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Does cbd oil change flavor for vape juice

How to Mix CBD Oil and Vape Juice

Since the invention of vaping, companies have attempted to find many different ways to innovate and alter how we vape. Even when we look back to the creation of the vape, the creator knew that the market would not get excited about just any plain flavor. Because of this, even before vaping started to trend worldwide, people were vaping with a variety of different flavors.

The technique of adding additional flavors to vape juice came about for a number of different reasons. First of all, vape juice with a variety of flavors is more appealing to the general public, which means people would be more likely to purchase the vape juice. It is also important to remember that the vast majority of vape has nicotine in it, which isn’t necessarily an appealing scent or taste. Because of this, adding differing smells and flavors became the norm for most vape companies, in fact it is rare to find a publicly sold flavorless vape.

As flavors and scents were added with a positive response from the public, it was clear that there was a gap in the market for adding additional features to vape juice.

Vaping CBD oil

While vaping was skyrocketing in popularity, there was a new product that was taking the world by storm. Much like vaping, CBD is no new creation. However, before the last decade very little was known about the product, aside from its association with marijuana.

Is IT Beneficial to Vape with CBD?

Once CBD oil became much more popular in the common domain, further research was done into the benefits of using CBD oil. Before further research was completed on CBD oil, there had been a negative association with CBD due to poor advertising done by companies that didn’t want an increase of business in the hemp business. However, once you looked past these facts, it is clear to see that CBD oil has a lot of benefits to your mental and physical health.

Mental Benefits of Vaping with CBD

CBD oil has been proven to have a positive impact on the state of your mental health. This is especially the case if you are dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety. CBD oil has been proven to change the way that the receptors in the brain respond to serotonin. Studies have suggested that dosing as little as 600mg of CBD oil helps people with anxiety function better as a member of society and leaves them feeling more relaxed and less nervous.

CBD oil has also been used to treat a variety of other mental health issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder and even insomnia. So it is no wonder why the oil has become so popular in recent years.

Will Mixing Vape and CBD Help with Physical Pain?

As well as helping overcome mental health issues, research has also shown that CBD oil can be extremely effective when trying to deal with physical ailments. Now, there has been no verified proof that CBD oil can completely rid you of your physical problems, but it has been proven to offer pain relief.

CBD oil has proven to be especially beneficial for those who are suffering with chronic pain disorders that don’t enjoy the idea of taking constant doses of pain relief medication that can lead to drowsiness.

CBD is actually so effective as a pain relief that it has been integrated into many prescribed medications. For example, in the UK there is a product called Sativex which is a combination of THC and CBD. This is prescribed to people with issues such as MS and painful arthritis, however this medication is rarely prescribed and so people choose to use CBD oil to directly combat their physical pain.

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Can Vaping CBD Help with Acne?

A lesser known fact about CBD oil is that it actually has anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this, it is actually commonly used as a way to treat acne. It can either be applied directly to the skin or digested.

With all of the positive effects that CBD can have, there is no wonder why people have become eager to integrate it into their lifestyle. However, digesting the CBD oil as it is can be inconvenient. Afterall, when you’re out and about, you don’t really want to be using a dropper to redose CBD. Because of this, people started to think up new and innovative solutions for how to take doses of CBD oil in a convenient way.

Within this search, it was discovered that CBD oil could actually be mixed with vape juice and digested via e-cigarette. People found this to be much more convenient than digesting the oil via food or straight from the source. They also found that the effects of vaping CBD oil were much more immediate than other forms of digestion.

Due to the popularity of the CBD oil and vape juice combination, many companies actually released a CBD vape which had the CBD oil premixed into the formula. However, there were limitations on how much CBD oil they could actually put into the vape and many people found the standard CBD vape to not be strong enough to meet their needs. Because of this, many CBD users decided that it would be better to premix their own CBD oil with vape juice, but how exactly do you do that?

The process of mixing CBD oil with vape juice

Decide how much CBD you would like to take

Before you can mix your CBD oil, it is important to consider just how much oil you want to digest during the day. It is not a good idea to eyeball how much you will be using and when you use a CBD oil, there will be recommended doses that you should take depending on what you need. Most CBD oils will be accompanied by a pipette and usually it will not be recommended to use more than a couple of drops from the pipette. However, when mixed with vape juice, you should add more as one tank of vape could last more than 24 hours.

How to mix the two

Mixing vape liquid with CBD oil is actually very straightforward and can be done in a number of different ways, depending on how you choose to vape.

For most people, the process can be as simple as adding a couple of droplets of CBD oil to pre-existing eliquids of your choice. It is recommended that you only add CBD oil to vape juice that lacks nicotine, as nicotine and CBD oil could combine and make an unpleasant taste. Nicotine also reverses a lot of the effects that CBD oil has, so it would be recommended to avoid this.You can also use the method of using a CBD booster, combined with a shortfill of your favorite vape juice. It’s extremely straightforward, however you should make sure that your CBD oil is properly mixed with your vape juice. This can be done by giving it a vigorous shake by hand, which will take no longer than a few seconds. If you are someone that creates your own vape juice, then you may have access to a miniature mixture. These are much more effective mixing tools and will ensure that there is no separation with your product.

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Can CBD Vape Juice Replace Nicotine E-Liquid?

The legalization of CBD oil and cannabis is leading to an exciting new trends in vaping.

Vaping CBD oil infused vape juice is the latest e-liquid gaining popularity. More and more smokers are switching from nicotine e-liquids to CBD vape juice due to the benefits CBD has to offer.

