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Thc test strips for cbd oil

CBD / THC Reagent Test Kit

CBD / THC Test Kit includes 2 reagents for cannabis as well as its common adulterants. It is used to positively identify CBD or THC dominant samples and to rule out synthetic cannabinoids and different, less predictable and less desirable, highly toxic dangerous drugs. Multiple reagents are required to detect adulterants and increase analysis precision.

The CBD / THC Test Kit includes a ceramic spotting plate, instructions, gloves and 2 reagents (for 50-100 tests). Every reagent bottle contains 5 or 10 ml, with each 5 drops accounting for 1 use. High-quality HDPE protects reagents from air and moisture to ensure prolonged shelf life. Special dropper guarantees 0 spills. For extra-stealth ask us in the checkout notes to remove substance-related stickers and fliers.

PRO CBD / THC Test Kit consists of two reagents: Cannabis and Zimmermann (Beam). It’s best to use this test kit for marijuana (dry herbs) or hashish and other extracts, but it’s also good for fresh flowers, cakes and other cannabis products.

NOTE: Cannabis reagents deteriorate with time, especially if exposed to sunlight or not refrigerated. If you are uncertain whether the CBD / THC reagent works, test it with a previously checked sample.

Are you still looking for the best reagent test? See all drug testing kits HERE. Next choose a TLC purity test kit. It allows you to discover full number of ingredients and estimate their amount, however still requires reagent tests to identify detected compounds.

  • To precisely test MDMA purity use TLC MDMA Purity Test Kit.
  • To precisely test cocaine purity use TLC Cocaine Purity Test Kit.
  • To precisely test cannabinoids use TLC Cannabinoid Test Kit.
  • To estimate purity of other compounds (number of ingredients and their amounts) use the basic TLC Adulterants Test Kit.


Froehde contains sulfuric acid under 15% and in sufficient amount is strong enough to burn skin and clothing. Keep out of eyes and mouth. Keep away from children. Always use in a well-ventilated area. Wear gloves (supplied) when handling the bottle and cap. Wear protective eyewear. Never point towards face etc. If you get some on you/clothing, then immediately wash with lots of soap and water. Dispose of any unwanted reagent with running water, ventilate. Store reagents away from heat in a cool, dark place. The average shelf life of 2 years can be significantly extended by storing in a fridge or freezer (warm to room temperature before use).

A positive or negative cannabis test kit reaction does not indicate if a substance is safe. No substance is 100% safe.

Cannabis Test Kit

SwabTek’s Cannabis Test Kit is the answer for testing for the presumptive presence of cannabis in an age where cannabis products are available in any form.

Since the kit uses a treated cotton swab, it can be used to test for cannabis residue on any surface and does not require a sample of plant material. With this advancement, SwabTek’s kits can be used to detect cannabis in samples that could previously not be tested, from vape pens and creams to edibles and surfaces that have come in contact with cannabis.

The test kit can detect cannabis in samples of plant material, oils, liquids, vaping pipes, vaping juices, gels, creams and edibles.

Prices quoted are for the US domestic market. International pricing may vary.

• Δ-9-THC
• Marijuana
• Industrial Hemp
• Cannabinoids
• Hashish
• Ganja


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SwabTek’s innovative products provide law enforcement officers with the safest and easiest-to-use technology on the market, as the best tool to deal with the latest drugs on the street.

Law enforcement has seen a rise in illicit narcotic use across the nation, and officers are being forced to tackle this issue with fewer tools than ever. Traditional presumptive field tests have fallen out of use due to safety and accuracy concerns, putting officers on the job at risk. SwabTek’s innovative products provide officers with the highest degree of safety and give them simple and secure technology to deal with the latest drugs on the street.

SwabTek’s drug and explosive testing kits are easy to integrate into passenger screening practices and allow transportation security professionals to test safely and more frequently than ever before.

Traditional transportation security testing practices are expensive and time consuming, limiting the scope of what and how frequently frontline security professionals screen for potential threats. SwabTek’s innovative presumptive field-testing technology combines ease of use and safety with cost-effectiveness, allowing for more checkpoint screenings than ever before. The tests make the perfect tool to augment any existing screening protocol and can be used to expand the scope of testing and enforcement efforts. SwabTek’s drug and dry explosives tests can be used on any solid surface — including hands, suitcases, backpacks, purses and water bottles, while SwabTek’s liquid explosives test kit screens for explosives and derivative residue in any liquid, cream, gel or aerosol that passes through a checkpoint.

