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World Cannabis Day: A brief cultural history of hemp

Whether the Chinese emperor, the prophet Moses or the US founding fathers: the hemp plant has been part of people’s everyday lives for millennia — and not just as an intoxicant.

Hemp is making a comeback after decades in the wilderness

What does the Gutenberg Bible have in common with the American Declaration of Independence? Or a tapestry from the Viking age with Christopher Columbus’ ship? And what connects the nomadic Scythians described by Greek historian Herodotus with the anointing ritual of the prophet Moses?

The answer to all these questions is very simple: hemp.

For thousands of years, the hemp plant has been part of daily life in diverse cultures around the world. Not only the mother plant of various narcotics, it has been used to make paper or textiles, and for medicinal purposes.

Some value it so highly, that April 20 has been deemed “World Cannabis Day.”

As Germany plans to legalize cannabis, it is high time to dispel the myths surrounding the herb and take a look at its rich cultural history.

The origins of hemp

Researchers agree that hemp originally came from Asia, with archaeological excavations in Japan, for example, showing the plant may have been harvested there for at least 10,000 years.

While prehistoric hemp remains have also been found in India, Thailand and Malaysia, discoveries in what is now China prove that people in the region produced textiles from hemp fibers from around 4,000 BC at the latest.

One of the earliest written records of hemp being used as a medicine comes from ancient China, a knowledge attributed to the mythical emperor Shennong and his book “Ben Cao Jing.”

Revered in China as a founding figure and father of agriculture: Emperor Shennong recommended drinking cannabis tea

Said to have been compiled from oral traditions between about 200 BC and 220 AD, the book describes the medicinal and spiritual properties of hemp.

Not only does the herb allow communication with spirits, it also relaxes the body — though one risks seeing the devil if they take too much.

Was God talking about cannabis?

It is likely that nomadic trading peoples then exported the hemp plant to the West.

In 5th century BC, Greek historian Herodotus described the Scythian people who lived on the Eurasian edge of the western world, and where hemp also grew. Herodotus described burials where the Scythians would gather in a tent, throw hemp seeds onto red hot stones and then purify themselves in the steam bath.

“The Scythians rejoice in the sweat bath and howl with delight,” Herodotus wrote. Incidentally, the Latin word cannabis is borrowed from the Scythian language.

Explainer: History of hemp cultivation

Language is an important guide to the early history of cannabis. The ancient Chinese employed extra characters for male and female hemp plants respectively carrying the seeds and the fruits, proving the intensive preoccupation with the plant — and its importance in everyday life.

Cannabis also may have been part of the holy anointing oil that God instructs the prophet Moses to produce in the Old Testament.

In addition to cinnamon, myrrh or olive oil, “kaneh bosm” was to be used. Anthropologist Sula Benet theorized that this Hebrew word was later mistranslated into Greek. So instead of calamus or spice cane, as labelled in the German standard translation of the Bible, it actually meant cannabis.

In 2020, researchers found evidence to back the theory: on the altar of the Jewish temple at Tel Arad in Israel, they found cannabis containing the active ingredient THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which produces an intoxicating effect when smoked or ingested.

California’s ‘weed nuns’ on a mission to heal with cannabis

Joint-smoking nuns

Based near the town of Merced in California’s Central Valley, which produces over half of the fruit, vegetables and nuts grown in the United States, the Sisters of the Valley grow and harvest their own plants – cannabis plants.

California’s ‘weed nuns’ on a mission to heal with cannabis

No halo

Despite the moniker, the nuns don’t belong to any order of the Catholic Church. “We’re against religion, so we’re not a religion. We consider ourselves Beguine revivalists, and we reach back to pre-Christian practices,” says Sister Kate, who founded the sisterhood in 2014.

California’s ‘weed nuns’ on a mission to heal with cannabis

From ‘Sister Occupy’ to ‘weed nun’

Sister Kate adopted the nun persona after she took part in an Occupy Wall Street protest in 2011 dressed as a Catholic nun, a look that led her to be known by protesters as “Sister Occupy.”

California’s ‘weed nuns’ on a mission to heal with cannabis

The group’s Holy Trinity is marijuana

Sister Freya ladles cannabidiol salve made from hemp. CBD, the abbreviation for cannabidiol, has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. The nuns explain that hemp, a strain of marijuana, has very low levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound in the plant.

California’s ‘weed nuns’ on a mission to heal with cannabis

For the sake of well-being

Members turn the hemp into cannabis-based balms and ointments, which they say have the power to improve health and well-being. Sister Kate reports that the group had roughly $750,000 (€700,000) in sales last year, the most since it started selling products in January 2015.

California’s ‘weed nuns’ on a mission to heal with cannabis

Most Catholics tolerate the nuns

More than two dozen US states have legalized some form of marijuana for medical or recreational use, but the drug remains illegal at the federal level. California legalized recreational use of marijuana in November 2016. “We’ve gotten a few hate calls but, by and far, the Catholics understand what we’re doing,” Sister Kate says.

