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High resin cbd oil for sale

Premium CBD Hemp Flower

With over 40 years of growing experience between them, the owners of Black Tie CBD know a thing or two about cannabis. Black Tie hemp is organically grown right in Oregon. We farm 5 different properties combining over nearly 200 acres to bring America the highest quality High-Resin Hemp Flowers available. High-Resin Hemp Flower is Black Tie’s flagship product; it’s also the source of the CBD we use to make our concentrated CBD products like our Full Spectrum Tinctures, CBD Herbal Tablets, and a variety of Smokable Concentrates such as Afghani Hash, CBD Isolate, CBG Isolate, CBD & CBG Crystalline, Dab Wax, Kief, and more! Turn to Black Tie for a wide range of smokable hemp products. We offer tons of CBD and mixed cannabinoid products including but not limited to CBD/CBG, CBD/THC Delta8, and many others.

PINK RUNTZ (INDOOR) – If you’re looking for a hemp strain that is strikingly similar to actual cannabis, you’ve just found it! The buds present a heavy OG scent with undertones of berry flavored candy and hints of vanilla. Light green.

Pre-Rolled Joints simply make smoking easy. They are ready to smoke on the go, all you need is your trusty lighter. Our Black Tie Pre-Rolled Joints are perfectly rolled, tasty and smooth. The hemp flower is finely ground and then.

PINE BERRY (INDOOR) – The Pine Berry (Ringo’s Gift X Early Resin Berry) takes a good amount of influence from both parents to produce a beneficial hemp strain with quality medicinal benefits. Pine Berry is light green with bright orange hairs. The buds are a perfect.

A great way to sample the flowers, this product contains 3 individually packaged grams of your choosing at a discounted price!

Δ8 Infused HAWAIIAN HAZE (INDOOR) – The bright green buds of the Hawaiian Haze may be the first things that draw you in but they certainly won’t be the last. These hand-trimmed pieces are a pretty green with orange hairs and have traces of.

SOUR SUVER HAZE – You may remember that Suver Haze is a cross between Oregon CBD’s high-performance Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry. The Sour Suver Haze crosses in Sour Diesel for a powerful enhancement of both aroma and flavor. The buds are.

Δ8 Infused KUSH MINTZ (INDOOR) – This is hemp? Says most who see this strain for the first time. The heavy trichome content on the Kush Mintz creates a frosty look on these chunky buds. The pieces emit a mild but pleasant kush.

PINEAPPLE OG (INDOOR) – This light green indoor grown strain is bursting with color and flavor. The scent leaps out of the bag and immediately jumps into the back of your nostrils filling your nose and mind with the pleasures.

Δ8 Infused BubbleGum S.R. (INDOOR) – A well balanced sativa-dominant hybrid consisting of 60% Sativa genetics and 40% Indica genetics. This indoor version offers high levels of CBD with small amounts of THC. The balanced nature of BubbleGum results in a comfortable feeling, consisting.

This Package offers two different grams of Crystalline (1g CBD & 1g CBG) of your choosing. Pick Your favorites below! Crystalline offers a huge boost of flavor and intense effects to back it up. Crystalline is a potent, full-melt product that can.

DIAMOND KUSH – The Indica-dominant Indoor grown Diamond Kush is light green with bright orange hairs. The buds are immaculately manicured and covered in trichomes making them shine like a diamond. The smell is remarkably similar to actual marijuana. It is.

CBD DAB WAX- This full-melt dab wax provides the ability to micro-dose CBD in a quick and entertaining way. Can be used atop flowers, in wax pens, dab rigs, and more. Made from Isolate, Distillate, and Flavored with strain-derived cannabis terpenes, the.

PINK PANTHER (INDOOR) -This sativa-dominant hybrid strain is nothing short of unique. The pieces have an exotic look and are mostly dark purple with traces of green. Each piece has bright orange hairs. A sweet, tangy, grape candy-like nose is present upon opening the.

BLUE DREAM (INDOOR) -This sativa-dominant indoor hybrid strain is a must-have for any and all smokers, a popular choice amongst novice and experienced consumers. A semi-sweet floral nose is largely present with sweet blueberry undertones. The Blue Dream hemp flower burns smooth.

