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What is the best flavor for koi cbd oil

Koi CBD Oil Official Review

Koi CBD provides full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD. Its special formulations allow customers to enjoy CBD’s benefits to the full, ensuring that the CBD oils are created with American-grown hemp. Unlike many brands, Koi recommends that you steer clear of its full-spectrum products if you’re likely to face drug testing.



*All the data provided is for oil products only

Koi CBD Quick Summary

  • Full and broad-spectrum CBD products
  • Lab reports available on the website
  • Free shipping on orders worth over $35
  • Irish, British, and American websites
  • Featured in Forbes
  • 30-day refund option
  • Certain products are relatively expensive
  • ‘Cookies’ message appears on every website page
  • Full-spectrum gummies contain 5mg of THC, so it is risky to buy them if you live in a state that has banned the cannabinoid

Koi CBD Full Review

There are a lot of CBD products on the market sold by a growing number of brands. In a poorly regulated industry, customers have to be careful when shopping for cannabidiol. This is why it is worth taking notice of CBD brands that have been around a while.

Koi CBD is one such brand, and it has developed a reputation as a trustworthy company that offers high-quality products. Let’s find out if the company deserves the praise in this official Koi CBD review.

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About Koi CBD

Brent Brunner and Brad Ridenour founded Koi CBD in 2015, making it one of the longest-serving brands on the market! The official website claims that Koi’s mission is to set the standard for CBD users everywhere. Each product uses cannabidiol extracted from American-grown hemp, and the company tests for over 100 contaminants.

Each batch has full traceability from beginning to end. Koi CBD has even featured in a Forbes article entitled: 20 Best CBD Oils to Try This Year in 2020. The company uses CO2 extraction and claims its products are manufactured in a facility that’s compliant with the FDA’s current good manufacturing practices. However, there isn’t readily available data to verify this claim.

Moreover, in 2019, the brand received an FDA warning letter. Koi apparently made certain medical claims about its products and branded them as dietary and drug supplements. The company has since removed this content from its site. Koi CBD was also on the receiving end of a class-action lawsuit that alleged fraud in 2019. However, the case was dismissed the following year.

You can see a full list of lab reports on the official Koi website. The analysis was conducted by labs such as Eurofins, Green Scientific Labs, and The NIVA Labs more recently. While its CBD tinctures have up-to-date lab reports, the Certificates of Analysis (COAs) from other products are over a year old.

Koi CBD Oil Review

Koi CBD offers a reasonable array of tinctures. You can buy them in the following flavors:

  • Key Lime
  • Natural Hemp
  • Sweet Apple
  • Orange
  • Lemon-Lime
  • Strawberry
  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Natural

The top three flavors are full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures called Koi Complete and are available in concentrations of 1000mg and 3000mg. The Natural Hemp option also has a 5000mg concentration. Each bottle contains 30ml of oil, so there is an impressive 166.67mg of CBD per ml in the largest option.

Apart from the full-spectrum hemp extract, ingredients include MCT oil, natural terpenes, natural flavor, and stevia extract. Koi CBD acknowledges that there is a detectable level of THC. The brand recommends avoiding its use if you’re subject to drug testing.

The Koi CBD oils Naturals range is broad-spectrum, which means the tincture contains hardly any THC, less than 0.001%. It is available in the following CBD concentrations:

However, you can only get certain concentrations depending on the flavor. For example, the Lemon-Lime option is available in 1500mg and 3000mg only. Apart from being broad-spectrum, the Koi Naturals range contains organic coconut oil and stevia, MCT oil, and natural flavors.

Regardless of which tincture you buy, Koi recommends consuming 1ml orally with food up to three times a day. Overall, the CBD oil tastes great and comes in an excellent range of flavors and concentrations.

You can also find hemp extract CBD shots. They are available in Peach Iced Tea, Raspberry Punch, and Watermelon flavors. Each one contains 25mg of CBD and 2.5mg of melatonin, and they are best used before bedtime. While it is a nice novelty product, a 12-pack is extremely expensive.

