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Reviews of cbd oil for epilepsy

13 Best CBD Oils for Seizures

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If you or someone you know has epilepsy, it’s likely that you have been looking for a natural way to control seizures. In this article, we will explore some of the best CBD oils available right now for treating epilepsy and seizure disorders.

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of many chemical compounds found in cannabis plants. It does not produce any psychoactive effects so it can be safely used by children, adults, and pets without fear of getting high or experiencing side effects.

These benefits aside, there are also numerous studies that show that CBD oil may help with anxiety and depression as well as chronic pain relief without the side effects associated with prescription medications like opioids.

As such, CBD oil is quickly becoming an ideal supplement for those who want to live a healthier and happier life.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the many active compounds found in cannabis plants. Although it is not psychoactive like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD has valuable health benefits that have recently attracted the attention of medical professionals around the world for treating conditions that were once deemed untreatable.

The reason why CBD is non-intoxicating is because it does not affect the same pathways as THC. This makes it a much better option for those who are looking to achieve therapeutic benefits without experiencing mind-altering effects that may interfere with their day-to-day tasks.

While research has not yet fully determined all of the health benefits of CBD, studies have shown that this compound is extremely safe, even at high dosages. Even so, most people who are looking for the benefits of CBD oil may not be aware of the best ways to use it for maximum therapeutic benefits.

Does CBD Oil Work for Seizures?

For those who are not aware, there are actually several types of seizures, all of which can be treated using CBD oil. The most well-known form is epilepsy, which occurs in the brain.

Based on some studies, we’ve learned that CBD does not act on the same pathways as THC, it is actually one of the most ideal options for treating seizures. CBD helps calm electrical and chemical activity in the brain to promote healthy neurological development, which helps prevent seizure attacks.

Of course, you should always talk to your doctor before adding CBD to your regimen. But whether you are looking for a safe alternative option or need relief from epilepsy, CBD oil has been found to be extremely effective as a treatment option with little to no side effects.

Are There Side Effects of CBD Oils?

CBD is no longer viewed as a dangerous and addictive drug like it once was many years ago. Today’s CBD products are non-intoxicating and comprised of natural ingredients that actually work with your endocannabinoid system instead of against it.

Even so, some people who are new to CBD oil may experience mild side effects like fatigue, dry mouth, and changes in appetite. If you notice any of these side effects when using CBD for seizures, it is best to only use the recommended dosage on your product’s packaging so you can adjust accordingly.

Today we’re sharing more about CBD oils for seizures to help you find maximum relief with a more natural product.

Best CBD Oil for Epilepsy: Ratings and Review on Top Brands of 2022

Epilepsy is a potentially serious condition, classified as the fourth most common neurological disorder that affects up to around 4 million people in the United States alone. Epilepsy is simply a term used to describe any disorder in which a person suffers from frequent seizures. Some more commonly known afflictions involving seizures are Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. The forms of epilepsy or their actual causes can vary tremendously, being the result of anything from a traumatic head injury to a nutritional deficiency.

While the frequency and severity of the seizures can vary between one person and the next, the bottom line is that all types of epilepsy can be a dangerous conditions as while seizures on their own are not known to be fatal, they can lead to fatal accidents during the seizure, such as choking, or falling and hitting one’s head.

There has been a lot of groundbreaking research into the potential application of cannabidiol (CBD) for epilepsy. For example, there is a CBD-based prescription medication called Epidiolex that has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Research thus far has been incredibly promising, giving epilepsy experts hope that the hemp plant may be incredibly useful to those who suffer from the condition. That being said, in order to derive these potential benefits from CBD, a person must choose their product and brand wisely as not all CBD is created equally.

Top 5 CBD Oil Brands for Epilepsy and Seizures

Trying to determine which companies are producing the best CBD oil products specifically for epilepsy really just involves looking at the quality standards they maintain, the potency levels that they use and other factors that pertain to overall effectiveness of a product. Cannabidiol has anti-seizure properties that are innate to this compound. Hence, there was no need to seek out a brand that specializes in producing hemp products for epilepsy, as any high-quality CBD product could provide this effect. These are the top brands that standout to us.

    – Best Overall – Best Flavored CBD Oils – Best Variety of Formulas – Best Customer Service – Best Budget-Friendly Options

How We Came Up with the Best Brands of CBD Oil for Epilepsy

As previously touched upon, given the inherent anti-seizure properties found in the cannabis plant, we weren’t seeking out products specifically advertised as being useful as a treatment of epilepsy or to specifically control seizures, but rather the purest, highest-quality hemp oils that we could find on the market. To do this, we needed to establish a clear criteria against which we would judge all of the top-rated CBD oils on the market, to weed out the products that simply didn’t have what it takes to deliver suitable effects of CBD. Here are the things that we looked for.