SwabTek provides a testing solution that’s easy for border safety and maritime security professionals to integrate into current checkpoint screening protocols, helping them enforce cargo regulations and screen for potential threats.

Border and maritime security personnel need an easy way to screen for illegal substances and potential explosives as part of protecting national security on the front lines. SwabTek’s testing kits are easy to integrate into any checkpoint screening protocol, as they’re highly transportable and durable, and don’t require additional training to get up and running. SwabTek’s drug and dry explosives tests can be used on any solid surface, while SwabTek’s liquid explosives test kit screens for explosives and derivative residue in any liquid, cream, gel or aerosol.

When it comes to field testing for drugs and explosives at critical infrastructure touchpoints, SwabTek’s products make testing simple and safe for users.

Transportation. Personnel and vehicle screening. Financial and energy infrastructure. The postal system. Shipping and logistics. All of these critical touchpoints can be vulnerable targets for terrorism and the dangers of substances of abuse. SwabTek’s products make testing simple and safe for presumptive field testing in these critical areas.

SwabTek tests can help public health officials in substance abuse prevention efforts, harm reduction, as well as opioid overdose mitigation efforts.

When it comes to protecting and improving the health of communities, it’s important to have accurate, easy-to-use tools that help combat issues like opioid abuse and overdose. SwabTek tests are dry, paper-based tests that can be used to identify the presence of trace amounts of drugs and explosives. They’re simple and safe to use, and require no training for public health officials to use.

When lives are on the line, SwabTek gives emergency medical services personnel the tools they need for fast, safe presumptive field testing for drug use.

Early drug use identification in the field is vital for treating potential drug overdose situations. SwabTek gives emergency medical services personnel the tools they need for fast, safe presumptive field testing for drugs when lives are on the line. SwabTek also provides a simple, affordable diagnostic screening tool for drug use in first responders when needed.

SwabTek provides school resource officers and educators with a safe, affordable way to screen for student drug possession.

As youth drug consumption has become more prevalent and discreet than ever before, it’s clear that traditional methods of policing drugs on campus have become ineffective, as drug use can be so easily disguised and concealed. SwabTek’s Test Kits are the first of their kind — a tool designed to help arm educators in the fight against the harms of vaping and youth drug consumption.

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The kits are a dry, paper-based test that are safe to deploy in any school and can be used to identify the presence of trace amounts of drugs on any surface or in any form. Educators now have a way to safely and easily test potential paraphernalia that is confiscated from students, and no longer need to call on police to assist in enforcing drug policy.

Knowing a patient’s medical history, including drug use or chemical exposure, is vital to creating a safe treatment plan, especially in potential overdose situations. SwabTek testing kits help hospital professionals conduct presumptive field tests for drug use and contact.

SwabTek testing kits help medical professionals conduct presumptive field tests for drugs and chemicals use and contact. Designed with the user in mind, SwabTek’s presumptive field test kits rely on dry-reagent technology that is free of any acids or toxins, meaning the tests are safe to deploy in any clinical environment. SwabTek’s tests can be used on any solid surface or sample, allowing health professionals to get the full picture of their patient’s history and act quickly.

When there’s concern about harmful substances, SwabTek test kits make it easy for consumers to screen products for the presence of illicit substances.

When consumers are concerned about harmful substances and are looking for self-protection, SwabTek test kits make it easy for consumers to screen products for the presence of illicit substances.

For home drugs and explosives screening, SwabTek has consumers covered with safe, easy-to-use testing kits.

Whether you need to screen family members, tenants or small business employees, SwabTek offers safe, affordable, user-friendly test kits. SwabTek relies on dry-reagent technology — eliminating the need for the acids and toxins of traditional field test kits, meaning they are safe and suitable for use in the home.

With workplace safety more important now than ever, corporations can use SwabTek test kits to screen for drugs and explosives.

Business owners can use SwabTek test kits to enforce corporate drug policies and maintain a safe working environment. Employee screening and random drug testing have never been easier with SwabTek’s safe, easy-to-use dry-reagent tests.

When you need to enforce your drug-free, safe facility policies, SwabTek test products provide an easy, safe way to test people and surfaces for drugs and explosive risks.

Corporations can rest assured that their critical infrastructure is secure with SwabTek presumptive field test products. Use SwabTek test kits to screen personnel, mitigate security risks, screen incoming vehicles, deliveries and more.

Marijuana Test Kits: A 2022 Buyer’s Guide

From Full-Spectrum Cannabinoid to THC and Synthetic Cannabinoid Kits, Reviews of the Best Cannabis Testing Kits to Buy This Year.