Koi CBD Gummies Review

Our Koi CBD gummies review noted that there are three specific products. The primary option is the Koi Complete full-spectrum gummies. Once again, these contain a level of THC that may show up in drug testing and perhaps cause intoxication if you’re unused to the effects of the compound.

Each container offers 20 x 25mg CBD gummies along with 5mg of THC apiece. In total, you receive 500mg of CBD and 100mg of THC in each container. Choose between Grape, Pomegranate, and Pineapple flavors.

There is a significant number of ingredients in these gummies, including corn starch and natural colorings. The brand warns that no one under the age of 18 should use these gummies. Also, it is risky to buy these in a state where THC is banned.

The next option is the Koi CBD Anytime Balance range. This broad-spectrum offering is ideal if you aren’t comfortable with the THC content of the Koi Complete gummies. Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD, and the product is available in delicious Berry Lemonade flavor.

Ingredients include natural flavors, cane sugar, and tapioca syrup, along with Koi’s trademarked ‘PRIZM’ broad-spectrum hemp extract. The brand recommends a serving size of two certified vegan and kosher gummies. You can purchase a 6-count, 20-count, or 60-count container. While they taste fantastic, they are expensive.

Finally, you can purchase Nighttime Rest gummies. As you can probably guess, these are designed for use before bed, with each gummy containing 2.5mg of melatonin. Once again, there is 10mg of CBD and around 0.001% THC in each one. Koi recommends using two gummies to support sleep. Like the Anytime Balance gummies, there are 6-count, 20-count, and 60-count containers.

Koi CBD Inhaler Review

We decided to look into this product as it is relatively unique in the world of CBD. According to Koi, its CBD inhaler is a portable way of using the cannabinoid on the go. Each one contains 1000mg of PurZorb Micellized CBD in a device that contains 2ml of liquid.

It represents an extremely convenient method of consuming cannabidiol, as it offers a pre-measured dose of 5mg per inhalation. With 200 inhalations in total, a single inhaler should last a considerable period. The CBD is broad-spectrum, and the inhaler is available in Dreamsicle and Mojito Mint flavors. Whether you want to bring CBD to the gym or on a journey, this inhaler offers a quick, easy, and discreet way to take it.

Apart from the CBD and other cannabinoids, the inhaler’s ingredients include oleic acid, dehydrated ethyl alcohol, and a special proprietary blend.

How to Use the Koi CBD Inhaler

If you’re unfamiliar with inhalers, it’s important to understand how to use one to get the best out of this product. Koi CBD provides useful instructions on its official website. Place the canister into the inhaler before using the device for the first time. Remove the mouthpiece cover and shake the inhaler for around five seconds.

Breathe out and put the inhaler in your mouth. Tilt it slightly upwards towards the back of the throat. Push the canister down to release the mist and take a deep breath in. Hold in the mist for up to five seconds. The brand recommends using it a maximum of three times a day.

Koi recently slashed the price of its inhaler, and it is now available for a reasonable cost. However, you can reduce the price further by using a Koi CBD coupon. There is also a Veterans Program that gives military personnel a lifetime 25% discount on every order.

Does Koi CBD Sell Any Other Products?

Yes, Koi CBD offers an array of other items. However, the PACT Act was a blow to the company. Koi once offered a substantial number of vape products, but they are now absent on the official site.

Clearly, the brand determined that it could not absorb the extra shipping cost and has removed its vape line from immediate view on the site. However, you can still buy Koi CBD vape juice on its UK site. Also, if you search for Koi CBD vape products on Google, you will find pages that bring you to the .com website, even though vape juice isn’t there when you check ‘All Products.’

The brand offers several topical products and has a Koi Skincare range. The CBD Moisturizer Cream is one of the biggest sellers and contains 500mg of cannabidiol in 50ml of cream. The product also contains chia seed, isopropyl myristate, and Kakadu Plum Extract. These ingredients help reduce moisture loss, soothe irritation, and promote silky smooth skin.