  1. Ingredients: While it’s easy to focus only on the ‘CBD’ in an oil product, it’s very important to look at the other ingredients as well. CBD oil at its base should consist of pure hemp extract and a carrier oil that’s considered safe for ingestion – bonus points if it’s a nutrient rich oil like MCT oil or hempseed oil. If there are other ingredients in the product, they should contribute to its value in some way, such as botanicals known for their beneficial properties or natural flavoring that makes taking the oil even more enjoyable. Pure CBD oils should not contain fillers, preservatives or chemical additives that serve no beneficial purpose.
  2. Quality: We also looked at the quality of the CBD oil, which is determined by a group of factors. It starts with the sourcing of the hemp plant, as domestically grown, organic hemp is always the best way to go. Why? Because its organic status makes it free of pesticides. Not to mention, if grown in the USA, it’s grown under strict agricultural standards. We also looked at the extraction method used- CO2 extraction yields a more chemically stable, bioavailable and pure end product.
  3. Third-Party Lab Reports: We looked at the third-party lab reports provided by a brand through their website. This indicates that the brand has their batches of hemp extract sent off to a state-authorized laboratory for rigorous analysis, which looks for things like purity, cannabinoid profile and potency. Also ensures that the CBD oil is federally compliant by containing no more than 0.3% delta 9 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).
  • Effectiveness: We judged the effectiveness based on two factors.
  • User Reviews: Help to figure out whether or not actual customers found the use of CBD oil from these brands to be highly effective.
  1. Brand Reputation: A CBD oil company can claim that they do everything right, but if customers are unsatisfied with their products, then there’s a problem. Combing through reviews allowed us to gain better insight into what real users had to say about each brand.

5 Best CBD Oil for Epilepsy and Seizures

#1: FAB CBD – Best Overall

FAB CBD is one of the hardest-working hemp companies on today’s market, and they’ve seen their efforts pay off with a huge and loyal customer base that relies on their CBD-infused formulas to maintain daily routines. FAB is highly transparent with customers, putting an emphasis on the seed-to-sale approach that walks customers through every step of the manufacturing process. They offer a rich selection of top-quality hemp-infused goods that are made with only pure ingredients and CO2-based extracts of organic, Colorado grown hemp plant material.

FAB CBD Oil is the gold standard when it comes to this specific product type. It contains full spectrum hemp extract, so it’s rich in every single chemical compound found in hemp, including a multitude of cannabis extracts like cannabinoids, terpenes and nutrients. These work together synergistically to boost overall effectiveness. Because of this, there could be enhanced value to those with epilepsy. Comes in a generous variety of delicious, natural flavors, along with a range of milligram strengths that can address varying levels of potency.

Ingredients: Full spectrum hemp extract, MCT oil, sunflower seed oil, natural flavoring

Quality: Excellent (organic, Colorado-grown hemp; CO2 extraction)

3rd Party Lab Tests: Proverde Labs

Effectiveness: High

Brand Reputation: Excellent

  • 100% natural
  • Full spectrum hemp
  • Various milligram strengths
  • Awesome flavor selection
  • High effectiveness

#2: Joy Organics – Best Flavored CBD Oils

Joy Organics is a highly trusted brand that has won customers over with their personal touch, including a phenomenal customer service team, great education through their website and beautiful packaging. This brand uses 100% organic ingredients in their supplements, which means that the body will not be fed any pesticides regardless of the product chosen. Their product selection is always growing, and even includes CBD products for our furry friends. Overall, Joy Organics strives to be highly transparent with customers, and works hard to utilize only clean, natural ingredients alongside their gloriously bioavailable, domestically grown hemp extract.

Joy Organics makes some pretty exceptional CBD oil formulas, and customers can choose from a lot of cannabis products to customize their experience. There are different flavors which are each made with natural ingredients, along with either 15mg or 30mg per serving concentrations. Also, you can choose between full-spectrum CBD or broad spectrum CBD, which is a THC-free alternative to full spectrum. Known for its high bioavailability, the general formula is a great choice for daily or nightly use.

Ingredients: Broad spectrum hemp, natural flavoring, extra virgin olive oil

Quality: Excellent (organic, local hemp; organic ingredients; CO2 extraction)

3rd Party Lab Tests: Stillwater Labs

Effectiveness: High

Brand Reputation: Excellent

  • 100% organic formulas
  • Great flavor options
  • Full spectrum and broad spectrum available
  • 15mg and 30mg options
  • Local hemp

#3: Medterra – Best Variety of Formulas

One of the most celebrated brands over the last few years has been Medterra. So amazing is the fact they really go above and beyond to ensure that every form of CBD enthusiast can find the perfect formula for their needs. It’s no wonder why Medterra appeared on our list, since they’re one of the most popular companies with the hemp community. Plus, offer a rich selection of targeted formulas that address specific needs, as well as general formulas that supply the body with highly bioavailable and ultra-clean hemp extracts that’re perfect for overall daily use.