California’s ‘weed nuns’ on a mission to heal with cannabis

Critics of marijuana legalization won’t stop the nuns

President Donald Trump’s administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a longtime critic of marijuana legalization, have worried some in the country’s nascent legalized marijuana industry. But the “weed nuns” say the new administration has strengthened their resolve.

California’s ‘weed nuns’ on a mission to heal with cannabis

Salvation in Canada

“The thing Trump has done for us is put a fire under our butts to get launched in another country,” says Sister Kate. “Our response to Trump is Canada.” The group makes online sales to Canada, and hopes to launch an operation there in two months.

Author: Nadine Berghausen

Basis for Europe’s dominance

In Europe, hemp’s narcotic properties hardly played a role in its early use. The abbess Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) describes hemp seeds in her work “Naturkunde” (Nature Studies) primarily as being digestible.

At that time, hemp was mainly in demand for textiles, shipping, or paper production.

In 1909, during the renovation of a Swedish church, five roughly 3,000-year-old tapestries from the Viking era were rediscovered, some of which had been made from hemp. Fine clothing used as burial objects were also made of hemp fibers.

Ancient hemp clothing was also crucial to letterpress printing. Johannes Gutenberg’s revolutionary printing press churned out Gutenberg Bibles printed on paper made from clothing rags and hemp fibers.

This was a blessing for posterity: Hemp paper is more durable than paper made from vegetable pulp commonly used today, and the precious Bibles were more resistant to time.

The first two drafts of the American Declaration of Independence were also recorded on hemp paper. For the final copy, however, the Founding Fathers opted for parchment made from animal skin.

The Gutenberg Bible triggered a media revolution in Europe

What’s more, Christopher Columbus’ fleet of ships typically relied on sails, nets and ropes made of hemp, partly since it does not rot or go moldy when damp.

Dawn of the hemp era?

Hemp’s importance for textile production was later superseded by cotton and petroleum-based synthetic fibers.

With the expansion of motorized shipping, easier-to-process raw materials such as cotton could be imported in bulk and at cheaper costs, and the hemp industry shrank over the long term. By the mid-20th century, even ropes and sails were no longer made from hemp but synthetic fibers.

Hemp’s demise happened with the active support of Harry Anslinger, who as head of the top US Drug Enforcement Administration promoted the demonization of cannabis for over 30 years. The oil industry rejoiced, but the war on hemp failed in the long run.

Not only are increasing numbers of countries worldwide legalizing the use of cannabis, but companies are also betting on hemp.

Beyond the booming medical marijuana business, the plant is seen as a means to reduce carbon emissions when used to replace high-carbon fossil fuel products.

Rediscovering and developing such non-petroleum-based technologies may not be the sole cure-all, but hemp could at least be a building block to a more sustainable economy. As history shows, it has worked before.

Cannabis: Open to cultural interpretation

Mythical plant

This is the hemp plant of legend. Intoxicating cannabis can be obtained from certain varieties, so its cultivation is strictly regulated in Germany. Unlike 200 years ago, hemp plants in the country are completely out of the public eye, paving the way for myths generated from the camps of supporters and opponents alike.

Cannabis: Open to cultural interpretation

French troops brought home hashish

The use of hemp as an intoxicant has a comparatively recent history in Europe. French soldiers, who took home hashish made from the resin of female cannabis plants from Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign in 1798, played a key role in spreading it. While Napoleon banned hashish in Egypt, it became popular in Paris.

Cannabis: Open to cultural interpretation

Prescribed for menstrual cramps

Since the 1990s, the UK has been discussing the legalization of cannabis. There was a rumor at the time that Queen Victoria was prescribed cannabis for menstrual cramps. The only evidence: in 1890, her personal physician John Russel Reynolds noted in a medical journal the “great value” of cannabis in treating an array of conditions.

Cannabis: Open to cultural interpretation

Parchment or hemp?

Urban legend has it that the American Declaration of Independence was written on paper made from hemp. That’s not quite true: the document, vacuum-sealed and behind thick panes of glass at the National Archives in Washington, DC, was written on parchment paper. The first two drafts, on the other hand, were probably written on hemp paper.

Cannabis: Open to cultural interpretation

Reefer Madness

“Reefer Madness,” originally financed by a church group under the title “Tell Your Childen,” was a 1936 US propaganda movie that depicted young people as immediately addicted, violent and crazy after consuming cannabis. With its almost comical exaggerations and misconceptions, the film is a historical testimony to the fear-mongering of that era.

Cannabis: Open to cultural interpretation

Racist undertones

Back then, Harry Anslinger, the racist head of the US Drug Enforcement Administration, had been fighting for prohibition since the 1930s. Allegedly, Mexicans and African Americans in particular consumed cannabis, but Anslinger wasn’t concerned about their health. Weed makes Black people think they’re as good as white people, he once said. For over 30 years, he set the tone of US drug policies.

