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How to use cbd oil for frozen shoulder

Treating Frozen Shoulder Naturally

After having shoulder pain since my early 30’s, at age 42, I finally decided to have shoulder surgery to fix my torn labrum and to shave a bone spur. I was so excited about the possibility of living pain free! I wasn’t nervous at all about the surgery and everything went as smooth as possible. I wore my sling for the first 6 weeks and was diligent about doing my PT exercises. After 6 weeks I stopped wearing my sling and that’s when the pain and stiffness set in. The pain was so bad I couldn’t sleep and was taking a lot of pain meds. My PT exercises hurt really bad and I could barely do them. I figured this was normal recovery, until I was told I had the dreaded frozen shoulder and that’s what was causing the pain. UGH! Frozen shoulder was something I was trying so hard to avoid. so alas my body sensed me constantly worrying about getting frozen shoulder and thought. oh, she wants frozen shoulder. so I got it. and I got it bad! The pain was unbearable from my shoulder all the way down my biceps tendon. did I mention I wasn’t sleeping well at all! I was in pain, cranky, depressed, and miserable to be around. All this on top of not having a functional right arm (I became a very good lefty).

My options were to go back under and have the surgeon manipulate my arm to basically force it into movement, then do PT exercises all day every day for about 2 weeks. Or, take the slow route and continue with my exercises. I chose the slow route. But I had to manage this pain! I found some topical extra strength salve that had CBD oil as well as other healing ingredients in it. It was $80, but I was willing to pay the price for something natural that worked. This product worked so well, that I decided to carry it in my shop. You can find it here The ingredients in this product are amazing and lessened my pain significantly! So much that I was able to do my exercises with way less pain and eventually break free from my frozen shoulder.

Some other natural healing activities I did that helped were tons of restorative yoga (1-2 times a week), meditation and visualization (I would visualize my arm with full range of motion), lots of stretching, acupuncture, micro current, as well as supplements such as Curcumin, Fish Oil, and a high quality daily vitamin.

If you every develop frozen shoulder my advice to you is to be patient. Understand that your body is going through this for a reason, although you might not know the reason for a long while later. I believe I went through this so I could learn patience and help others. Move your shoulder as much as possible. Surround yourself with positive people and situations. Eat healthy and take vitamins. Stay the course. you won’t be frozen forever, but it might take a few months!

5 Great CBD Products to help a Frozen Shoulder

If you have ever suffered from a frozen shoulder, then you will understand the pain I am in right now. I have had one before. My left shoulder, around 7 years ago so, when I felt the familiar pain starting to increase on my right shoulder, I was understandably worried.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop it from coming and had to give in to the inevitable BUT I have been able to manage the pain and know (sort of) what I need to do.

I have started to try some alternative remedies and pain relief. CBD is becoming more widespread as an acceptable form of pain relief and sites, such as Leaf Nation, are great sources of information. So, as CBD is so much more prevalent than last time, I decided to give some products a try.

Here is a list of some great options if you are suffering.

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Hapihemp CBD+ Oil Roller

When I saw this product, I knew straight away that it would be a brilliant idea. The Hapihemp CBD and Oil Roller is small and compact enough to carry around in a pocket or handbag but really helps when you most need it. The roller means that the oil is dispensed easily and there is no mess. It smells amazing!

It is great to target relief on temples, wrists, your neck, feet and hands too. As well as highly concentrated CBD (each bottle contains 300mg), it is full of therapeutic grade essential oils which include arnica, boswellia, turmeric and rose geranium. On top of this, the company only use organically grown premium hemp which means it is pesticide and solvent free and contains no THC. It is also GMO free and Vegan friendly. Priced £19.99.

HapiHemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5% Natural

As an alternative to the Hapihemp roller, you may like to consider their natural CBD oil. It has a guaranteed concentration of CBD which has been certified and specified. All ingredients are GMO free, vegan friendly and gluten free and the product has been supercritical C02 extracted. This gives you the peace of mind that you are purchasing a super clean highly filtered product. The oil is full spectrum and, because many components interact with each other in your body, it produces a stronger influence, hence ‘full spectrum’. Priced at £37.99.

Naturopathica CBD+ Turmeric and CBD+ Wellbeing

Vitamins and minerals are always important to take at any time, so these CBD+ bottles are two great options.

The CBD+ Turmeric is great for aiding with normal collagen formation for the function of bones and cartilage and it contains a concentrated dose of full spectrum CBD, plus Curcumin & Vitamin C. Turmeric is claimed to reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness related to your joints. The CBD + Wellbeing Capsules contain a concentrated dose of full spectrum CBD plus Vitamins A, B1, C D2, B12 & E, which help to contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Both priced at £39.99.

Cubid Re:vive Stay Active Gel

Something I have found really helps with any ache or pain and specifically that of a frozen shoulder, is a cooling gel. This Re:vive Stay Active cooling anti-inflammatory gel is light and quickly absorbs into your skin. Containing Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil 500mg, it is enriched with eucalyptus leaf extract and designed to quickly absorb into the skin to help with joint and muscle recovery. Priced at £30 (save £20 if purchased with the Peppermint Oil below).