You can also purchase the following Koi CBD topicals:

  • CBD Facial Cleanser
  • CBD Tightening Toner
  • CBD Facial Serum
  • Hemp Extract CBD Balm
  • CBD Gel Roll-On

The four Koi CBD Skincare products are available as a Complete 4-Step System. Buying them together can save you around $100.

You can bring CBD into the bathroom with bath bombs and lotion or give your pet CBD spray, soft chews, or treats. It is also possible to simplify the cannabidiol using experience by trying Koi’s CBD softgels. The brand offers 30 x 25mg CBD softgels, with a Nighttime option that contains 1mg of melatonin per capsule.

Finally, there is also a range of delta-8 products. However, please note that you must be 21+ to buy D8, and remember that the cannabinoid is banned in numerous states.

Where to Buy Koi CBD Products?

Apart from its American site, Koi CBD has specific Irish and British websites, which is great news if you live in Europe. On the United States site, Koi asserts that all orders are processed in 1-2 business days, although delays are possible when the brand has a high volume of orders.

From there, shipping time on standard orders is 4-8 business days. You benefit from free shipping within the US for orders worth over $35. Otherwise, there is a $6 shipping fee. If you need your CBD faster, you can use USPS Priority mail, which costs $10 but cuts delivery time to 2-4 business days.

Koi CBD also has a 30-day refund policy. While many brands only accept unopened packages, Koi lets you return products if they are at least 50% full. Customers must pay the shipping costs when returning items.

One thing we found irritating on the official Koi CBD website was the presence of a ‘Do You Accept Cookies?’ message on every single page! Unless you click ‘Yes, I Agree,’ you will get this annoying pop-up whenever you go to a new page on the site.

Final Thoughts on Koi CBD

Koi CBD enjoyed a relatively rapid ascent upon its formation and has remained a highly-rated brand ever since. It has recovered from a less than stellar 2019 when it faced legal action and received an FDA warning letter. In recent times, it also reduced the visibility of its vape products on the American website, but you can find them on the Koi Irish and British websites.

Koi provides a 30-day refund option and offers a significant array of products. While some of these items are on the expensive side, you also benefit from innovative products such as the CBD inhaler. With a detailed list of COAs on the site, Koi CBD is more reputable than most and is worth consideration.

Final Verdict – 8/10

  • Official Site:
  • 15% Coupon Code: CBD15LIFE

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Koi CBD Review: Should You Buy? The Pros & Cons (2022)

t could be just the Quitnet team, but it’s easy to get caught up in the medical benefits of CBD oils, their purity contents and effectiveness. We know these things are extremely important, but where’s the balance in the products? We are still human and like to have fun right? Then Koi CBD enters the picture and tries to give us something new, fresh and exciting. Do they succeed? This is our Koi CBD review (updated for 2022).

2022 update: we no longer recommend Koi CBD.

Koi CBD’s customer support has really disappointed us. Members of our team (and other customers we spoke to) have complained about waiting weeks for a response. We hope Koi CBD improves on this soon.

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Koi CBD Review

Koi CBD believe in CBD oils improving your life just as much as the next company. Actually much more than the next CBD oil company, which is why this review is happening in the first place. They also believe that it’s okay to make their oils taste good!

Can a tasty CBD oil exist in the real world? That’s like some theoretical nonsense right?

Not entirely. Koi CBD has done their best to create some great flavors (such as blue raspberry) for those who don’t like vaping but want the cool flavors typically associated with CBD vape oils.

If you’ve been looking for a company that cares about your pain, creates a full spectrum oil and has a bit of fun in the process, Koi could be for you. They have a flair that is kind of contagious and genuinely are trying to change the world, one flavored oil at a time.

Sensitive (and picky) taste buds rejoice!