Cannabis: Open to cultural interpretation

Religious devotion

Other cultures are perhaps more open about the intoxicating effects of cannabis. Sacred texts about the Hindu deity Shiva state that he renounced all life’s pleasures — except cannabis. Contrary to often repeated claims, cannabis use can very well be addictive.

Author: Matthias Beckonert

This article was translated from German. It is an updated version of an article originally published on January 31, 2022.

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Is hemp really a green miracle plant?

Hemp, a non-psychoactive relative of cannabis, is touted online as a miracle plant that could save us from environmental destruction and dietary destitution. But should we take claims of its powers with a pinch of salt?

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Designing for the high life: Cannabis culture gets a lift

We’ve reached a high point as a nation. Medical marijuana is available in 33 states. Recreational marijuana is legal in 10, and bills are pending in a handful of others. Society may be divided on many things, but collectively, we seem to be interested in chilling out. And as the country trades its Puritanical reflexes for CBD oil, the cannabis industry has emerged as a bold new category in design. And that’s not just chirpy investor talk: According to New Frontier Data, legal cannabis is forecasted to generate $13 billion in the U.S. this year.

Those projections suggest an opportunity for designers and architects to create beautiful, well-appointed environments to actually get the stuff. “Designers should be excited about helping this industry evolve, there is so much that cannabis dispensaries can learn from hospitality, from flow to menus, and by thinking this way they’ll immediately realize the potential,” says interior designer Amy Morris. Her Brooklyn-based firm, The Morris Project, is developing the design and style direction for Theory Wellness, a small-batch cannabis company with recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in the Boston area.

Seedy pot dens are part of marijuana’s retro (and formerly illegal) days—the new era of cannabis culture is about inclusion and information. Companies like MedMen, which debuted in 2010, saw the legalization of marijuana as more than a pipe dream. The brand was one of the first to make cannabis procurement a retail transaction instead of an awkward detour to a dealer’s place on the other side of town—their locations feel more like Apple Stores than head shops. With a legitimate foundation in place, an enterprising wave of new purveyors are approaching the market with a focus on design and fully informed lifestyle concepts.

In many ways, cannabis has always been a luxury product—it’s like buying a really nice bottle of wine

“Until recently cannabis dispensaries did not give much thought to design [because] they didn’t need to,” says Morris. “Everyone was curious about the product and there was less competition.” Branded vinyl window screens, poor layouts and crammed display cases are among the aesthetic crimes of many dispensaries—all of which highlight the need for real and considered design influence. Morris describes her concept for Theory Wellness as “modernist roots meets urban loft,” which “spoke to both the ethos of the company and the bones of the space.”

While the project is still in its early stages, she details her plan for the space, which will feature ribbed windows that allow for natural light but maintain privacy from the street; well-organized products and carefully curated sculptural display cases; a reading nook; a water/tea station; and seating areas for customers to come in and learn about the offerings. Creating a sense of community and safe harbor is essential for Wellness Theory. “This is a new product for many—you want them to feel comfortable, give them a place to digest all the information,” says Morris.

The Botanist, a wellness-focused medical cannabis dispensary from Acreage Holdings with locations around the country, also places a premium on education. The company has created the Seed Bar, an area designed as a “safe space” for customers to learn and engage. The design is quiet and inviting—picture a walnut island wrapped in terra cotta and surrounded by plant life—and is meant to be a nonjudgmental spot for anyone wanting to learn about medical cannabis without feeling embarrassed, says Claire Coppins, creative director at Acreage. “That doesn’t mean that there’s a medical vibe to it,” she says. “The whole point is to have a beautiful store that is a familiar retail experience, so it doesn’t feel intimidating. Obviously, cannabis being so new, people are a little nervous to step into a dispensary for the first time. They have so many questions.”

Canadian design studio McKinley Burkart collaborated closely with Acreage on The Botanist concept. Drawing inspiration from 19th-century greenhouses, crafted wooden display cases are meant to evoke an era of scientific inquiry in the natural world. There’s a Lee Broom fixture in the Worcester location. “You’ll notice a lot of terra cottas and olives and natural materials throughout our dispensaries. It’s a thoughtful approach,” says Coppins. “With other dispensaries, I’ve noticed the lack of retail and lifestyle experience in the design.”

Making people feel at ease in their surroundings is what interior designers specialize in—whether they’re creating a fresh-start residence post-divorce or outfitting a medi-spa that offers the best Botox package in town. Working that magic in burgeoning industry where the laws are still being written presents a unique challenge. Every state has individual regulations to adhere to. And like every business, real estate is a factor. “We can’t just go to any street or a mall and move in like we’re Zara,” says Coppins. “We are limited to where we can get a license. So, we have to be flexible in our design and be able to pivot.”

