Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Dogs Near Me

We strongly believe that plants grown organically with care will always yield the best medicine. This full spectrum CBD oil is crafted from sun grown Oregon hemp, gently extracted by CO2, containing a rich profile of complementary cannabinoids, terpenes and micronutrients. We know pets are family and they deserve quali 100% Hemp-derived, SUPA Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil for dogs tincture can offer your pet real pain relief and reduce inflammation in the process.

Full Spectrum Pet CBD Oil (250 mg CBD, 30 mL)

W e strongly believe that plants grown organically with care will always yield the best medicine. This full spectrum CBD oil is crafted from sun grown Oregon hemp, gently extracted by CO2, containing a rich profile of complementary cannabinoids, terpenes and micronutrients. We know pets are family and they deserve quality plant medicine too!

Suggested use: Shake before using. Use dropper to apply serving in pets mouth, on treats, or in their food. Wait 4-6 hours before repeating dose. Ideal serving size will vary from 2 drops to 1 ml+.

Ingredients : Organic MCT coconut oil, full spectrum hemp extract **

**Contains Less than 0.3% THC

Consult your veterinarian before use, especially if your pet has underlying conditions or takes other medications.

(Price is for one Pet Oil)

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Pets

Caring for your furry friend the natural way has never been easier. With SUPA Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Pets tincture, you can offer your pet real pain relief and reduce inflammation in the process. CBD is also effective at reducing anxiety in pets and resolving behavioral problems such as submission urination or separation issues.

Our pet tincture is easy to administer and will quickly and improve your pet’s quality of life. Order our Full Spectrum CD Oil pet tincture today and give your best friend all the benefits of our CBD-rich hemp oil.

Dosage by strength:

Whether you own a cat or a dog, we can all agree that a pet makes life a lot more interesting—and we want to make sure our animal friends live a happy and healthy life.

At SUPA Naturals, we treat our pets like family. That’s why we create our pet CBD products with the same dedication to quality that we bring to our human customers. Our pet tinctures are Full Spectrum premium grade CBD and are soy- and gluten-free.

Other than the CBD, these extracts contain potent terpenes, flavonoids, and other naturally occurring cannabinoids in the hemp plant.

When you choose SUPA Natural CBD pet tincture, you can trust that you’re buying a quality product that’s completely vegan, Full Spectrum, and made from organically-farmed hemp, among other 100% natural ingredients. Our CBD is CO2 extracted and manufactured in the USA.

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Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil pet tincture is fast-acting and contains either a natural or bacon flavor, both of which pets find delightful. While you can put the tincture directly in your pet’s mouth, your pet will likely enjoy it more with their favorite food. Just squirt the drops into a favorite dish and let them chow down on the hemp extracts. Your tincture will come complete with a graduated dropper for accurate dosing.

Cannabidiol offers a wealth of powerful properties that maintain a healthy lifestyle for your pet.

Relieves anxiety

CBD can help with pet anxiety. It also relieves other related behavioral issues caused by being left alone at home or loud noises.

Anti-inflammatory properties

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help ease pain caused by hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other common diseases in older pets.

Fur and skin issues

Like some people who take CBD to improve acne or psoriasis, CBD can have similar beneficial effects to your dog or pet’s skin and fur. If your pet has a dry, irritated or itchy skin, our CBD pet tincture soothes their skin while making their coat softer, fuller, and shinier.

We know and understand how important your pet is to you and your family, which is why we want to make sure we offer only the highest-quality CBD. You trust us for your own CBD needs, and you can count on SUPA Naturals to take care of your pet, too.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Pets Tincture FAQs

Is CBD Safe for My Pet?

Yes. Research shows that cats and dogs have the same endocannabinoid systems as humans. Your pet stands to gain just as much as you do by using CBD products.

Also, all our CBD products are lab-tested to ensure the highest quality and accuracy in dosing.

What will CBD Oil Do for My Pet?

CBD Oil provides many of the same benefits for mammalian pets as it does to you. Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Pets tincture can relieve pain and anxiety related to separation, travel, grooming, and vet visits. It also supports the health and wellness of your four-legged friend.

What is the Right Pet Tincture Dose for My Pet?

The right dosage will depend on your pet’s weight.

Generally, we recommend the 2mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight. SUPA Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Pets tinctures pose no risks of overdose for pets because of the non-psychoactive and non-toxic ingredients.