Medterra carries a very large variety of CBD oils, with users being able to choose between CBD isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum options. They make specialized formulas such as their Wellness Elixir- filled with antioxidants. And, there’s even a formula that contains high levels of CBG (cannabigerol) for added anti-inflammatory effects. Overall, their tinctures are known for being highly effective.

Ingredients: hemp extract, MCT oil, specialized ingredients depending on the formula

Quality: Excellent (local, non-gmo hemp; CO2 extraction)

3rd Party Lab Tests: Lab n/a (QR code must be scanned to access)

Effectiveness: High

Brand Reputation: Excellent

  • Organic hemp extract
  • Clean ingredients
  • Full spectrum/broad spectrum/CBD isolate available
  • Targeted formulas
  • Various milligram strengths

#4: Green Roads – Best Customer Service

Green Roads is an icon on the hemp scene, as they were one of the first to launch a large variety of hemp products, and also one of the first to create extremely high quality standards that all other companies would be compared to. This brand now boasts an absolutely massive collection of products, all made with the same attention to detail and quality control that helped them become so successful in the first place. With many targeted formulas, and numerous variables that let customers customize their hemp experience, we truly believe that their CBD oils are among some of the best for epilepsy. Meanwhile, Green Roads is renowned for their customer service, which means that those looking to address specific concerns about CBD and their ailments can have all of their questions answered.

Green Roads supplies excellent CBD oils in both full and broad spectrum options, with a nice selection of mouthwatering flavors that users can choose from. You’ll also be able to experiment with different milligram strength options based on the potency level that you are seeking out, all while knowing your body is getting pure, plant-based ingredients with each serving of the quality product.

Ingredients: Full or broad spectrum hemp, MCT oil, natural flavoring (optional)

Quality: Excellent (local, organic hemp; CO2 extraction)

3rd Party Lab Tests: Lab n/a (QR code must be scanned to access)

Effectiveness: High

Brand Reputation: Excellent

  • Clean, simple ingredients
  • Great flavor selection
  • Full spectrum and broad spectrum options
  • Various milligram strengths
  • Excellent customer service

#5: CBDistillery – Best Budget-Friendly Options

Another highly recognizable name is CBDistillery, who’s absolutely beloved for their exceptionally effective formulas combined with their budget-friendly prices. Because CBDistillery does everything in house, they’re able to keep their prices low, but by no means does that mean that their quality standards are lacking in any way. They not only offer excellent quality, but their products are easy to customize based on your individual needs, thanks to a large selection of formula types, strengths, target ingredients, and more!

CBDistillery offers a huge selection of CBD oils that users can choose from. You can select full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate, and even formulas that contain additional CBN or CBG extracts if looking to expand your daily cannabinoid intake to achieve new effects. This brand even has different flavor and milligram strength options. That way, you can really zone in on exactly what it is, that you want to get out of your daily hemp routine.

Ingredients: hemp extract, MCT oil, specialized ingredients depending on the formula

Quality: Excellent (local, organic hemp; CO2 extraction)

3rd Party Lab Tests: Lab n/a (QR code must be scanned to access)

Effectiveness: High

Brand Reputation: Excellent

  • Target formulas
  • CBD isolate/broad spectrum/full spectrum available
  • Flavored options
  • Different milligram strengths
  • Excellent prices

What Research Says About CBD for Epilepsy and Seizures

One of the most widely studied aspects of CBD has, in fact, been its role in epilepsy and seizure disorders. Over the years, many people have found that cannabidiol plays a role in the prevention of seizures and the reduction in severity, and this has been backed up by science in ways that are extremely promising.

In one ongoing study , 27 patients aged 2-19 will be administered CBD for drug-resistant epilepsy, and the study is based on growing evidence that cannabidiol might be useful in pediatric applications where other medications have failed to be effective, based on lots of anecdotal data. A collection of research has been gathered to illustrate all of the randomized controlled trials that have shown that cannabidiol does effectively reduce seizure frequency and severity in epilepsy patients of all ages, backgrounds and versions of the disorder in terms of the underlying cause.

In fact, researchers have had unique success testing cannabidiol for seizure disorders. Confident, too, that they have clear evidence of the compound’s efficacy in this application, which says a lot as CBD is such a new addition to the healthcare industry that researchers are generally hesitant to make any clear claims as a lot of testing and clinical trials are still underway.

How CBD Helps with Epilepsy and Seizures

The potential that cannabidiol has when it comes to treating seizures comes from its role as a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are unique compounds found in the cannabis genus which get their effects from their relationship with the endocannabinoid system, which is found in all mammals (and explains why CBD may be just as useful for epileptic cats and dogs).