The Botanist has nine locations at present, with plans to expand in 2020. Working in this niche means being mindful of every legal nuance. “We can’t display images of the cannabis plant, for example,” Coppins says of New York state law. “We of course respect the regulations of the state and put our creative energy into what we can do. That includes using cool typography with botanical illustrations to yield the same effect that images of cannabis might provide. We also place upbeat phrases like ‘Sow good seeds’ thoughtfully throughout the dispensary’s walls and windows. It helps create a more relaxed, happy vibe while a patient navigates the space.”

As attitudes about pot change, forward-thinking brands are also paying attention to demographics. “Stoners” are revealing themselves to be top executives, business leaders, parents and regular design-minded people—real luxury consumers, finally able to open the window without fear of reprisal.

Barneys is all too happy to cater to this market with The High End, a cannabis emporium that opened this spring in the store’s Beverly Hills location. The fifth-floor space sells elegant accoutrements and deluxe accessories for the look-good, feel-good cognoscenti in addition to a partnership with the brand Beboe, which produces a line of natural cannabis products. The space is chic and minimalist and delivers an upscale experience.

Given that Barneys practically created retail fetish culture, the fact that the brand is on the forefront of the cannabis lifestyle movement is both brilliant and seismic. Now that the luxury tastemaker has invested in the category, it lends cache and credibility to the lifestyle and more possibilities for good design. “In many ways, cannabis has always been a luxury product—it’s like buying a really nice bottle of wine and it’s great that it’s finally being seen this way, that dispensaries have budtenders that can talk about the flavor profile and food pairings,” says Morris. “I’ve always felt the experience should be elevated.”

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This kind of fish has too many small spines, which is not suitable for our taste.It s too troublesome to eat.It s what I ate last time during the Spring Festival, Dinah said.No, the last time I ate a large piece of herring, it wasn t like this.In fact, I like to eat this kind of food.It s braised directly.I can t mention it.It s mouth watering Ju CBD oil centennial co An looked at the little fish and said with a smile can you cook with CBD oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use Dinah looked at the little fish in Ju An s hand This one seems a little small.Ju An nodded It is indeed a little small, but you can take it back to eat for a few little guys at home.

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We specially want to observe those cows that airome CBD oil reviews are giving birth quickly.First off the cows that give birth quickly, then the bulls, sometimes the smell of the cows on other pastures will attract the bulls, and some of the bulls will go to other pastures.The cows that give birth will leave the cows alone.The group will go deep into the woods to give birth to calves.If CBD oil indiana where to buy it goes well, there will be no problem.If the labor is difficult, the calves and cows may not survive, so everyone plus CBD oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use should look for them as soon as possible.

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After chatting for Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use a while, Liu Chao looked at his watch and said to Zhao Nan, It s getting late, let s go and kissed After a moment of Zhao Nan, he got up and waved his hand Let s go, An Zi.After arriving at the apartment with his sister in law, Ju An followed Liu Chao into the car and b1 CBD oil at vans in east dubuque il drove in the direction of the company.After watching it for a while, Ju An felt that something was wrong Why are you always wandering is human CBD oil safe for pets outside the city, shouldn t the company be in the city Liu Chao smirked Who told you that the company must be in the city, we ll be there in a while.

We will transport it together at that time, Ju An reminded.No problem Brad replied, and the two said goodbye to each other and hung up.Putting down the phone in her hand, Ju An shook her body happily and danced a little dance.Dinah just came out of the kitchen Everything is done, so happy .Ju An stepped forward, hugged Dinah, then took baking utensils for CBD oil her hand and took her around twice Everything is arranged, they will come to pick up the horse the day after tomorrow, and I will inform Thomas later.

Then the two little guys looked CBD oil cure cancer Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use at Tyler, and Tyler nodded, and then the two kids went to play with Teddy shop CBD oil and the guys.Now only Ju An, Dinah and Taylor can i fly with CBD oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use are left on the table, and Taylor followed Ju oil massage melbourne CBD An and said, Ann, thank you so much this year, our ranch has gained a lot of income, in fact, I want to best CBD oil co2 extraction ask you, if your Christmas If you don t go back, come high quality CBD oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use to my place for the festival.Ju An declined Taylor s kindness with a smile Don t be so polite, Taylor, everyone here is on holiday for Christmas, and I really can t leave.

Then tell Rand, if you are in a hurry, let him urge the supplier.With a bang, Ju An immediately kicked the ball to Rand.After finishing speaking, he said to the two professors Is there anything else .Jennifer said to Ju An Most of the cows in the pasture Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use will give birth to calves in one hundred and fifty days.My realization is that in another one hundred and fifty days, the Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use pasture will produce the first batch buy halo CBD oil of milk., best CBD oil us you should also start building the dairy factory, or you will not be able to catch up with the milk production time.