Delta8 Infused Blanca Nova (CBD Moon Rocks) – This Delta8 Infused batch was made using the Bubba Kush hemp flowers. We cover the buds in THC Delta8 Distillate (94%+ THC Delta8), then liberally coat them with CBD Isolate! The result is a potent and tasty.

Delta8 Infused Sour OG – This strain has some serious flavor and effects. the Sour OG emits a pungent gassy scent that some may identify as a classic OG. The smell is hardly the best part though. Break the buds down and.

CBD / THC Δ8 Dab Sauce- Consists of CBD and THC Delta-8 Distillate + Terpenes. A relaxing formula that sure to help you chill. Use a dab rod to place the sauce in a dab rig or spread the material atop flowers.

GRANDADDY PURPLE (INDOOR) – The GDP is visually stunning with rich purple & green buds that are coated in a sticky resinous layer that makes each piece shine. This indoor production is one of, if not the most beautiful strain on the.

LEMON TREE (GH) – This Sativa-Dominant Hybrid greenhouse production is an ideal Daytime strain. The pieces are medium to large in size and are a medium density. The bright green leaves are accented by yellow and orange hairs. The flowers are covered with.

Delta8 Infused CBD Moon Rocks – This Delta8 Infused batch was made using the Bubba Kush hemp flowers. We cover the buds in THC Delta-8 Distillate (94%+), then liberally coat them with BlueBerry Pie Kief resulting in a potent and tasty Moon Rock that will certainly put you in.

Orders ship via USPS & UPS in discrete vacuum sealed containers. Please allow 24-48 hrs for orders to process prior to shipping in case of weekends or holidays. Most will ship same day.

Black Tie CBD Customer Service Specialists are knowledgeable and are happy answer your questions about CBD and our products.

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Thanks to the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, interstate commerce of hemp was legalized. Now you can absolutely legally buy and enjoy products from Black Tie CBD store. Remember, Black Tie hemp dispensary may only sell cannabis to adult customers.

First and foremost, welcome! Black Tie CBD Customer Service Specialists have a wealth of knowledge on all things hemp and cannabis. We’ll be happy to answer any and all questions related to CBD and our hemp products.

That’s a great question. It’s always important to be picky when buying CBD online. Pay attention to the information provided by the merchant and make sure it’s super transparent, just like Black Tie CBD. Also, always verify the 3rd Party Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each product being offered.

You do not need a prescription from a doctor’s office to place an order with Black Tie CBD. If you are new to CBD, it might be worthwhile to have a quick consultation with your doctor before making any purchases just to be sure you don’t have any contraindications with CBD.

Premium CBD Hemp Flower – The Best Hemp Flower Dispensary

CBD products are quite trendy. More and more people pay attention to these natural supplements with the goal of supporting their wellbeing or dealing with more specific health challenges. However, buying CBD remedies from a reliable hemp dispensary is essential, and that’s why finding a trusted CBD store may be quite a challenge. Black Tie CBD can be your credible provider into the world of CBD, CBG, and other hemp-derived products. Here you may buy CBD Hemp Flower online safely and utilize natural hemp benefits for your health.

What is Premium CBD Flower?

If you’re new to the world of CBD, it’s time for a proper introduction. CBD is short for cannabidiol; it’s one of the organic components that is naturally derived from the cannabis flower. Given the fact that the hemp plant is powered by over 100 cannabinoids, it’s no wonder that the plant has tons of benefits. Hemp has science-backed research to support the claims that it may help with pain relief and inflammation in addition to many other healing properties. While science is king, we also trust our customers. Check out the thousands of reviews left by customers worldwide who have used CBD Flower products from reliable retailers like and you’ll quickly see why it’s so popular.

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CBD and CBG from Black Tie CBD

Black Tie CBD is all about CBD – after all, it’s in our name! In addition to CBD, however, we also offer CBG (cannabigerolic acid). CBG is a Black Tie hemp ingredient that some say is even more potent than CBD. Known as the “mother of all cannabinoids,” CBG comes from the acidic form of CBG. It is typically found in smaller quantities than other cannabinoids in cannabis plants and is rarer than CBD. Potential benefits of Black Tie CBD’s CBG include pain management and therapeutic effects, although additional research is needed.