How Long Does It Take Before CBD Starts Working?

CBD Oil for pets should take effect within an hour of administration. If you do not notice any relief, you may need to administer a larger serving of the pet tincture.

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Is Pet CBD Tincture Legal?

Yes. SUPA Naturals CBD Pet Tincture contains less than 0.3% THC making it federally legal.

What Does Full-Spectrum Mean for My Pet?

A Full Spectrum hemp extract contains many naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytonutrients found in the hemp plant. Your pet receives all the nutrients the hemp plant has to offer.

How Should I Store My Pet Tincture?

Always store your pet tincture in a cool, dry place.

Will CBD Get My Pet High?

No. Like all our phytocannabinoid-rich products, our pet tinctures are non-psychoactive. You can safely administer it to your pet without worrying about THC side effects like a “high.”

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4 reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Pets

Carolyn Shearlock (verified owner) – September 21, 2021

Our dog, Paz, developed dementia as she grew older, and she also had arthritis. A little over a year ago, our groomer suggested that CBD might help with Paz’s agitation. I did some research and decided to try, getting another brand’s “broad spectrum.” It helped her quite a bit, and then I researched more and learned about the difference in broad vs. full spectrum.

At that point, I ordered SupaNaturals and it helped Paz even more. Her quality of life was definitely improved. A couple months ago we were traveling and got unexpectedly delayed. I was almost out of Paz’s oil and had to get what was available locally — I found full spectrum, but it was a different brand. It did not work as well, and I immediately order more Supa to be waiting when we got home.

The CBD seemed to lessen her arthritis pain, but the big difference was the agitation she experienced from the dementia. She used to pace and pace in circles, and have a hard time settling down and getting to sleep at night. She stopped pacing, slept and generally enjoyed life. As her symptoms got worse, we had to increase the dose considerably from that initially recommended. I gave her morning dose with the dropper directly into her mouth, and a larger “sunset” dose with a needle-less syringe.

We recently had to say goodbye to her when she took a massive downturn one night at 11 PM. With no all-night vets where we live, we had to make her as comfortable as possible until morning. I had no drugs available other than the oil. I gave her three larger doses of the CBD oil in those last eight hours, and I credit it with keeping her pain and agitation manageable and allowing her some peace. RIP, little one.

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Linnea McDonald (verified owner) – April 28, 2021

Last summer my dog experienced his first seizure. Two months later he would have his second and be diagnosed with epilepsy. In December he would have his third seizure and I knew I needed to do something. His case wasn’t severe enough for any vet to put him on medication, so I began researching other treatments. I’m so glad I was recommended SUPA Naturals. In just a couple weeks it will be 5 months since Ghost, my dog, has had a seizure. I get him the bacon flavored one, but I think he just doesn’t like the taste of CBD in general. Nothing putting it on a treat or in a pill pocket can’t fix though. Customer service is also fantastic as well. My address can be a little tricky to ship to and they were right on top of reaching out to me and getting everything figured out, which was even more impressive since it was around the holidays.
If you’re in a similar boat as me with a dog that suffers from seizures, but you can’t or aren’t sure if you want to go down the medication route I would highly recommend giving CBD and in my experience SUPA Naturals is a great business to go through to get it.

A big thank you to the owners! You’ve saved my dog of a lot of suffering and given me peace of mind!

Beverly (verified owner) – October 12, 2020

I purchased the Natural flavored Pet tincture for my cat Phoenix, as he started showing signs of a rare disease, which results in seizure like episodes. He was on a pill for a month, but it was a chore to try to make sure he took it. Other pet owners use CBD oil to help alleviate the symptoms of this disease, so I decided to give it a try. It has helped so much! He hardly has any epidoses anymore and he is feeling much better. This makes me so happy as I hated seeing him have his episodes. I totally recommend this product and will keep using it!

Sunny – June 2, 2020

Chance…is feeling “SUPA” better after trying your Bacon-flavored pet tincture! Thank you so much SUPA Naturals for coming to the rescue of my 2 year old dog. Chance had an ear infection and was given ear drops from the Vet, but in the meantime was in pain and irritable . So i decided to give him a few drops of the Bacon-flavored pet tinctures to help ease the pain/irritability. Within 24 hours he was 100% back to normal and there was no signs of him itching and the odor was completely gone! For those of you who have pets …must try this! I highly recommend this product!