The Koi CBD Lineup

If you’ve googled ‘best CBD oils’ you are sure to have seen Koi CBD oil on almost every list (including ours). This is because they have made a name for themselves as a brand that strives for full transparency, corrects its mistakes and has proven its CBD oil is one of the best on the market time and time again.

Koi CBD Vape Juice is their most popular product. It’s a multifunctional oil that was created to be vaped but can also be taken orally, under the tongue, in the traditional manner.

Besides vape oils, Koi CBD also sells gummies, sprays, body lotion and a recently added Koi Naturals product in their lineup.

Koi Naturals

Koi Naturals is an all-natural, bare essentials CBD oil tincture. It is the most recent product line released by Koi.

Before Naturals, Koi CBD did not have a purely sublingual oil, your only option was taking the Vape Juice orally. You can understand why Quitnet was thrilled when Koi Naturals CBD was introduced.

The Koi Naturals product is designed to be taken orally or added to food and drinks and is available in two sizes: 30ml and 60ml.

  • The 30ml size is available in 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg and comes in Spearmint, Lemon Lime, Orange and Natural flavors. Depending on the strength, the 30ml option ranges between $40 and $100.

They also come with dropper bottle tops for easy use. Hold the oil under your tongue for 15 – 30 seconds and then swallow. Do this 1-3 times a day for best results.

  • The 60ml is their extra strength option. Choose between 1,500mg and 3,000mg and Spearmint or Natural flavor. This option ranges from $150 – $250.

Instead of a dropper, this one has a spray top. Spray under the tongue (for fastest absorption) 1-3 times a day.

This line is made up of 100% natural Koi CBD Full Spectrum oil and coconut oil. The full spectrum includes CBD, CBN, CBDV, and CBG, which all work together in synergy to provide ultimate benefits.

Is it really as good as they say it is? Are you serious? It’s great. But is it great for you?

You know by now the research that needs to be done on any CBD oil company before handing over your money. This poorly regulated industry is open to any and all, and it never ceases to amaze us at Quitnet just how awful some companies can be.

Rest assured Koi CBD is not one of those companies and Koi Naturals is not one of those products.

Why Choose Koi CBD?

There are certain standards that let you know right away if a CBD brand is worth giving a second look to:

  • No THC
  • Hexane and solvent free
  • Pesticide free
  • GMO-free

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, Koi CBD takes pride in their new line. Their CBD purity sits at over 99% and they use the purest ingredients in order to produce the highest quality possible.

The hemp they use comes from Colorado, one of the best places in the world for hemp to prosper, and is packed with terpenes and cannabinoids.

Batches are tested for safety, purity, and consistency, and have been effective when used for stress, chronic pain, loss of appetite and foggy memory. The lab results have always come back very clean.

CBD Oil Quality

Koi CBD oil is absolutely clear so you know it is of the highest quality. Since coconut oil is colorless, it has no effect on the color of the oil whatsoever. A CBD oil that’s clear has had every impurity removed until all that is left is CBD.


For what you’re paying, Koi CBD seems to know how to make sure you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. The bottle comes in a tall, slender gorgeous little box that makes you giddy upon seeing it. Inside the box sits the dark glass bottle containing the CBD oil.

A dark bottle is always appreciated by us here at Quitnet as it extends the shelf life of the oil and fights against the days you forget to store it properly.

The 60ml comes with a spray cap but also includes a dropper if you want to administer your dosages the more common way. Many people have unexpectedly fallen in love with the spray bottle top, however, because it gives them more control over their dosages.

The spray top is unique and adds a bit of fun to using the oil. It also makes it easier to add CBD to your food.

100% Natural Ingredients

If natural ingredients are important to your lifestyle, you’ll love this product. When Koi CBD says 100% natural they mean it. There are only 3 ingredients listed on the bottle: CBD, coconut oil and natural flavor extracts. This is CBD oil at the bare minimum and we love it.