CBD Use is on the Rise

CBD consumption saw a significant rise between 2020-2021. Research shows that 45% of CBD users increased their CBD Hemp Flower intake over the past year. The uncertainty of the pandemic, more people are looking for a natural way to manage growing anxieties and the stressors that come along with them. Many experts also believe that the uptick in mental health support has also contributed to people looking for a natural way to promote their wellbeing. They may turn to CBD to help with both mental and physical ailments. Black Tie’s hemp-based CBD products are here to help.

A lot of experts confirmed that there is also an unprecedented surge in mental health disturbances, and people worldwide are looking for more natural options to restore their wellbeing, support immunity, promote calmness, improve stress resistance and get back to the normal sleep schedule. A lot of them are searching for CBD to assist with their ailments, and Black Tie hemp-based CBD products might be helpful in providing relief.

Black Tie Hemp – Why Customers Choose Black Tie CBD

Black Tie CBD produces, processes, manufactures, and sells hemp online. To find out exactly why our customers love Black Tie CBD so much, we conducted a survey through our online hemp dispensary. Here’s what we found. Overall, customers reported that Black Tie CBD helped:

  • Manage stress. Hemp-powered products with CBD Hemp Flowerhelped some of our customers with stress management and similar mental health challenges related to anxiety and mood.
  • Improve sleep. Given that stress and anxiety are among the top reasons for sleep disruptions, it’s not surprising that customers found Black Tie CBD products mato be effective for better sleep. Scientific research has also found that certain hemp ingredients may be helpful for dealing with insomnia, nightmares, REM disorders, and other health sleep pattern violations.
  • Manage back pain. Hemp users have reported using hemp products for pain management as an alternative to OTC pain medication. As always, we suggest consulting with a physician or healthcare professional before using hemp or CBD for medical use.
  • Support overall well-being. Across the board, Black Tie CBD users agreed that CBD products were useful for supporting their overall wellness both mentally and physically.
  • Support well-being. Black Tie users also agree that CBD products can be great supplements for everyday wellness and wellbeing support.

Black Tie CBD – The Ultimate CBD Experience

Black Tie CBD offers a wide variety of products including Isolates, Broad Spectrum CBD products, and Full Spectrum CBD products. Each Black Tie CBD product is designed to address specific goals and health conditions.

  • CBD Isolates . As the name suggests, CBD Isolates contain a single isolated compound such as CBD, CBG, or CBN. They often come in crystal or powder form and can be added to beverages or sprinkled on top of food. CBD Isolates from Black Tie are great for people who just want CBD without other hemp components like flavonoids, terpenes, and THC.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD Products .Broad-spectrum CBD products are said to have most of the beneficial hemp ingredients aside from THC. People use Broad spectrum CBD when they want to completely avoid the effects of THC.
  • Full-Spectrum CBD Products. Experts say that full-spectrum CBD products are the most potent and effective CBD products; this makes sense, given that their form comes in the richest compound possible. Full-spectrum CBD encompasses the complete profile of plant compounds to deliver the fullest effect out of all the CBD products available.

What is CBD Hemp Flower?

Sometimes referred to as simply Hemp Flower, CBD Hemp Flower comes from one of three cannabis varieties: ruderalis, indica, or sativa. CBD Hemp Flower can be smoked or vaporized and is traditionally used for medicinal and relaxation purposes.

CBD Flower comes in three different forms: hemp, CBD, and cannabis. Hemp and cannabis both come from the same plant (cannabis Sativa) but they are developed for different purposes. Cannabis contains high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is what gives users that fuzzy feeling. The Cannabis Flower is usually harvested earlier when the plant is shorter and less potent. Hemp flowers are harvested later when the plant is grown taller, drier, and higher in CBD content. CBD Flower is harvested between 40 and 100 days after the beginning of the flowering stage, making CBD Flower products non-psychoactive due to their low concentration of THC. In fact, premium CBD Hemp Flower contains up to 4% CBD and just up to 0.5 % THC.

How to use CBD Flower? Smoke CBD Hemp Flower

CBD Hemp Flower can be smoked, but there are also additional ways to enjoy its benefits including vaporizing and cooking with it. As a reminder, CBD Hemp Flower is not psychoactive; it will not get you high.

The most popular way to consume CBD Flower is by smoking or vaping it. Smoking CBD Flower requires grinding it to increase the surface area and allow for a better heat transfer.

