, I recommend various ways the patient can reduce the risk of permanent vocal damage. If you are a singer who smokes (anything), it is in your best interest to establish a relationship with an empathetic and reasonable laryngologist who can counsel you about these risks and find ways to work with you to produce the vocal results you want while not completely sacrificing the activities you enjoy.

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How CBD Oil Help Improve Singer’s Performance

Could CBD help you improve your singing skills? Learn how it can aid in the healing of vocal cords and the relaxation of the muscles essential for singing.

November 29, 2021

Everyone wants to stay calm throughout the day, most especially in times of important events. One of the greatest examples is singers. They must maintain their overall health, both the physical and mental aspects. One way to maintain such things is through hemp CBD oil intake.

Is CBD effective in enhancing your performance as a singer? According to studies, there are several general Benefits, which contribute to a singer’s stage performances and recording sessions. How does CBD oil help improve a singer’s performance? To find out all the answers, continue reading.

How CBD Oil Help Improve Singer’s Performance: Top Seven Benefits

Anxiety, depression, and inflammation. These three things are just some of the main mainstream CBD benefits. How about the specific ones?

Relieves Performance Anxiety

Most people may get surprised by the idea that famous singers and other social performers experience anxiety with their performances. However, many superstars are even suffering from anxiety disorders. This can significantly affect performances. However, CBD can serve as a support assistant.

CBD for anxiety has been so popular to many, especially that continuous research and studies give light to its promising effects. There was a study conducted to investigate the effects of CBD on the anxiety of public performers. One group was administered with CBD oil, and the other one was treated with a placebo. The result showed that CBD significantly reduced the level of anxiety among performers, while placebo only made little to no difference.

There is also a similar study conducted in the United States. Even their Preclinical evidence shows a CBD’s high potential in reducing anxiety, including those who were having multiple mental disorders.

What about singers? The less anxious you are, the better delivery of performance you may offer. Plus, no anxiety results in better sleep before the live performance or recording sessions.

Protect Vocal cords

The role of CBD here is to serve as an anti-inflammatory solution. Most famous singers, whether you are a solo artist or a band vocalist, occasionally have long performances. Prolonged use of vocal cords may lead to certain inflammation. Inflammation may naturally heal by itself, but it is often best to prevent such conditions before it happens. CBD intake makes such a thing possible, without making you dependent on it.

Of course, there are other medications available to reduce inflammation. But, unlike CBD, those medications have unwanted side effects. Thinner blood is an example, which might lead to a vocal cord rupture.

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Fights Against Depression

Most people perceived famous singers and even other musicians to have a decent life. However, often, that is not the case. As such, major depression may affect anyone, regardless of a person’s economic status.

As seen in social media, several American singers were already diagnosed with a mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar. Indeed, the high expectations of society towards them lead to such conditions. CBD comes to alleviate depressive symptoms.

According to studies, CBD interacts with the receptors found in our brain, regulating chemicals responsible for the stability of mood. It also activates neurotransmitters affecting emotions, mimicking the behavior of SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor). Once symptoms of MDD (major depressive disorder) symptoms get alleviated, a singer will have better and more entertaining performances. Indeed, serotonin does not only regulate mood. It also affects motor and cognitive function, as well as one’s appetite.

Boosts creativity

CBD has the potential capability of enhancing one’s creativity. Aside from activating neurotransmitters and regulating brain chemicals, it interacts with the frontal lobe.

According to research, CBD increases the blood flow to the frontal lobe. An increased blood flow to the said brain area is common to highly creative individuals. Indeed, that part of the brain is also responsible for problem-solving and planning activities.

Increases energy levels

As a performer, singers need to maintain an enough or high enough amount of energy, especially for concerts and other related long-term performances. That is the key to entertaining audiences more effectively.

As mentioned earlier, CBD may enhance the production of serotonin within the brain. This does not only enhance the mood. It alleviates your energy level as well. Thus, those who take CBD may have a long-lasting performance without feeling tired easily.

Keep Skin Clear

As mentioned earlier at the Health Canal (2021), CBD has an anti-inflammatory property. It does not only benefit the vocal cords, but also the skin. While most people may think that skin appearance does not matter for a singer, it still matters when performing live. Also, CBD comes with antibacterial properties.

Through CBD’s capability of preventing skin inflammation and antibacterial components, one can prevent the production or occurrence of acne. This results in a lesser need of putting on lots of makeup just to appear good-looking down from the stage. Aside from that, research also showed that CBD prevents the sebaceous excretion of lots of sebum through the skin. Furthermore, it regulates the activation of cytokines.

When cytokines and sebum are out of control, both may result in more production of acne.

Better Sleep

It is hard to perform if the singer experiences a lack of sleep. It leads to a lack of energy, and a person will get tired easily. CBD oil may come to the rescue. As such, CBD is also known for its relaxing or calming effect. Indeed, it relieves symptoms of anxiety, which promotes better sleep as well.

Unlike marijuana, hemp CBD does not contain a high amount of THC, which is less than 0.3%. Instead, it contains a higher amount of CBD, while marijuana contains it lower. THC is the substance of cannabis that makes a person feel too high, and the same compound makes the person addicted to it. On the other hand, CBD is a compound carrying various health benefits including calming effects.

Final thoughts

The best CBD oil is always available for those who need it. It carries several benefits such as anxiety and depression relief, better sleep, maintained energy level, beautiful skin, boosted creativity, and Vocal cords protection. If you are a music performer and you doubt whether you should get one or not, consider these benefits on the highlights.