You don’t have to sacrifice your natural lifestyle for flavor. Each of the flavors is natural but you can always get the “Natural” flavor they offer anyway.

Tasty Flavors

One of the things we love about Koi CBD the most is they care about what their products taste like!

Because the Quitnet team is not full of bad people, we won’t name drop, but we will say this: there are some ridiculously disgusting tasting CBD oils on the market. Flavor isn’t (and shouldn’t be) the most important thing in the world, especially when it comes to a product that has so many benefits, BUT can things that are good for you also taste good? Is that asking for so much?

Koi Naturals doesn’t think so. In fact, they have been obviously putting their taste creators to work. If their Vape Juice lines tell you anything, they believe that healthy things can be yummy. Pure innovators.

Sorry about the rant, back to the review.

Spearmint seems to be the favorite but each flavor has found its way into the hearts of many. You can taste the hemp of the oil, but overall, for a naturally infused flavor, the taste is surprisingly good. Even the Natural flavor tastes better than most other CBD oils because of the coconut oil, giving the CBD oil a slightly sweet taste on your tongue.

Another great thing about the oils is that they do not noticeably change the flavor of your foods or drinks. You don’t have to worry about gagging or not being able to enjoy the benefits this oil has to offer.

A True Full Spectrum CBD

Koi Naturals is the brand’s first full spectrum offering. As a general rule, there is no true way of regulating the claim of a product being “full spectrum”. Most of the lab reports you’ll find are mostly composed of CBD with slight amounts of other cannabinoids. Often times there is no report even available about the amounts of terpene in a batch.

However, this isn’t the case with Koi CBD. The full spectrum they’ve touted in their Naturals line is no joke, and the lab reports prove it. We haven’t seen such a high-quality full spectrum CBD oil since Blessed CBD in the UK. The range of terpenes and cannabinoids present in their oil is wide. For those of you looking to experience the Entourage Effect (1), this product provides you the best chance.

Coconut Oil

Why is coconut oil so special you ask? Glad you asked!

One of the few talked about facts about CBD oils is that your body is not able to absorb the oil without help. In order for the CBD oil to absorb into your body, it needs a carrier oil and coconut oil is one of the best. It is digested quickly and is a great source of lauric acid, which contains antiviral and antibacterial properties.

This CBD-coconut oil blend absorbs into your body quickly and pulls no punches with its positive effects on your body.

ISO Lab Certification Status

More and more companies are offering third-party lab testing on their products, but Koi has managed to go above and beyond in this area as well.

Not only will you find their lab results, but you will see testing for the most recent batches of each specific product. To show their commitment to delivering the best product, they display all lab reports on the lab’s site. That’s right, they host their customer portal on the lab testing site! This lets you know they have no way to forge results or pick and choose what information to share.

Koi CBD leaves the customer with no doubt that it truly has a pure, effective, high-quality product to offer.

Value For Money

Koi Naturals may be a little expensive for some, but the bottle lasts much longer than you think and longer than the listed time Koi CBD provides. Many people report holding on to their bottles for longer than they believed they would due to the strength of the oil, making it cheaper over time.

For those who do not suffer from chronic pain, this bottle is a great value for the price.

Veteran Discount

Koi’s mission is to restore balance to everyone’s life through the magic of CBD and its beneficial properties. This includes veterans who they go above and beyond to help.

Due to the restrictive policies of the Veterans Administration, CBD oil cannot be prescribed by healthcare providers in the VA network. This means veterans who want to use CBD oils as health supplements may need help financially to access them.

Koi CBD offers veterans a lifetime 25% discount to help them purchase their products. Their discount is a bit higher than most, and indicates to veterans (and all their customers) that they care more about people than profits (but they do still care about profits).

Dedication To The CBD Industry

Making its debut to the CBD oil industry in 2015, Koi CBD is relatively young, but they are dedicated to their mission of 100% transparency.