This time, when I arrived in Baltimore, Ju An has learned to be good, and I booked CBD topical oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use a hotel early.Because I started early, I booked a five star hotel.There are three connected rooms.You can see the racecourse through the window of the hotel.very CBD oil for anxiety and panic attacks Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use close.This time Marcos and Melina followed Ju An and Dinah.Because the location of this competition is basically close to Washington, Baltimore, it is also relatively close to New York.Wang Fan, Mike, and Miles arrived together by carpooling.

Oh So it s like this, no wonder I don t see Doctor Recommended Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use ordinary Americans spit out melon seeds and shells.It turns out that people who like to eat melon seeds go to play baseball.If I hadn t seen it today, Ju An would still think that Americans don t eat melon seeds.Dad Let s buy a parrot and go back.Nini stretched her head and looked at Ju An and said, the girl is not interested in who wins the parrot by eating melon seeds, but is 9 CBD oil very jealous of the colorful parrots behind the hawker.Ju An turned his attention to the parrot who was banging on the melon seeds 8000mg CBD oil on the table.

Book Sea Pavilion Web benefits of CBD oil for horses www.13800100.Before Ju An could answer, the mother of the little girl who was not water based CBD oil far away came over Hey Sweetheart, what are you talking about After speaking, he glanced at Ju An, with some vigilance in his eyes.Ju An quickly explained I gave a class to the school last time to introduce Chinese culture.At that time, I brought two young mountain lions.She remembered my appearance and came to say hello to me.Ju An is frightened by the culture of Laomei.In China, Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use if a little girl in a skirt falls and an adult man helps her up and wipes the dust off her knees, we Chinese people think this is nothing, but in Laomei.

Look at this rattlesnake here, buddy, go get another one.Ju An raised his feet and walked towards the car.When he got to the car, he watched Wang Fan staring at the rattlesnake.He flipped his hand and took out a red Wang Fan from the space.Snake, walked over Chapter 414 is still Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use the power of space tacoma farms CBD oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use Chapter 414 is still the power of space Ju An grabbed the king snake with both hands and walked to Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use Wang Fan s side, Wang Fan Turning his head to look hemp direct CBD oil at the bright red snake, he said, 1500mg CBD oil ireland This snake is really beautiful.

After hearing this, Ju An was relieved.The two families chatted quietly around the table while eating.This is a bit of a Chinese habit.After listening to Doctor Recommended Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use Melina s introduction, Ju An realized that Dinah CBD oil as lube Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use s mother s surname was Mei and her name was Lina.It s just that after getting married, Marcos s surname was directly attached to the name.After the 5 reasons CBD oil meal was finished happily, the two families finished the meal on the sofa, and Ju An took out the rifle from the gun cabinet and took Marcos, Dad, and Dina to go out to hunt deer together.

, After eating at noon, he Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use called Thomas over and said that best place to purchase medicinal CBD oil or salve he was bigcommerce CBD oil going to New York, and then the little guys at home continued to hand CBD oil para perros it over to Er Zhuang to watch.In the afternoon, Er Zhuang was sent to the airport.Before chroniquin CBD oil for dogs boarding the plane, he sent a message to Wang Fan, telling him what CBD mct oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use time he would be in New York, and he flew straight into the sky.When he arrived at Wang Fan s house, Wang Fan urged Ju An to take out the bamboo slips and flipped through them.Wang Fan nodded and said, Yes, yes.

In the afternoon, a group of two cars, Ju CBD arousal oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use Andina brought Wang Fan and three rich second generation here.Houson and Wendy were in front of Billings in a pickup, dragging a naughty bag and his goat friend.When I got to the racetrack in Billings, I immediately felt the atmosphere of the race, and horse racing advertisements were flying everywhere in CBD mct oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use the city.Stables assigned by the racecourse.Get the naughty bag in, and then feed it with hay.The hay here is very interesting.It is a big fishing net pocket.

Buzi ran over and rubbed Ju An with his head.Dinah difference between CBD and cbg oil can cats have CBD oil for dogs and Reese touched the neck of the bean grass with their hands and praised, cannagenix CBD oil free sample It s a beautiful horse.When the three of them got their saddles ready, Ju An took them to see the cows, the sheep and their pride.The poultry house, took the opportunity to have a fun run in the pasture, and when she returned to the stable, Reese said, There are few cattle and sheep raised in such a large pasture.Ju An replied, It s as long as it CBD thc oil for sale takes to occupy the first 300 mg CBD oil price time. ge CBD oil gel caps dot com William finally asked for the patent right of the new grape variety, and with the help of Nien, Ju CBD oil acne An got the first year s free use right, the second year s right of first refusal, etc.A series of details are very cumbersome.Originally, Mike wanted the patent rights of the new grape varieties, but the old man William disagreed, saying that he would have to pay nearly two million dollars more to buy the patent rights.In the end, he was safe.After discussing with Mike CBD oil gift and the others, he took a step CBD oil for anxiety while driving back and got the free right to use the grape varieties for the first year and the right bioneo CBD oil reviews of first refusal bradleys CBD vape oils for the second year.