While nicotine vape juice continues to be a favorite among e-cigaret users, the rise in CBD use is causing many to make a switch.

Whether you’re looking to avoid the harsh effects of nicotine, or find another way to enjoy your CBD , CBD vape juice may be the alternative for you.

Let’s check out the benefits of CBD vape juice and if you should make the switch, too!

What is Nicotine Vape Juice?

Nicotine is the primary drug component found in tobacco. When smoked, nicotine triggers the release of dopamine, the “happy hormone,” in the brain. This hormone is a neurotransmitter that affects the pleasure areas of the brain.

Someone who is addicted to nicotine constantly thirsts for nicotine in order to release the pleasurable dopamine. As the addiction grows, so too does the amount of nicotine needed to stimulate and enjoy the sensations of dopamine.

While nicotine may feel good, it is toxic. As I’m sure you’ve seen on billboards and advertisements, tobacco cigarettes are the number one cause of lung cancer and death. Traditional cigarettes mix nicotine with other poisonous chemicals that are cancer causing when smoked.

Fortunately, nicotine vape juice helps lesson the toxicity of traditional cigarettes. Fewer ingredients in nicotine vape juice means more enjoyment with fewer health issues.

Does this mean Nicotine Vape Juice is 100% safe to you? The answer… is not entirely. Excessive Nicotine still increase chance to causes behavioral and psychological disorders, sleep disorders, and increases blood pressure leading to heart disease.

Due to these health risks, smokers are switching from Nicotine to CBD vape juice.

Learn more about nicotine vape juice : E LIQUIDS 101

What is CBD Vape Juice?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a safe chemical found in marijuana. It isn’t addictive and doesn’t have any psychotropic effects, or “high,” that THC and nicotine have.

CBD vape juice is an e-liquid that replaces the traditional nicotine juice with CBD oil.

Better yet, research has found CBD oil consists of numerous health benefits.

Individuals who suffer from high anxiety find CBD oils to be calming, reducing stress and anxiety. Users have found CBD to promote focus and relaxation.

CBD is a natural alternative to reducing depression. CBD oils help improve mood and motivation. Discuss options with your medical advisor if you’re planning to replace anti-depressant medication with CBD.

CBD oil is a natural pain reliever reducing chronic pain caused from work, injury, age, or illness.

Research in the benefits of CBD oil for epilepsy finds that CBD can help alleviate the severity and number of seizures. Although more research is being done, people living with epilepsy are turning to CBD oil for relief.

These healing properties of CBD make CBD vape juice a popular alternative to nicotine or cannabis (weed with THC). If you suffer from any of those ailments, give CBD vape juice a try.

CBD oils can easily be infused into your E-liquids to create CBD vape juice. You can reap the benefits of CBD oil while enjoying your favorite E-liquid flavors.

Switching From Nicotine to CBD Vape Juice

Now that you know the difference between nicotine and CBD vape juices, it’s easy to understand why more vape enthusiasts are switching from nicotine to CBD infused E-liquids.

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But, can CBD vape juice replace nicotine vape juice?

That depends on you.

Cutting out nicotine isn’t easy, even when replaced with CBD. Here are a few side effects of vaping without nicotine.

An Irritating Sensation

Heated vape juice is known to cause irritation in the mouth, throat, and airways when smoked without nicotine.

Vape juice consists of two base liquids, propylene glycol and glycerol that can cause irritation. They are carcinogenic and cancer causing when vaporized.

Nicotine reduces the irritation caused by the base ingredients in vape juice.


Vape juice that is nicotine-free can cause an immune system response. Most inflammation found with nicotine-free vaping occurs in the lungs, throat, and in some cases, certain white blood cells.

Is Vape Juice Still Toxic?

Vape juice still consists of a few toxins without nicotine. Although the health risks of vaping are far less than traditional smoking, there are health risks to heavy vaping.

The removal of nicotine does lessen the ability to become addicted to e-cigarets. If you’re looking to enjoy the occasional vape without the addiction, CBD vape juice is a great alternative.

Benefits of CBD Vape Juice

Of the many methods to enjoy your CBD, why choose CBD vape juice?

Well, if you’re a smoker, CBD vape juice can potentially replace or be added to nicotine e-liquid. We already know “kicking the smoking habit” is not an easy feat to overcome.

Vaping CBD vape juice while dumping your nicotine addiction can ease the side effects of vaping without nicotine.

Mixing your favorite CBD oil with an e-liquid is a quick easy to make your own CBD vape juice. Heat your CBD oil in the microwave in 10 second increments or pour it into a bowl and set in a pot of simmering water to form a workable oil.

Once the oil is workable, you can mix it with a 1:1 or 2:3 ratio of e-liquid. Mix until everything is homogenous and voila! You have your own custom CBD vape juice.

For those who are not chemists, legal cannabinoid and CBD vape juice infused e-liquids are beginning to enter the e-cigaret market.

The Down Low on CBD Vape Juice

Based on health risks, addictive properties, and benefits, CBD vape juice infused e-liquids can definitely replace traditional nicotine e-liquids.

When kicking an addictive drug like nicotine, CBD may help some side effects of withdrawal, but not all. So be patient or wean yourself off the nicotine slowly.

Give CBD vape juice a try. We have plenty of e-liquids to choose from for you to mix your best CBD vape juice infused e-liquid. Click the “Learn More” button to answer any of your e-liquid questions.

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