Throughout the years they have added more and more analysis and lab reporting to their site for each product range. They encourage you to reach out to them for more information if you want to know anything more about a batch’s lab results or the process they use to manufacture oil.

Product & Effectiveness

Koi is a brand with personality and that alone gives them brownie points. It’s hard not to appreciate their dedication to creating tasty CBD products, and impossible not to smile while reading the flavors for some of their product (Tropical Popsicle and the Fuji Apple Nectarine Strawberry anyone?).

Though the Koi Naturals line doesn’t have the most creative names, Koi still provided its customers with variety, and who doesn’t like option?

A company that is innovative and doesn’t take itself too seriously tells Quitnet real human beings may work there.

And most importantly – this oil works. People have used it for pain, depression, insomnia, anxiety and chronic migraines to name a few. The coconut oil allows it to start working quickly and the purity gives maximum benefit. Many people have found (with the support of their healthcare providers) that they were able to gradually reduce their prescribed medications or treatments and use CBD oil instead.

It’s wonderful to have alternatives to manage daily health issues and this alternative is all-natural.

Koi Naturals has a lot going for it, it’s hard to really find issues that would keep us from recommending it but there are a few things that bothered us a little bit. Other Koi CBD oil reviews online also said the same thing.

What Could Be Better?

Customer Service

Customer service is always one of those things that you never know if it’s true until you need it. We regret to say this, but sadly, the customer support from Koi CBD was extremely disappointing. Members of our team had recently sent multiple questions to Koi CBD, but no response was ever received. Despite sending countless follow-up emails, we never heard back.

We’ve also received complaints from our readers about Koi CBD’s poor customer support, and it’s a shame because they are a brand that seems to be doing everything else right.

Not Quite 0% THC

They list the amount of THC found in their Koi Naturals as 0%, but if you take a look at their lab reports you’ll see there are traces of THC. While there are probably no detectable levels of THC and it will in no way have an effect on your concentration or get you high, it is good to read the reports, be careful and know the truth.

It is also quite common for full-spectrum oils to contain very tiny amounts of THC and should be of no concern.

Extraction Process

We have to admit being a little disappointed at the lack of transparency on the process Koi uses to extract CBD from hemp. The best extraction process is CO2 extraction but it is not clearly stated what process they use. Some say Koi uses CO2 extraction since there is no solvent or pesticides in their lab reports, but Quitnet couldn’t verify this.

Clearly, the process is good enough to create a high-quality product, but if you are aiming at the title of most trusted brand, the extraction method used should be listed somewhere in plain sight.

Price & Money Back Guarantee

While certainly not the most expensive CBD oil on the market, it definitely isn’t the cheapest. The smaller bottles are priced above average; the larger size falls into the middle range when compared to other similar offerings from other brands.

They offer a variety pack for those interested in trying the flavors and there is a nice value when you get that. The quality of their products and small batch processing may justify the higher prices.

Of course, a money back guarantee isn’t a deal breaker, but we dislike this policy nonetheless. The journey to finding the right CBD oil can be expensive, time-consuming and discouraging for many people as they sift through the many brands available.

The fact that they have great pride in their product does encourage one to purchase, but not having a guarantee will make anyone see it as a risk and wonder why there is no money back guarantee if the product is as exceptional as the company claims.


Koi CBD entered the industry with a splash and has been enjoying, and solidifying, its place as one of the most trusted brands right now. They are innovative and dedicated to improving their offerings – which is all evident when you read the hundreds of Koi CBD reviews online.

There have undetectable levels of THC in their oil, a wide spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids in their Koi Naturals offering, 100% natural ingredients, and all-natural flavors.

The Koi Naturals line is colorless, proof of its quality, and works quickly and effectively. The bottles last longer than the given time period, and with stronger strengths available, you can use this line for chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and concentration/focus.

However, their customer support is very poor and frustrating – and for this reason alone, we suggest buying your CBD oil elsewhere (such as from cbdMD).