At this time, it was estimated that Tongtong was a little thirsty.He CBD oil dog allergies went into the kitchen and grabbed a cup to drink tap water.Ju best brands of CBD oil for rheumatoid arthritis An and her brother in law CBD oil ohio law 2018 couldn t benefits of CBD oil for eyes see it from this angle.My brother just saw it and quickly shouted to Tongtong, Don t drink tap water, drink boiled water.The brother in law said to his brother It s okay, buy fab CBD oil online the water here can be drunk directly.When Tongtong benefits of topical CBD oil and Ranran came last time they were how to use CBD oil for psoriasis crazy and tired, they just drank it.After listening to it, the elder brother nodded This is not bad, children can drink it directly.

Our family of seven lives in a house of more than 30 square meters.I regret coming to the United States.If I could do something in the government in my Doctor Recommended Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use CBD vs hemp oil benefits hometown.It s endo CBD oil much better than now.Ju An listened and comfortedly said Who can say this, now you don 2000mg CBD oil benefits t know, 2017 CBD oil test results it s much harder to get a civil servant exam than a university exam.Jobs in the government are not so easy to mess with.Ju An understands Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use the driver s complaint.If the whole family arrives in the United States illegally immigrating to the United States, they will be afraid of working underworld.

, was surrounded by four dogs not long after, followed by the fox and was pushed to the botanic relief CBD oil ground by the preserved egg.All around, watching Ju An s barking, Ju An looked at the small fox, still full of beautiful, pale red fur with best full spectrum hemp CBD facial oil no blood on it, and suddenly the garlic head, tiger head and Sith started barking again., ran towards the small forest not far away, and the fox in the preserved egg s mouth immediately began to struggle, but its struggle did not threaten the preserved egg at all.

Smiling, he walked Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use towards the kitchen.This guy, Wang Fan, is more like Ju An s mother than Ju An, and sometimes travels bestyooforic CBD hemp oil far away.Every time I go out to do errands and bring back a small gift, my mother has a share, and I feel more and more calm when I eat here.Finished eating.Wang Fan s family went home, and Ju An went to the study to look 400 mg CBD oil at the information in his hand.The ranch had calculated the approximate funds required for the Teddy ranch to be fully equipped with best CBD oil paste an irrigation system, as well as the information of Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use what does CBD oil do for the brain several bidding companies.

Ju An CBD oil for bruises had no choice but to nod, so the little girl brought the 500 mg CBD oil 30 dollars three of them to a square table in the corner of the restaurant and sat down.When the three of them were done, the little adna CBD oil girl brought a pot of tea and handed it to Ju An.The three of them each had a menu.After Ju An took it, he glanced at it and drank it.The food here is not cheap, the price is not much 15ml in CBD oil is what in grams different from whole leaf CBD oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use the restaurant can CBD oil cause diarrhea in dogs Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use where Ju An eats in New York, but this is not New York.Ju An smiled and said to the little girl, The food here is not cheap.

You, buy CBD oil bulk Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use if you take this lv or something, I guarantee that it is no different best CBD oils or salve if you take it with are there any ups and downs with CBD oil the real one, it s all from a factory.Of CBD oil arlington tx course it was impossible for Ju An to buy this item, so he made an excuse and does CBD oil get old Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use said to the CBD essential oil young living Doctor Recommended Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use hawker My wife likes this bag, and since I have everything else, I just want to get a high quality imitation.The hawker looked at Ju An and CBD oil amazon Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use shook his head with a smile and said, Brother, I m not going to lie to you, it s true that this thing is a high CBD oil hemp spray imitation, and the cowhide plus processing is at most six or seven points of the image, and Doctor Recommended Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use you ll know it when you touch it.

It is said that the Kangaroo country is almost occupied by Chinese people.Ji Qing smiled and said in the back seat, Work harder and try to take down Lao Mei as soon as possible.When everyone speaks Chinese, it will be more convenient for us to come here.By the way, don t tell me the things I mentioned to you at the ranch.Dinah doesn t know yet, Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use so keep your mouth shut, Ju An reminded the two of them.Wu Ming immediately patted his chest and said, Don t worry, the where to get CBD oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use buddies in the dormitory don t know that our mouths are strict.

After signing the contract, Hunter fully entered the role.Flying a plane was not a problem for a deputy anti Doctor Recommended Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use terrorist captain.He drove the plane around the ranch for two days by himself, and then flew to Wusong ranch for on site inspection.Immediately, start making plans.As soon as the plan came out, it was put on Ju An s desk.As the boss of the security company, dubai CBD oil Ju An took a look and signed his name best CBD oil for premenopausal symptoms with a swipe of Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use a pen.Hunter planned to hire 22 security guards for two ranches.