When you hear the phrase “THC test kit,” you probably think of the drug store kits parents buy to test their children or employers testing their employees to make sure no one has been partaking of certain substances in their free time.

Those are only one type of marijuana test kit. The other category of drug testing kit tells you exactly what’s in the cannabis you’re buying, using, or growing. When it comes to testing you cannabis, there are a lot of options available. However, certain products stand out above the rest as the best marijuana test kits of 2022 due to their reliability, ease of use, and manufacturer’s reputation.

What are Marijuana Test Kits?

In the past, if someone wanted to test their cannabis for various chemicals and compounds, they had to have access to a laboratory full of specialized equipment. With the development of marijuana test kits, all of that changed. Today, cannabis testing is easily accessible to individuals both at home and while on the go, even if they don’t have a background in science or chemistry.

Today’s marijuana test kits are more than just THC test kits, too – they help tell you the whole story about what’s in your cannabis. They come in various sizes, prices, and levels of complexity and can help you answer questions about the chemical makeup of something you’ve purchased and plan to ingest, as well as cannabis you’re growing.

The following cannabis test kit reviews for 2022 will cover all you need to know to buy cannabis potency test kits, THC test kits, as well as synthetic cannabis test kits.

Buyer’s Guide to Cannabis (THC) Testing Kits

Buying Cannabis Test Kits: The Best of 2022

Now that you have a basic understanding of what these kits do, the next step is to choose products. Whether you’re hoping to find a specific combination of cannabinoids, looking for a mellow, low-THC strain, or concerned about accidentally ingesting synthetics, there’s cannabis testing equipment for every need and budget.

For those who are still wondering if they need a marijuana test kit and would like a quick explanation of what they do, scroll down below the reviews for an overview of the different types of marijuana test kits and what they do.

Cannabis Potency Test Kits

The most detailed kinds of marijuana testing equipment, cannabinoid test kits analyze a sample of cannabis for a wide range of cannabinoids (the active ingredients in cannabis). While they’re often known as THC potency tests or CBD test kits, these tests actually do much more by showing percentages of a full spectrum of cannabinoids. Far beyond a simple yes or no test that simply detects the presence of THC or CBD, cannabinoid test kits give you a bigger picture of the potency of your weed by showing you each type of cannabinoid and the level at which it’s present.

Alpha-Cat is one of the premier manufacturers of marijuana test kits, which is why their cannabinoid tests are among some of the most popular. They believe that especially when it comes to medical cannabis, patients need to be able to test for potency in order to medicate safely. They created their mobile test kits so that regular people with no scientific background would have an easy and affordable way to test their cannabis at home.

Here are reviews of the different kinds of Alpha-Cat tests, who should buy them, and how they work.

Alpha Cat Cannabis Potency Test Kit – THC Calibration Chart

Alpha-Cat Regular Cannabinoids Test Kit

Every Alpha-Cat marijuana test kit functions as a tiny marijuana testing lab. Each one contains all of the essential equipment necessary to test a sample of material and decipher the results. This includes calibration charts for cannabis potency testing, test plates, dyes and test fluids, as well as all of the vials, jars, trays, pipettes, syringes and gloves needed to complete your tests. Kits also include an easy-to-use manual to guide you through the process. In addition to the included equipment, you’ll need a digital weighing scale and a well-ventilated area to work.

While Alpha-Cat sells their Regular and Mini test kits for the purpose of determining the presence/potency of THC and CBD only, it’s important to note that these two products are capable of testing for the entire spectrum of cannabinoids. Besides THC and CBD, the Regular and Mini Kits also check for levels of CBN, THCV, CBG, and CBC.

These two kits only contain calibration charts for THC and CBD, but the full charts are available for download online (see below under “How Do Alpha-Cat Cannabis Test Kits Work?”).

The Alpha-Cat Regular Test Kit is the best value for the money, as it contains enough supplies to conduct between 10 and 40 cannabis potency tests. It’s an excellent middle-of-the-road option for those who need to test cannabis samples somewhat frequently.

Alpha Cat Regular Cannabinoids Test Kit – 10 to 40 Tests (Better Value)

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Alpha-Cat Mini Cannabinoids Test Kit

For those looking to buy a kit for occasional testing, the Alpha-Cat Mini Kit is an excellent choice. It’s the same as the Regular Kit in that it contains all of the necessary equipment for your tests (minus the digital weighing scale you must supply). The Mini Kit can also test for the full spectrum of cannabinoids, so it works well as a THC or CBD test kit as well as a potency test for other more minor cannabinoids. However, you’ll need to download the extra charts in order to be able to properly quantify the results of the Mini Kit.