Smoking or Vaping Hemp Flower

Smoking or Vaping Hemp Flower can be done with either an electronic hookah pen or a vaporizer. Smokable Hemp Flower is often mixed with other herbs that are either in the vape itself or packed into a vaporizer cartridge. CBD Hemp Flower comes in many different strengths and potencies so it’s important to find the one that best suits you. If you’re unsure how to go about it, ask us at Black Tie CBD! .

One final recommendation for consuming Hemp is CBD Hemp Flower oil. By using an alcohol or ethanol extraction method, CBD Hemp Flower oil retains a high Hemp strain potency. CBD Hemp Flower oils are usually mixed with another type of oil and can easily be added to food.

What Can I Find at an Online Hemp Flower Store?

Black Tie CBD is proud to offer our customers a wide range of premium CBD products. Whether you’ve been using CBD for years or are just getting started, we have the CBD products online for you. The goal of our online hemp dispensary is to match you with the perfect CBD products to meet your needs, goals, and lifestyle. Get your CBD from Black Tie and you can be sure that everything is safe and to the highest standards. Here at Black Tie CBD, you’ll find:

  • Smokable CBD Products . have the highest level of bioavailability out of all CBD products, meaning they will provide the most instantaneous effects. Black Tie CBD offers the most diverse selection of Smokable CBD products, including CBD Hemp Flower all of which are produced in-house. We recommend beginners start with a low dosage.
  • CBD Gummies. are fun but powerful! They’re easy to take and can be great for any lifestyle. We recommend taking CBD gummies after meals for optimal absorption.
  • CBD Tinctures. orCBD oils are popular forms of CBD intake. These CBD drops can be used on their own or added to meals and beverages. CBD drops and tinctures work quickly when they’re dropped under the tongue, which is why some people use them as an effective remedy to help them fall asleep.
  • CBD for Pets . Pets need to chill out too! BlackTieCBD.Net offers CBD products for pets in the form of pet-friendly edibles and tinctures your pets will love.
  • CBD Capsules and Pills. are great for people who want to take a predefined dose of CBD in a controlled environment.
  • CBD Topicals. are perfect for localized pain relief. Topicals don’t enter the bloodstream, but instead work only on the area of the body to which they are applied.

Are there any Side Effects from Black Tie CBD Products?

As with all substances, there may be side effects of CBD. Side effects may include slight tiredness, dizziness, changes in weight, and appetite. CBD side effects are rare but possible. That said, we always suggest consulting with a healthcare professional before using any CBD products, Black Tie CBD included. Black Tie products may have negative effects if combined with certain medications (steroids, antidepressants, and antihistamines are just a few). Additionally, contraindications such as pregnancy and nursing should be taken into consideration.

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Can I Legally Buy CBD Online?/h2>

Yes, buying CBD online is legal! The 2018 Farm Bill made purchasing CBD products legal. Still, you must follow local state regulations. Additionally, CBD products must have less than 0.3% THC. Certain states also have regulations surrounding hemp dispensaries and testing by third-party laboratories. All legal premium Hemp Flower stores must also be FDA compliant.

Looking for CBD Online is No Longer a Pain

Get the most of CBD’s benefits when you purchase CBD products from a reliable CBD store compliant like Black Tie CBD.

Black Tie CBD is a safe place to buy CBD, CBG, and other premium hemp flower products online. Take advantage of the Black Tie Hemp expert support system and join our VIP club to get personalized advice and exclusive offers. Order CBD products from our hemp dispensary for fast and discreet shipping right to your door.

The Future of Cannabis is Live Resin Extracts

We’re now entering the era of live resin extracts — what are they, and why are they such an important new development in the CBD space?

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Live resin extracts are the next level of CBD concentrates — taking the term ‘full-spectrum’ to a whole new level.

These products are made by extracting the active ingredients from hemp immediately after harvest while the phytochemical makeup is at its peak.

There are a lot of challenges in the way that make obtaining live resin challenging — but technology is evolving and live resin extracts are very close to being available and affordable by the mainstream public very soon.