Be honest.When Nini and Xiaochi heard what amway CBD facial oil their father said, they immediately cheered Long live Dad .Ju An and Nini each held Xiao Chi s hands and walked towards the dim sum stall.When they CBD mct oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use reached the stall, Xiao Chi was so short that he couldn t see what was on the table, so Ju An had to pick up best CBD oil for your dog his son and give Ni to Ni.Ni and her son made a one time plate of food.When they got to the food table, the two babies were a little disappointed.They were all cakes or something, and even one with meat was rare.

Guide , I felt a little nauseated in my dog calming CBD oil heart.No matter which country the people like bureaucrats If you have nothing to do, don active CBD oil bath bomb t come to me, I don t have time to receive It s not good to mention the bureaucrats, and you CBD mct oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use have to come to my house.I m sorry that the Republican officials in Montana didn t bring you to entertain you.After listening to it, Gu Shan buy CBD oil in starkville ms said with a smile Not much It can i sell CBD oil on etsy Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use s just two people, Secretary Gu, you remember, and the other is the county magistrate Zou.

Why didn t he find the advantage of being shameless before Ann thought to herself as honest paws wellness CBD oil she looked at the shameless lying on the ground next to her.Shameless and very honest, he didn t mind Ju An hanging the water cup on his antlers, and was fanning his big ears watching Monday or Seven playing on the lawn.Just after hanging the water glass on the shameless corner, Teddy s chubby figure emerged from the side of the woods not far away, followed by Nini, CBD mct oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use who was jumping, and three little girls, Emily buy organic rapeseed CBD oil and Angel.

Ju An imitated drunkenness, stretched out her hand and waved It s CBD moisturizing oil okay, I just feel a little dizzy, I need to go back to my room anhydrous hemp oil vs CBD to rest.Kayla the beautiful snake followed and asked, What s your room number, I Doctor Recommended Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use ll take you back.After speaking, she stood up and walked to Ju An s side, putting Ju An s arm on her 100 CBD oil cartridge Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use shoulder.Ju An murmured her room number, supported the CBD oil for ovarian cancer beautiful snake by the shoulders, leaned against the beautiful snake to exit the bar, and when she reached the elevator entrance, another Doctor Recommended Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use woman s voice came from beside her Why is it taking so long this time And made it like this .

After accepting the advice of old Thomas, Wang Fan decided to go back to China first and recruit a few promising and savvy benefits of CBD oil complete people with training value.The patient Siyou amazon CBD oil reviews Chinese young man sent buy CBD oil bulk Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use here to alsten CBD oil the horse farm to learn from the old American emperor s experience in horse training and horse breeding, and to prosper the domestic market.Of course, Wang Fan, this animal, is not gone forever.After a while, he will come to buy horses or something to continue to add chicken shit to the US imperialists.

After talking for a while, Kerry took out his guitar and started to sing.ohdannyboy,thepipes, thepipesarecalling Oh Danny boy, listen to the flute, the flute is calling fromglentoglenanddownthemountainside Echoes in the valleys, disappears on the other side of the mountains The sound of the song resounded around the camp, and the bright moonlight in the sky covered a few people with a layer of 1 pound of weed produces how much CBD oil faint CBD oil vs alcohol silver, against the red bonfire, and every now and then there was a bird chirping around, or the happy horses grazing were heard.

Looking at the full of carts, Ju sunsoil CBD oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use An had no choice but to give up.He turned around and climbed down from the roof of the cab.He sat in the car and looked at the time.The sun was already slightly to the west, so he started the car and returned to the adverse reaction of CBD oil to prescription drugs pasture with Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use a best CBD oil anxiety bucket of fruit.When they arrived at the ranch, a group of cowboys just came back and just finished eating, and Doctor Recommended Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use they were riding their horses to a il CBD oil cure diabeties go to the cattle group when they saw Ju An dragging a cart of fruit and stopped Doctor Recommended Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use in the yard.

For the first time, he put the chicken stewed mushrooms on the bonfire and simmered first, and then he came.By the small lake, I reached out and tested bakery that uses CBD oil baltimore md the water temperature.It was really good.It was ten degrees higher than the temperature in the mountains.The entire lake of 40 to 50 square meters was foggy, but the lake was crystal clear and very beautiful.I found it.A big Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use rock by the lake, Ju An began to undress, ready to swim in the lake.After swimming global green CBD oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use for a while, he took a bottle of beer for himself from the space, then CBD Oil For sleep Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use poured it on the stone, shrunk his head into the water, and after a while, he stuck out of the water, wiped the water droplets on his can you put CBD oil in your belly button Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use head, drank the beer, and then With emotion This is called life.