The Alpha-Cat Mini Kit is sufficient for conducting between 2 and 8 tests.

Alpha Cat Mini Cannabinoids Test Kit – 2 to 8 Tests

Alpha-Cat Mobile Cannabinoids Test Lab

Ideal for individuals hoping to start a cannabinoid analysis laboratory, the Alpha-Cat Mobile Lab is the ultimate in cannabis testing equipment. Far more than just a marijuana test kit, the Mobile Lab contains everything you need to deliver official Alpha-Cat cannabinoid analysis certificates, whether you’re testing your own crops or checking the authenticity of third-party products.

The Mobile Lab features an extensive array of marijuana testing equipment necessary to produce certified cannabis analysis results, from a precise laboratory scale and a digital microscope to a digital scanner and a heating device and alignment tool. It also contains all of the trays, tubes, pipettes, and testing equipment contained in the smaller kits. Because Alpha-Cat values safety, they also include a laboratory coat, a face mask, and safety glasses.

A protocol guide is included with the contents of the Mobile Lab, but with its purchase, Alpha-Cat includes something much more valuable: a 2-day onsite personal training program that covers the Alpha-Cat laboratory handbook.

With your training complete, the Alpha-Cat Mobile Lab will allow you to perform between 100 and 400 cannabis potency tests.

How Do Alpha-Cat Cannabis Test Kits Work?

Alpha-Cat uses thin-layer chromatography (TLC) to allow users to see a visual representation of the cannabinoids present in a sample. When the test is complete, each cannabinoid will be clearly separated and rendered in brightly-colored spots. The number of spots will be dependent on the genetics of the plant used.

This enables users to not only see what cannabinoids are present in a sample, but gives them the ability to see how the concentration of each. The higher the concentration of any given cannabinoid, the more intensely-colored the spot will be. Far more than just a THC test kit, the results from this type of cannabis testing equipment truly gives an idea of the cannabinoid makeup in order to determine the expected effects of a strain. This is particularly useful for those who grow or consume medical marijuana.

Testing procedures are effective on more than just cannabis flower. The Alpha-Cat method will work for a wide range of cannabis and cannabis-infused products, from concentrates, resins, and tinctures to edibles.

Analysis with Alpha-Cat marijuana test kits allows consumers and growers to understand more than just the cannabinoid profile of a specific sample or strain. Its chemotype-effect chart helps anticipate the types of side effects to be expected, while the symptom-curing guide is useful in determining which strains are most effective at treating various symptoms.

Alpha-Kit products are the best choice for those who wish to know all there is to know about the makeup, potency, and potential effects of any cannabis strain they grow or ingest.

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THC Identification Test Kits

THC test kits (THC testers) are a different breed of marijuana testing equipment. While still useful, they don’t offer results on a variety of cannabinoids and their concentrations. Instead, they simply offer a straightforward yes or no result on the presence of THC.

For THC identification test kits, EZTestKits are among some of the best-known and most reliable options. They’ve built a reputation based on quality, reliability, and an overall mission of promoting education and safe drug use by those who choose to partake.

Based in Great Britain, EZTestKits has been selling drug testing kits for over 8 years. They were the first drug tests made available to at-home users. EZTestKits was founded to help people understand the issues that exist with drug purity and contamination, as well as the risks these pose. That’s why EZTestKits also offers a range of synthetic cannabinoid test kits (which we’ll also feature in this buying guide).

They also ship worldwide and package their products in bubble wrap envelopes that feature no branding or logos.

EZTestKits Cannabis (THC) Test Kit

Known for providing a range of kits for fast and easy confirmation of other drugs and chemicals, EZTestKits has a quick and easy Cannabis (THC) Testing Kit in its product lineup. Using these handy little THC testing kits is simple. Break open the top of the ampoule and drop in a small amount of your sample. Cap the ampoule with the plastic lid and shake it well. Watch for the color change indicated on the included chart to confirm the presence of THC in the sample.

Each Single-Use THC Testing Kit contains one testing ampoule.

If you like to keep a marijuana test kit on hand, it’s worth buying the EZTest package that contains 10 THC-testing ampoules. The 10-Use Kit is much cheaper, per ampoule, than buying them individually and will ensure that you can always get quick results when you need them.