Table of Contents
  • 1. Live Resin Extracts Have a Higher Terpene Profile
  • 2. Live Resin Extracts May Contain Higher Concentrations of CBD & THC
  • 3. Live Resin Extracts Make It Harder for Companies to Use Bad Hemp
  • 1. Full-Spectrum Extracts
  • Comparing Live Resin Extracts to Other Cannabis Extraction Techniques

CBD Live Resins Are the Future

We’re undergoing a cannabis revolution. One of the fastest-growing subsections of the cannabis industry is concentrated extracts like waxes and CBD crystals.

A recent report published by ArcView Research and BDS Analytics suggests the concentrates market alone will reach nearly $42.7 billion by 2024. In 2018, concentrates accounted for nearly 27% of all cannabis profits in the United States.

These are impressive figures — if the interest in concentrates continues at this pace, they’ll be the dominant form of cannabis products within the next 3-5 years.

As cannabis concentrates become more popular, and more people are stepping in to add their own twist, we’re starting to see some new innovations in the cannabis concentrate space.

One of the more interesting innovations to surface recently is live resin extracts — extracts made from cannabis plants while they’re still alive.

Best Live Resin CBD Extract

Simply Crafted CBD
Simply Crafted CBD Live Resin CBD Concentrate 1 gram

4.8 / 5

Total CBD: 770 mg
CBD Potency: 77%
Cost per mg CBD: $0.06
Extract Type: Live Resin Extract
THC Content:

What is a Live Resin Extract?

Live resin is extracted from living cannabis plants. They’re made from plants that haven’t been dried, cut, cured, or any other process fatal to the plant.

Cannabis plants can survive a few hours after being cut from the roots but will die as they dry out after harvest.

Coming from fresh, living plants — live resin extracts contain high concentrations of terpenes, which preserves the plant’s powerful aroma.

Traditional dried-plant extractions lose up to 95% of their terpene profiles before ever going through the extraction process — which means most of the original cannabis smell doesn’t translate into the final extract.

Live resin extraction maintains the highest terpene content of any other extraction technique. Period. These terpenes are important because they offer a lot of therapeutic benefits of their own, and give the extract its characteristic aroma.

Where Did Live Resin Extracts Come From?

Although nobody knows exactly where or when live resin extracts were invented, you can thank William “Kind Bill” Fenger for bringing them into the mainstream.

Kind Bill a.k.a the “Godfather of Live Resin Extracts”, has been producing cannabis extracts since the 1980s. He first came up with the idea for using fresh cannabis plants back in 2010 and spent the last decade perfecting the art to make it what it is today.

Others have made extractions from the live cannabis plant — the usual method for doing this involved using freshly frozen flowers and extracted using butane in an open-blasted system.

This method works but is exceptionally dangerous as the butane could ignite and explode during the process.

(EmoTek OBE-Dos Unit)

On top of that, the yields were simply too low to be of any real consideration. You lose a lot of cannabis in this process — which ultimately means losing money, so it was largely ignored by commercial operations.

Kind Bill teamed up with a man named Giddy Up — the founder of the cannabis extraction company EmoTek — in 2013 to figure out a better way to make commercially viable live resin extractions.

With EmoTek hardware and Kind Bill’s cannabis expertise, they were able to efficiently extract resin from live cannabis plants for the first time.

The process uses a machine called OBE-Dos unit — it’s a closed-loop system of ultra-cooled butane. These units create the perfect conditions for extracting resin from the live cannabis plant in its entirety. This method is so efficient it’s finally become economically viable to produce live resin extracts commercially.

Now companies all over the world are buying their own OBE-Dos Units or equivalent systems to cash in on this new form of cannabis concentrates.

What Do Live Resin Extracts Look Like?

These concentrates look very similar to any other cannabis concentrate — the difference is in the aroma and chemical profile. They often have a stark golden color as a result of pigments from the fresh plant resin before it has a chance to oxidize. Live resins also tend to have a waxy, sometimes slippery, consistency.

You can find live resin extracts in the form of waxes, shatters, dabs, and preloaded vape pens and cartridges.

One key difference between live resin extracts and traditional concentrates is the way they change over time.

While normal shatters and waxes will maintain their color and consistency, live resin extracts can evolve over time — starting out with a sappy texture, then becoming cloudy, and eventually developing a more granular texture. This change happens as the terpenes evaporate and the stability of the resin begins to break down.