Cubid Re:set Peppermint Oil Drops 500mg – 1000mg

These Re:set peppermint infused botanical tasting CBD oil will help you achieve your inner calm and help to relax the mind. It certainly helps ease the pain too.

Designed for fast absorption, these drops enable you to reap the benefits of CBD quickly by ingesting under the tongue. Take 4-6 drops under the tongue and hold for 20 seconds before swallowing. To be taken in the morning or evening, or whenever you feel it necessary. Do not exceed more than two pipettes daily. Priced at £35-£55 depending upon the strength purchased (save £20 if purchased with the Stay Active Gel above).

Cannabis and CBD for Frozen Shoulder

If you’re over the age of 45 and recovering from a recent shoulder injury, you may experience a painful condition called “frozen shoulder.” Whether your shoulder injury occurred after your shoulder muscles were overused, such as from repetitive overhead motion, or an impact injury, frozen shoulder (or adhesive capsulitis) can occur after someone’s arm has been immobilized, perhaps while in a sling, after a surgery or fracture.

It’s called frozen shoulder because, along with the dull or achy pain, you may experience stiffness, making it difficult or impossible to move your shoulder at all. You might also feel the pain in the shoulder muscles that wrap around the top of your arm. You might feel the same sensation in your upper arm. Your pain could get worse at night, which can make it difficult to sleep. Often affecting women more than men, if you experience frozen shoulder in one shoulder there’s a 20-30% chance you will get it in the other shoulder, as well.

Three Phases of Frozen Shoulder

There are usually three phases with a frozen shoulder. Each has its own unique symptoms and timeline.

  1. The freezing stage is associated with pain in your shoulder any time you move it, and some restriction of motion. That can last anywhere from 6 to 9 months. The pain is often worse at night, making it hard to sleep.
  2. Next is the frozen stage, when the stiffness and immobility gets worse. That can last 4-12 months. This is the most disconcerting period because it usually impacts activities involved in daily living, with one arm being of limited use.
  3. Finally, comes the thawing or recovery stage when the range of motion begins to improve. This can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

Frozen shoulder is frustrating for those affected by it because of the extremely long limitation of function and course of recovery. Treatment for a frozen shoulder is focused on relieving pain and restoring the shoulder’s normal range of motion. Standard treatment may include NSAIDs (anti-inflammatory drugs), physical therapy and mild range-of-motion exercises, often starting with barely perceptible movements.

How Can CBD and/or Cannabis Help Frozen Shoulder?

Using CBD, cannabis , or a combination of the two can help your frozen shoulder a lot! CBD and cannabis may help frozen shoulder in three essential ways:

Now, it’s not always the case that pain is treated equally as well by CBD and cannabis, but in the case of frozen shoulder, however, the type of pain, inflammatory pain, is treated well by both due to their effect on the inflammatory “cascade” (the metabolic response to inflammation).

In fact, both CBD and THC have been proven to be as effective as anti-inflammatory drugs, a standard of treatment. It is essential to decrease inflammation as soon as possible in the process of evolution of a frozen shoulder. The shoulder joint will be less likely to progress to “adhesive” capsulitis (frozen) after an initial injury if inflammation is effectively decreased. Even if immobilized, a shoulder can’t have capsulitis without inflammation.

What Should You Take and How Should You Take It?

As far as what to take, both cannabis and CBD products provide internal (such as capsules or tinctures ) and external ( topical lotion or balm ) delivery methods. Using both of these may accelerate recovery time. A typical regimen might be 10 mg of a mixed THC/CBD cannabis (or possibly 50 mg of pure CBD isolate) 3 times per day, as well as a topical applied to the shoulder 3 times per day.

Other components of cannabis that are useful for inflammation are the cannabinoids in acid form, such as CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) and THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid). These forms exist in raw, unheated cannabis and are not psychoactive. Since they bind to different receptors than the neutral cannabinoids (CBD and THC), the potential for relief is increased by using a combination of all of the above.

If you’re using a topical, it is best to apply it prior to any physical therapy exercise sessions to decrease the potential inflammation and pain that the session may generate. Pulling the “frozen” tissues apart is not only painful but is made more effective by releasing immobilized tendons. The muscle relaxant properties of cannabis and CBD aids in the release of the frozen tissues, extension of tendons, and increase in mobility of the shoulder.

Finally, if your sleep is impaired due to your frozen shoulder pain, a cannabis sleep product may be helpful. Most often this involves a dose of an indica cannabis strain that contains THC. CBD, unfortunately, is not often sleep inducing. Of course, if inflammation and pain are relieved, insomnia will improve.

Remember, you may have to stay on this modest cannabis or CBD regimen for months, maybe years, for severe cases of frozen shoulder. The earlier in the process you begin, the shorter the recovery time will likely be. After recovery, a maintenance dose of 10 mg once per day may prevent recurrence of shoulder inflammation in the future.