It’s important to keep in mind that a THC Test Kit is not a THC potency test. THC testing kits only determine whether THC is present in a sample; they do not indicate the THC percentage.

EZ-Test Cannabis (THC) Identification Test Kit
Single Test

EZ-Test Cannabis (THC) Identification Test Kit

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Synthetic Cannabinoids Identification Test Kits

Synthetic cannabinoids are truly nasty – especially if you’re ingesting them unintentionally. One need only take a quick look at the headlines to see the side effects of synthetics. At best, they create a high that’s much more intense than marijuana. At worst, however, they begin to totally alter the user’s perception and create unwanted side effects. Hospitals and poison control centers have been inundated with calls from people experiencing unpleasant and even life-threatening reactions from taking synthetic cannabinoids.

Among those reactions? Some experience extreme paranoia and anxiety, even hallucinating or having psychotic episodes. A rapid heart rate is common, as well as feeling agitated. Synthetics can cause uncontrollable body movements, as well as total loss of control over one’s behavior. In some cases, users have overdosed or committed suicide while under the influence of these substances.

Instead of a laid-back evening enjoying a relaxing high, accidentally taking K2, Spice, or another synthetic cannabinoid could result in hours spent at the hospital…or even worse.

Because addiction, bad trips, and death due to synthetic cannabinoid ingestion is such a real threat, drug testing companies have created portable synthetic cannabis testing kits that make it easy to know if the flower you’re handling is all natural or a chemical-laced concoction. One of the most popular synthetic marijuana testing kits is by EZTestKits.

EZTestKits Synthetic Cannabinoids Drug Testing Kit

This kit tests for the presence of a wide range of synthetic cannabinoids, from Spice and K2 and herbal incenses like JWH-250, JWH-200, CP-55/940, JWH-018/073/081, CP-47/497, and AM-694. Simply break open the ampoule and put a sample inside. Cap it, shake it, and wait for the color to change.

Unlike the yes/no THC tests, EZTestKits Synthetic Cannabinoids Tests will change colors to indicate what type of synthetic agent may be present in your sample. Simply refer to the color chart on the included instructions to determine what type of synthetic the test has picked up.

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The 10-pack is a better value than the single-test pack, which is a great choice for those who frequently face situations in which they’re unsure of what may be in a substance they’re about to ingest. While the 10 Use Kit costs a bit more up front, it costs less per ampoule than buying them one at a time – and it ensures that you’ll always have a cannabis test kit handy when you need one most.

EZ-Test Synthetic Cannabinoids Identification Test Kit
Single Test

EZ-Test Synthetic Cannabinoids Identification Test Kit

Why Are Marijuana Test Kits Necessary?

While the line of thinking years ago was that all weed is created equal, consumers know differently today. Black-market cannabis can contain various substances, including dangerous synthetics. While marijuana purchased from dispensaries is a safer bet in terms of not ingesting synthetics, it’s still impossible to verify the cannabinoid content of specific strains without testing them first. (This is particularly important for medical marijuana patients who rely on certain cannabinoid profiles for their treatment.)

Years ago, cannabis testing was only possible by sending a substance off to a laboratory, but times have changed. Whether you’re testing your stash for safety or for medical purposes, marijuana testing kits offer quick and easy answers both at home and on the go. They’re excellent for testing the potency of cannabis, verifying the presence of THC, as well as screening for synthetic ingredients.

Testing for Cannabinoid Potency

In recent years, researchers have started to understand more about the connection between the cannabinoids in different strains of marijuana and the side effects experienced by consumers. High levels of CBD helps calm anxiety, for example, while large amounts of THC does the opposite and can create agitation. Researchers have also discovered that a 1 to 1 ratio of CBD to THC causes the CBD to cancel out the psychoactive effects of the THC. This is ideal for those who need THC for medicinal purposes but don’t want the high. Other cannabinoids have similarly interesting interactions.

This may be somewhat useful to recreational users who are searching for the ideal strain that will give them the perfect high, but it’s necessary information for those who use medical cannabis. The right cannabinoids in the right proportions can provide pain relief, treat nausea, or even help with insomnia.

Testing for cannabinoid levels is essential for medical users who must get their medicine from non-dispensary sources, but it’s also helpful for patients to verify that dispensaries are selling product that lives up to what they’re advertising.