You can use live resin extracts at all stages — but they’re considered the best when consumed fresh. The shorter shelf life of live extracts is a byproduct of being a high-grade fresh extract.

Live Resin Extracts From Hemp

The original interest in live resin extracts came out of the recreational marijuana space using high THC strains. Today, you can find live resin extracts made from high-CBD hemp strains as well.

Hemp plants produce terpenes the same as marijuana. These terpenes have a lot more to offer than flavor alone — many of them have their own set of therapeutic benefits.

We expect to see a lot of development in the live hemp resin extract space in the coming years as people become more aware of the benefits of terpenes.

What are the Advantages of Live Resin Extracts?

1. Live Resin Extracts Have a Higher Terpene Profile

Live resin extracts are especially rich in terpenes compared to other concentrates.

This is because terpenes quickly evaporate after the plant is harvested, dried, and processed — leaving only a fraction of the original terpene profile behind in the final product. Some experts suggest conventional resin extracts only contain about 5% of the original terpene profile. Live resin extracts contain closer to 90% of the original terpene level of the plant.

A key component to maintaining terpene profiles is the cooler temperature process.

Terpenes are volatile compounds — which means they’re small enough to evaporate at high temperatures. Even room temperature is enough to evaporate most terpenes — so a true live resin extraction will involve cooling the plant and solvent to very low temperatures.

2. Live Resin Extracts May Contain Higher Concentrations of CBD & THC

A similar benefit to live resin extracts can be correlated to the cannabinoid profile as well. When the plant is harvested, these compounds immediately begin breaking down and changing as the plant begins to die. This also occurs under heat.

One of the most important changes is the breakdown of CBD (cannabidiol) and delta 9 THC into another cannabinoid known as CBN (cannabinol).

CBN is a much stronger sedative than CBD and gives the final concentrate a stronger couch-lock “lazy” feel. It also means less CBD or THC in the final product than you may want.

3. Live Resin Extracts Make It Harder for Companies to Use Bad Hemp

Using live plants for the extraction process gives the final product a flavor profile almost identical to the fresh plant — making it easy to identify extracts made from plants that were low in quality, to begin with.

If a manufacturer isn’t using the best plants they possibly can to create these extracts — you can smell it.

This isn’t the case with isolates — which have had all the other compounds removed from the extract. It’s nearly impossible to tell the quality of the hemp used to make isolates without a Certificate of Analysis.

The vast majority of CBD products out there are made from poor quality plants that have been “recovered” by simply turning them into an isolate. The high-quality stuff is reserved for raw hemp flower, full-spectrum extracts, and live resin extracts.

Additionally, companies will often recombine terpenes into their products to bring back a flavor profile — referred to as broad-spectrum extracts. The problem is that these terpenes are often synthetic or come from completely different plants than cannabis.

If you’re buying a product made using a live resin extract — there’s a much better chance you’re buying something of quality than not.

How Do Live Resin Extracts Compare to Other Product Types?

Most CBD products on the market are made with a CBD isolate or broad-spectrum extract. These work fine, but it’s very hard to determine the quality of these products by taste or appearance alone. You’ll need a lab assessment to determine good from bad in this respect.

Some companies make full-spectrum extracts, which preserve some of the terpene profile of the plant. Full-spectrum extracts are usually made with dried plants and therefore lack the full terpene profile. They have a similar taste and aroma to the fresh plant, but nothing even close to what live resin offers. It can be difficult to tell the quality of the starting material from this extract type.

Live resin extracts are the new “gold standard” for full-spectrum extracts. They capture the entire phytochemical profile of the plant — including cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytochemicals. You can easily tell how the quality of the starting hemp was with these extracts based on the color, texture, and aroma of the extract.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each type of product for the sake of comparison:

1. Full-Spectrum Extracts

At the moment, this is the closest thing we have available in the mainstream market that compares to live resin extracts. Full-spectrum extracts maintain as much of the chemical profile contained in the hemp (or marijuana).

The plants are first dried, cured, and aged before going through this process, so a large number of the terpenes won’t be present when it finally comes time to make the extraction.

Full-spectrum extracts are used to make any type of product you can think of. You can find them as concentrates such as shatters or dabs, or mixed together with other compounds to make oils, E-liquids, gummies, and topicals.