Since cannabidiol is a cannabinoid , it’s processed by the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in a way that allows it to attach to cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body. This attachment process allows cannabinoid receptors to regulate adjacent processes and functions of the body. Cannabinoid receptors in the neurological system have been identified, and this explains why then, CBD may offer multiple neurological benefits, including benefits relating not only to epilepsy but to traumatic brain injury and dementia, two other areas of intense interest at the moment according to researchers.

It is these same neurological receptors that respond to cannabidiol which explain why so many people say that taking the compound makes them feel more alert, focused, and even helps them get through their day without feeling totally burnt out. In terms of the effects on epilepsy in particular, CBD seems to have neuroprotective effects that keep the neurological system strong and healthy by maintaining proper neurogenesis, neuron health and neural pathway regulation. Essentially, these tasks can work together to ensure healthy communication between brain cells that keep neurological function healthy.

Other Benefits of CBD

Cannabidiol gets a lot of attention for its potential role as a seizure medication, but it comes with all kinds of potential benefits as it interacts with cannabinoid receptors in various bodily systems.

Benefit #1: Relief from Pain

CBD acts as both an analgesic through its relationship to the nervous system, and as an anti-inflammatory through its relationship with the immune system. This means that taking CBD oil regularly can address pain – even chronic pain- that’s rooted in inflammation, while simultaneously making the nervous system less reactive to pain signals.

Benefit #2: Mood

A lot of people take CBD oil daily for stress, anxiety and depression . And, this isn’t so farfetched. CB1 receptors in the brain can balance levels of cortisol, serotonin, dopamine and other neurotransmitters that control our mental state. A lot of people say that CBD makes them feel both calm and uplifted.

Benefit #3: Easier Sleep

Cannabidiol can balance melatonin levels on top of other neurotransmitters, and we know that all of these neurochemicals play a crucial role in sleep onset time and maintenance. If you find that you struggle with sleep each night due to a “wired but tired” feeling or racing thoughts, try taking a dose of CBD before you lay down .

Benefit #4: Increased Appetite

Taking CBD may improve appetite while making the act of eating more pleasurable in terms of how it interacts with the brain’s reward center.

Benefit #5: Immune System Balance

Cannabidiol also interacts with CB2 receptors in the immune system and is believed to aid in the overall balance of immune function so that the immune system can operate more efficiently.

How to Use CBD Oil for Epilepsy

First, if planning to use CBD oil for epilepsy, please speak with your doctor and get their medical advice. Despite cannabidiol being generally safe, it’s important to have your doctor’s approval. This is especially true if you’re taking any medications for epilepsy, as CBD may interfere with the CYP3A4 enzyme that allows the body to metabolize many medications that are prescribed for epilepsy and other ailments.

If your doctor encourages you to use cannabidiol, we recommend that you start out with a full dropper once a day. Taking CBD on a daily basis will add to its effectiveness by allowing the cannabidiol to accumulate in the body. Simply pour a dropper below your tongue and hold it there for 60 seconds before swallowing.

CBD Oil Dosage for Epilepsy and Seizures

Ultimately, a doctor can provide better guidance on dosing, but these are the general dosing guidelines for most individuals.

  • Dosing Recommendations for Children: Most pediatricians recommend 0.5 milligrams per pound of body weight, and then increasing the dosage only as tolerated and needed under the guidance of a licensed physician.
  • Dosing Recommendations for Adults: Most adults start with 25-33 milligrams of CBD oil per day and build up their dosage as needed and tolerated. Note that some adults may need more than this amount to feel any effects based on the severity of their condition and their body weight.

Potential Side Effects

CBD is not associated with any concerning side effects, as it is nontoxic to the body. If you’re a beginner or you take a very high dose, you may experience mild, brief side effects such as:

  • Grogginess/drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Lightheadedness
  • Reduced blood pressure

Where to Buy CBD Oil

CBD oil is legal in all 50 states, and so you don’t need to worry about whether or not you can legally purchase it where you live. But we do recommend choosing an online source . How come? Well, because online brands typically maintain higher quality standards and supply fresher products due to increased demand.

Final Thoughts

Cannabidiol offers unique properties that pertain to neurological balance, and this is why so many researchers are enthusiastic about its applications when it comes to epilepsy. Again, as we cannot stress this enough, if you’ve epilepsy and would like to give CBD a try, speak with your doctor first. Then, if given the greenlight, consider one of the brands above so that you can know with certainty that you got a CBD oil that’s renowned for its effectiveness, safety, and quality. The right CBD-based product can be a gamechanger. So, you should seek out only the best formula that’s on the market to address your needs.