Cannabinoid potency test kits aren’t just great for users; they’re also wonderful for growers working to perfect a strain for a specific purpose. Rather than guessing what the effects of that strain will be, this type of marijuana test kit gives growers the ability to understand the exact chemical makeup of the plant they’ve produced. When it comes to knowing how to measure THC potency, no scientific background or special training is needed; at-home test kits provide all the equipment and instructions necessary to see the big picture.

Utilizing THC Test Kits

If your only concern is whether a substance contains THC, THC test kits are smaller, more straightforward, and more affordable than their full-spectrum cannabinoid testing counterparts. By adding a small sample and waiting a few minutes, you can quickly if a substance is packing a psychoactive punch or has a zero THC level. THC testers can help you determine if you’ve been sold a substance that’s masquerading as a cannabis concoction but is actually a fake.

Marijuana test kits quickly reveal the contents of your cannabis – from cannabinoids to synthetics.

Weeding out Synthetic Cannabis

Sometimes, drug test kits are helpful in ruling out the presence of certain chemicals in a specific substance. This comes in handy if you make your purchases from random dealers rather than licensed dispensaries. As an increasing amount of drugs are being cut, combined, or substituted with dangerous chemicals, individuals must take personal responsibility for avoiding unwanted additives or synthetics in the drugs they’re ingesting.

That’s why synthetic cannabinoids test kits are so essential. While cannabis can result in unpleasant side effects at extremely high doses, it’s not known to be dangerous or deadly. Synthetic marijuana is a different story. Because synthetics are made of varying combinations of chemicals, it’s tough to know what’s in synthetic marijuana. Side effects can range from anxiety and agitation to a very rapid heartbeat, vomiting, lethargy, confusion, and even death.

Can’t you simply look at your bud and tell if it’s fake? Because synthetic cannabis comes in a variety of forms, it’s not always that easy. Sometimes, it can be mixed in with real weed or added to other herbs or tobacco, making it difficult to detect. A synthetic cannabis test kit can prevent you from having a nasty experience – or even save your life.

Peace of Mind with a Marijuana or THC Test Kit

Cannabis and THC test kit manufacturers work to make it easier for legal recreational cannabis users to test products in order to achieve the kind of high they enjoy, as well as enabling medical users to pick strains that best suit the kind of symptom relief they need most. They also recognize that many individuals are going to use cannabis and other drugs whether they are legal or not and hope to empower them to identify harmful synthetics and imposters.

With cannabis use on the rise and a growing number of legal dispensaries opening across the globe in recent years, it’s more important than ever for people to be able to know what they’re consuming. This includes understanding the potential effects of different cannabis products and strains, but it also means being able to prevent accidental ingestion of dangerous synthetics.

Companies like TestKitPlus and EZTestKits have devoted years of work to making drug testing easy and accessible to people whether they’re at home or on the go. Both manufacturers ship their products worldwide. While TestKitPlus makes laboratory-quality, professional test kits, EZTestKits offers marijuana test kits that are single-use and easily portable.

Cannabis testing equipment gives people this power – leading to a safe world for recreational users, medical users, and non-users alike.

Buy Online – Marijuana/THC Test Kits:

Alpha-Cat Cannabis Potency Test Kits:

  • Alpha Cat Mini Cannabinoids Test Kit – Levels of CBD, CBN, THC, THCV, CBG & CBC, 2 to 8 Tests.
  • Alpha Cat Regular Cannabinoids Test Kit – Levels of CBD, CBN, THC, THCV, CBG & CBC, 10 to 40 Tests.

Marijuana/THC Identification Test Kits:

  • EZ-Test Cannabis/THC Single Use Test Kit – Tests for presence of Marijuana/THC.
  • EZ-Test Cannabis/THC Test Kit 10 Pack – Tests for presence of Marijuana/THC.

Synthetic Cannabinoids Identification Test Kits:

  • EZ-Test Synthetic Cannabinoids Single Use Test Kit – Tests for presence of Synthetic Cannabinoids. Spice, K2, and Herbal Incenses.
  • EZ-Test Synthetic Cannabinoids Test Kit 10 Pack – Tests for presence of Synthetic Cannabinoids. Spice, K2, and Herbal Incenses.

Using any sort of illegal drugs is not recommended; some substances may be damaging to your health. The information presented here is for educational purposes only.

Author: Clyde Jenkins
Clyde is a former journalist and a cannabis connoisseur. He is an expert in well researched journalistic writing, which includes industry overviews, technology-related topics, lifestyle and culture topics, product reviews, and in-depth buyer’s guides. From common practices to what is currently hot and trending – when it comes to the practical side of this plant, Clyde is our guy.
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