Best CBD Full-Spectrum Resins


Blue Moon Hemp CBD Shatter

$0.06 – $0.07

Elixinol X-Pen


Reakiro Hemp Extract RxPen


2. CBD Isolates (Distillates)

CBD isolates are by far the most common source of CBD on the market. It’s made by removing all the other cannabinoids and terpenes from the extract — leaving behind pure CBD.

You can buy these as purified CBD crystals or combined together with other ingredients to make all other categories of CBD products.

The problem with isolates is that you have no idea what the original state of the hemp used to make them was. Companies will often sell their lowest quality leaves, trim, flowers, and even plant stalks to extraction labs to convert into this extract. This is then sold to CBD companies around the world to create their products.

Best CBD Isolate Extracts
Infinite CBD Absolute Zero Isolate

$0.02 – $0.03

Endoca CBD Crystals


Nordic Oil CBD Crystals


Green Roads CBD Dab Crystals

$0.07 – $0.12

CBDistillery CBD Powders

$0.03 – $0.04

3. Broad-Spectrum Extracts

Broad-spectrum extracts are a combination of the two. They use a CBD distillate or isolate and combine it together with other cannabinoids and terpenes to resemble something closer to a full-spectrum extract — with a few alterations.

There are clear advantages to doing this — such as being able to offer a product with benefits similar to a full-spectrum product, while simultaneously being able to guarantee these products are free from the psychoactive (and illegal) cannabinoid, THC.

However, there are downsides to this form of extract as well. The biggest comes down to the marketing efforts companies are using.

Many businesses are claiming their products to be “full-spectrum” but are in reality only using CBD isolates and a few added terpenes — often simple terpenes such as limonene or beta-caryophyllene which are either synthetic or come from plants other than cannabis.

This is misleading because a proper full-spectrum extract will have as many as a dozen or more cannabinoids and several hundred different terpenes — which is radically different.

Comparing Live Resin Extracts to Other Cannabis Extraction Techniques
Type of Extract Pros Cons
Live Resin Extracts • Contains the richest terpene content possible
• Incredibly potent flavor profile
• The use of high-quality plants can’t be faked
• More expensive on average than other extract types
• Texture and flavor can break down over time
Full-Spectrum Extracts • Includes a more complete phytochemical profile to isolates
• Offers some of the original flavor profile of the raw plant
• Relatively cheap to produce
• Lacks the flavor and terpene profile of a live resin extract
• Can be masked with other terpenes to hide the use of low-quality plants
Broad-Spectrum Extracts • Offers a cannabinoid profile similar to full-spectrum, while guaranteeing no THC content
• Usually cheaper than live resin and full-spectrum products
• May contain synthetic terpenes and chemical fillers
• Often marketed with misleading terminology
CBD Isolate (Distillates) • Offers a very cheap source of CBD or other specific cannabinoids
• Better for use with other supplements or medications
• Lacks other phytochemicals that support the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids
• Often made using low-quality, rotten, or contaminated plants

Why The Future of CBD is Live Resin Extracts

Most CBD products on the market are made from concentrates in one form or another no matter if they’re considered “full-spectrum” or “isolate”. Companies will either make their own extracts or buy them from someone else. It’s then mixed with a carrier oil or other ingredients to make a topical or edible product.

For the past several years, live resin extracts have taken a backseat. Most companies simply ignored them because of their higher cost to produce and shorter shelf life than other concentrates.

But times are changing.

As more people become aware of the advantages of live resin extracts in terms of flavor profile and overall quality — it’s becoming clear that this form of extract has an important place in the market.

The key advantages of live resin extraction are the ultra-high terpene content and the ideal cannabinoid profile. Live resin extracts produce better products overall, even compared to full-spectrum extracts, which are widely considered the best options for consumers at the moment.

Perhaps even more importantly, live resin extracts demand manufacturers to use only high-grade hemp or marijuana plants. You can’t make live resin extracts without top-notch starting material — it just doesn’t work.

As time goes on and consumers become more aware of the advantages of live resin extracts over traditional extraction techniques, you can bet the market for this niche product is going to grow dramatically.

The biggest area we’re going to see this new form of extraction enter the mainstream is in the form of vaporizers and vape cartridges.

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