Now whoever thc free CBD oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use watches these, they all dance and go online.If you can see this bamboo Doctor Recommended Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use cold press CBD oil machine slip, buy it.Come CBD oil uk Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use down to prove that you have a heart, no matter if it is true or not.Ju An replied I want to know, do you have any writings on this subject, preferably something like a dictionary, I don t know any of the characters on this bamboo slip, I would like to know it, and also to understand the traditional culture.Lao Niu alabama CBD oil illegal s avatar continued In that case, I will pass you a copy of a book I wrote, the online version.

w The entire state National Guard waited on the border for a month can you use CBD oil as lube and never saw average price of full spectrum CBD oil the wolf pack again.This army also costs money, high CBD oil canada and because CBD mct oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use a rancher spends the state taxpayer s money, and some of them also think that the rancher deserves it.Now the Idaho State Legislature began to quarrel again.I have to laugh for a long time best CBD oil that takes paypal when I see the news.Finally, when her second son was born, her first cry sounded like fairy music in Ju An, Dinah was pushed back to the hospital room, and her parents, mother in law and father in law were waiting for the nurse.

Following Old Thomas, he introduced the racecourse owner Jason.It turned out that when he was young, he was an outstanding man.The rodeo cowboy, according to Thomas said, has broken almost every bone.After he got married, his wife did not want him to engage in such a dangerous rodeo, so he specialized in running a horse farm.It is said that he still maintains a saddleless riding wild horse.Montana Records.Hearing Thomas compliment, best CBD oil migraine old Jason immediately Doctor Recommended Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use smiled happily.He amore naturals CBD oil just dragged two people to visit his honor room, and when they entered the Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use living room of old Jason s house, Ju An felt a little dizzy.

He asked Dinah casually 1 customer rated CBD oil The little guys are out of school so early, what time is it, so I ll CBD oil kill cancer cells go back to herding sheep.While teasing the two little things in Doctor Recommended Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use her arms, Dinah replied, Children go to school now for play, what can they do, let them make Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use friends, learn knowledge by the way, and get busy until high school, you were not like this when you were young of .Ju An shook his head and said, I didn t leave school early every day, and I had to do homework, write new words, memorize texts CBD essential oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use and so on when I got home at night.

After chatting with Ju An for a while, Kakoka turned around and left, busy with the task at hand.There is only Ju An in the huge house.I forgot to add the two black aunts who cook.What is the topic of the two, I can best CBD oil for the value t, the radishes bought today are really fresh, so after waiting for Kakoka CBD hero oil price to leave for a while, you turned around Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use and went into your room.After closing the door, CBD oil and apple cider vinegar for weight loss Ju An entered the space and looked around the space.Now there are only twenty or thirty poor antelopes and deer left, and zebras and big wildebeests have all turned into wolf poop.

Following that, Fleming took and decided on some accessories, and the next step was to sign Doctor Recommended Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use one by one according to the accessories he had decided.Except for lunch, Fleming always took Ju An to look here and there, or else It s just signing some documents about what accessories to use.Anyway, after a whole 500mg 30ml full spectrum CBD oil tincture day, it s very busy.It s better to Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use talk to Ju An, not to be picky.For the next two days, Ju An spent time in Gulfstream Aerospace, and didn t have any free time.On the afternoon of the last day, at about 4 30 in the afternoon, Ju An decided most of the things, where to get CBD oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use and you don t have to worry about avionics or anything.

I m not very optimistic if you don t have a good reputation and the price is high.If you really want to do it, I will introduce a domestic friend to you.The price of the wood Doctor Recommended Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use he imported from South America is very suitable.Ju Shan smiled and said, Thank you very much.I have been working in the company for so many years, and I am familiar with this way.Otherwise, I can t think of anything to do.After hearing it, Ju An asked, Then you are going to aphria CBD oil rideau open a factory there .My hometown, everyone is familiar with where they can drive.

After saying that, he walked downstairs excitedly.Ju An followed the old lady downstairs.In order to let her daughter in foria intimacy CBD oil law see her performance, she took all the straps from her mother and put them on her shoulders.As soon as Dinah turned her head, she saw the belt made of ribbons on best reviews of CBD oil for wholesaler Ju An s does CBD oil help dog arthritis shoulders These are so pretty.After finishing speaking, he waved to Ju An Hurry up and bring it over to me to see.After taking a tape, Dinah put it in her hand and looked at it.Cora also dog CBD oil treats for anxiety came over and followed and looked at it Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use together and benefits of CBD oil for headaches said to Ju An s mother, Godmother You made this up, it s so beautiful.

(2022-05-29) Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use how much CBD oil can you give a dog >> CBD Gummy bears, koi CBD oil Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To CBD oil bath bomb recipe Use does CBD oil expire Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use.

They don t even eat candy.You two, let s go prepare the barbecue.It seems that the time is almost up.After two CBD oil for seizures Life CBD Essential Oil 300mg How To Use hours after the meal, if you can t sell it, donate it to the welfare agency, and you can reduce the tax or something.Dinah said to Ju An said.Reduce taxes After hearing this, Ju An shook his head secretly.The tax at home is tens of millions of dollars.What s the use of deducting more than ten or twenty taxes After speaking, he followed Wang Fan to the barbecue to prepare lunch.

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